What is Codex Alimentarius?

codex alimentarius food code

Food Code (Codex Alimentarius)

Codex Alimentarius (CA) is a set of international guidelines and standards for food.

The code is created by the appointed v 1963 Codex Alimentarius Commission (FAO and WHO body, UN food, agriculture / health agencies).

Currently, KKŻ is a part of 188 countries . The work of the KKŻ is carried out in about 30 Committees. The Code’s statutory purpose is to facilitate international trade and protect consumers. However, does the Code protect consumers? We have considerable doubts in this matter …

“The Code is the political equivalent of modern toxicological records as it approves and promotes everything in international food trade, including pesticides, radiation, biotechnology, and synthetic equivalents of medicinal and nutritional substances, preferring them to natural substances.”

ATTENTION! Codex Alimentarius at the beginning of 2010. did not enter as legislation in force. However, at the beginning of 2010 the EU directive on supplements entered into force. Codex recommendations are implemented through EU or national legislation.

Codex Alimentarius and GMOs

This year, new laws, directives and regulations restricting the freedom of choice are waiting for the entry into force …

A hot topic in the EU, and especially in Poland, is GMO …

Codex Alimentarius – Food Code (KŻ) – what worries us?

  • The Committee of the Jewish Committee (KKŻ) meets in closed sessions. They are attended by government bureaucrats not elected by society from different countries of the world
  • Real consumer organizations are very rarely represented at KKŻ sessions
  • KKŻ develops food recommendations, which usually turn out to be very restrictive regulations, especially for substances that support health, such as dietary supplements
  • The Committee of the JC, under the guise of promoting free trade, in fact blocks it, and in particular blocks the herbal and supplement market
  • The Committee of the Committee of the Jews is a highly centralized organization, led “from the top down” by the government elite
  • KKŻ is working on the creation of global standards called “harmonization”, which do not take into account the diverse needs and interests of many different communities of the world, and do not take into account their biological differences
  • Codex Alimentarius Commission meetings are not open to the public
  • International and national media show little interest in Code meetings
  • The meetings of the Code are not publicly commented on in the media, therefore they are not known to the general public
  • The standards of the Code are developed with the participation of international non-governmental organizations (INGO), as official observers of the work of the KKŻ. Most of INGOs are influenced by big industry (chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology) and work to protect profits at the expense of our health.
  • Manipulation of scientific research results, inappropriate toxicological and epidemiological assumptions and lobbying of industry representatives in KKŻ institutions and member countries are practices frequently observed in the development of the Code’s guidelines.
  • In practice, the European Union (e.g. introducing provisions of restrictive directives regarding dietary supplements) and the United States (GMO – genetically modified organisms) have the greatest influence on shaping the standards.
  • As a result, the Code’s standards are mild / preferential in relation to food contamination, i.e. residues of pesticides, chemical additives, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), antibiotics and hormones, also in organic food.
  • In this way, they promote large-scale industrial production and international transport and thus further environmental degradation.
  • Code standards restrict access to minerals and vitamins in dietary supplements, information on the impact of food on health. They classify many categories of food as drugs (pharmaceuticals). The necessity to meet the costly and most often unnecessary requirements of pharmaceutical law may deprive Europeans of access to natural medicine.
  • The Code’s standards and guidelines are apparently optional. However, the World Trade Organization (WTO), which also includes Poland, treats them as a determinant in the resolution of international trade disputes. Article 3 of the SPS Agreement (Application of Sanitary and Phyto-sanitary Measures) states: “(…) Members must establish sanitary and phytosanitary measures based on international standards, guidelines and recommendations, if any …”

Codex Alimentarius and herbal medicine

The guidelines of the Codex Alimentarius Commission are not a law, but in all laws related to food, the provisions of the Food Code are almost transferred to the laws in Poland. What are the legal consequences for herbal medicine? Well, from now on, each entity will have to meet the exorbitant safety requirements for synthetic drugs. We all know that research for new drugs admitted to trading in the territory of the Republic of Poland for the first time is very, very expensive. Such research for one-component preparations is about PLN 150-200 thousand, for two-component preparations PLN 200-400 thousand, and for multi-component preparations it is a multiple of these amounts. Often, herbal mixtures of Chinese origin are 60, and sometimes 120 ingredients. If the entity were to pay 20 million for a herbal blend, do you think the retail price will not change? Of course, the customer will pay the price in the end, often limiting himself to the minimum necessary for financial reasons – he will not be able to afford all the herbs because they will simply be much more expensive than drugs. Over time, pharmacy will completely take over herbalism and only introduce prescription herbs that will be ineffective and over time expensive, too, completely beyond the reach of normal bread eaters. The real face of Codex Alimentarius is to ban herbalism under the guise of mock consumer care .

codex alimentarius herbal medicine

Nature campaign without borders

The nature without borders campaign was founded over 15 years ago, when we first met with media campaigns of the pseudo-media of the “main sewage” for doctors, doctors and professors of traditional medicine. The Nature Without Borders campaign brought together enthusiasts, specialists and people who value nature above all else. Herbal medicine was one of the main activities of the campaign. For independent reasons, the campaign was terminated after several years of educating the public, because apart from a group of people who actually perceived the problem of constantly shifting the border of freedom towards synthetic drugs, the freedom of access to herbs and herbal medicine was lost, and people who practiced these methods were often called quacks. The present times show that the people of the nature campaign without borders supposedly foresaw everything in advance. Despite this, there is too little social commitment and the will to fight for consumer freedom of choice about ways to treat yourself, your families and your children. The goal of the nature without borders campaign was to fight the hypocritical guidelines of the food code and pathological laws repeatedly introduced into the EU through the back door.

