What features should an ideal acupuncturist have?

You are already decided and you want to take advantage of the offer of an acupuncture or other medical office, the so-called natural or eastern. You want to choose the best specialist, doctor or therapist, but you don’t know how to make the right choice – this article is just for you.

An acupuncturist is a profession like any other and that is why it is also valid, as in the case of a doctor, of ethics in the profession of a professional specialist. In the East, only a doctor can become an acupuncturist after many years of training, often at least 7-10 years. As a rule, the best doctors of medical faculties get the opportunity to study acupuncture as their field of specialization.

The basic duties of an acupuncturist include diagnosing, preventing and treating diseases of internal organs according to her knowledge and experience.
Due to the vastness of her specialization, an acupuncturist in China often acts as a general practitioner, combining the knowledge of conventional medicine with traditional medicine.

What qualities should an acupuncturist have to do his job well?

features of an ideal good acupuncturist

A good Acupuncturist – what should it be characterized by?

Communicativeness – understanding with the patient is the basis for effective treatment. Professionals in their field sometimes forget that people around them do not have as extensive knowledge as they do. Therefore, the acupuncturist should remember to make a diagnosis and talk to the patient in an accessible way, using phrases understandable to a layman.

Kindness and Empathy – nothing scares the patient away more than a doctor who treats him roughly or even goes so far as to scold him for allegedly neglecting his health. Much better results will be achieved in an attitude full of forbearance and kindness.

Patience – whether due to the difficult nature or the complicated course of the disease, the patient may behave nervous more than once, and even be rude to the doctor. The most important thing in such a situation is to keep a cool head and to calm the patient with the help of patient arguments.

Engagement – if the acupuncturist is sufficiently involved in the patient’s situation, not only will it inspire his trust, but also naturally enable himself to make a more careful diagnosis and make a more accurate diagnosis.

Distance – although this section apparently contradicts the previous one, in fact it complements it. Commitment with the appropriate dose of distance will allow the acupuncturist to conduct more reliable research.

Professionalism – a competent approach to the patient will help the acupuncturist build his confidence, and will also greatly facilitate the process of diagnosis and treatment.

Completing knowledge – none of us would like to be treated by an acupuncturist who has incomplete or outdated knowledge about his own field. Therefore, a good acupuncturist should be up to date with medical news regarding his area of operation.

Online presence – today our life has largely moved to the Internet, also in terms of searching for information or online consultation . Therefore, it is important that, if necessary, it is possible to contact an acupuncturist quickly and without making an appointment in person.

Availability – this subsection connects with the previous one. Publishing a doctor’s schedule on the Internet, the possibility of making an appointment via the website or a description of how to get to the office with a link to Google Maps it is a great help for the patient.

Reputation Needless to say, this feature results from all of the above. A kind, professional, accessible and effective acupuncturist will be happy to help recommended by their patients to other people.

Clinical experience – the knowledge that the doctor acquires over time by working with patients and developing his own workshop, which in the case of an acupuncturist consists of knowledge about patterns of behavior in specific diseases, special procedures, the ability to analyze disease symptoms in relation to both classical medicine and Chinese medicine ( traditional) and many other components. The key to gaining clinical knowledge is the facility where the acupuncturist is trained and the ability to observe older, more experienced doctors in their daily work.

Education – is very important. The acupuncturist must be an educated person with higher education (Poland). In China, a person who is not a doctor cannot become an acupuncturist – such a person cannot treat and diagnose under current regulations. In Poland, these matters are not regulated and the profession of acupuncturist can be obtained relatively easily after a short training, but we recommend careful consideration and selecting only specialists with a specific reputation and knowledge.

The Origin of the Acupuncturist – there is nothing to lie to, but the best acupuncturists in Poland are the citizens of China, Mongolia, Japan and the Far East. In Asia, traditional medicine and acupuncture are regularly used by 95% of the population. Acupuncture has its reputation there, respectability and an appropriate level of education. Mongolia has one of the best medical universities in the world educating adepts in acupuncture and traditional medicine.

the best professional acupuncturist









You have already read our article and you probably already know what to consider when choosing a good acupuncturist.

A good Acupuncturist usually has a good reputation for its effectiveness and ability to support conventional healing methods .

A good Acupuncturist is not ashamed to show her diplomas or certificates authorizing to practice as a professional acupuncturist .

research on the safety of acupuncture

Ebook: “Acupuncture and Life”

The professor introduces the secrets of acupuncture in his books, which you can download for free in the form of e-books on this page:
The book is an attempt to engage in a polemic with people who considered the methods of traditional medicine to be insufficiently scientific and medieval. As it turned out later, the World Health Organization approved the achievements of “Traditional Medicine” and recognized these methods as scientific.

Ebook: “In Four Eyes with Far East Natural Medicine”

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The first book by Professor Enji, which in the most famous way possible was to translate difficult concepts related to Traditional Medicine and constitute a bridge between classical and eastern medicine.




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The article how to best prepare for a visit to a traditional medicine doctor to get the most out of it.
The author of the materials is a high-class specialist, clinical professor, medical doctor – Mrs. Enkhjargal Dovchin (Prof. Enji). Editing and stylistic corrections: Team MT

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