There are three movies in this section that you should watch in order of appearance. These are the materials prepared by the nature without borders campaign, out of concern for the fate of future societies. We encourage you to watch the whole and form your own opinion on the subject.

Supplements, Herbs and Herbal Medicines

You are now after watching the educational videos available above. It is not hard to guess that the codex alimentarius is no longer anything good. Of course, there will be specialists – lab technicians, vets or forensic doctors who say that the guidelines of the Codex Alimentarius make it easier for them to find the active ingredients available in food. Of course it is true. The other side of the JC is definitely darker.

Codex Alimentarius, under the guise of fighting for our freedom and security, actually deprives us of any possibility of making any decisions about our health and the health of our families .

The large assortment of Chinese medicines and herbs generally known as Traditional Chinese Medicine is particularly threatened by the Codex Alimentarius guidelines. Since the introduction of the code guidelines, manufacturers and distributors have been forced to prove the scientific effects of herbal medicines in accordance with pharmaceutical principles. These rules are for chemical drugs, not for drugs of natural origin. Such limitations are not possible for the “Natural Health” industry for two reasons: research costs and chemical standards. Herbal medicines have natural substances that drugs made in laboratories do not. These substances have a beneficial effect on the maintenance of natural homeostasis, which makes the herbs very effective and has virtually no side effects in the hands of a qualified herbalist.

Interestingly, supporters of the JC, which include all ointments, pharmacists, GPs and practically all medical personnel of conventional medicine (people educated by Medical Academies) they created a path called “quick registration of herbal medicine”. Unfortunately, the problem is that registration is very expensive, far beyond the financial capacity of medium-sized companies. For the sake of curiosity, we will announce that a rare herbal medicine has not undergone this procedure since it was reported to the Office for Drug Registration. In the UK, about 2,000 applications of herbal medicines of natural origin or the so-called traditional herbal medicines – some of them have not passed the registration procedure in the EU . This system is therefore pathological and the only purpose for which it was created is to limit our consumer freedom of choice as to treatment methods and access to natural medicinal products such as herbs, herbal supplements, vitamin supplements and herbal mixtures of various traditional medicines of the world. .

Codex Alimentarius and World Protests

world stopcodex protests

Worldwide protests against the Codex Alimentarius guidelines are gaining momentum all over the world. More and more informed people see the dangers of the slowly introduced QC guidelines into EU legislation and the national laws of the Member States. All this is done under the guise of caring for the safety of citizens. The truth about the code has long been clear and it cannot be denied that it is harmful, and politicians who favor these international food standards violate most of the constitutional rights of the member states regarding freedom and access to well-proven treatments.

Entities that fight in Europe and the world against the harmful guidelines of the Codex Alimentarius:

  • Nature without borders campaign – Poland
  • Foundation for Dr. Rath’s health – Germany
  • Association for Natural Health (ANH) – England
  • ANH International – USA

Codex Alimentarius and Hidden Truth

The authors of the food code (codex alimentarius) are concerned only with food control. according to the principle of one world sage “Whoever controls food controls also society”. Therefore, the Codex Alimentarius will always struggle with natural foods, herbal remedies and herbs as well as natural ways to care for your health. Creating a mass of regulations to protect the consumer, in fact, deprives him of the freedom to choose the products he wants, and he receives only those that are graciously offered to him by the JC. It is also interesting that the members of the Committee of the Committee of the Jews elect themselves from among their own group, and most of the committee meetings are secret. Only the information that the Committee deems appropriate is made available to the public. Even journalists of reptilian stations must sign the appropriate accreditation certificates obliging them to submit the journalistic materials they want to publish online in advance. The Codex Alimentarius is therefore an international plan to enslave world societies with control as its main goal .

The practical application of the QC guidelines in food circulation may be as follows:

  • the entity imports the goods from abroad and the goods are questioned by the customs agency
  • the entity is obliged to present the relevant nutritional certificates (out of 2,000, none has been accepted in the UK), which of course is very expensive, takes time, and you have to pay for the product lying at the customs office. The subject is unable to prove that it is not a camel and that the banana is healthy.
  • the entity either resigns from import, the goods are returned at the expense of the ordering party, also destroyed at the expense of the ordering party or are sold in countries where the KŻ guidelines do not apply yet (rescue option not very profitable)

Therefore, Codex Alimentarius has a global application and affects the freedom of access to good quality food on many levels.

Codex supports the pharmacy of various ointments, mainly manufacturers of patented drugs, vaccines and specialist drugs.

Codex supports GMO producers and all related industries.

Codex has the authority to fill the main stools in the Ministries of Health with people who support and support the foundations of the JC.

In Poland, all persons holding managerial positions in offices for of public health are from the anointing of JC.

Codex supports vacacinologists and vaccine manufacturers, especially those on CoVid19.

Codex Alimentarius and Medical Truth

Codex Alimentarius has a very wide range of interactions. It is the opinion body of the FAO and very often WHO officials refer to its guidelines in international health disputes. This is best explained to you by the educational films of the Nature Without Borders campaign. These materials come from 2008, and everything that was communicated there has come true and is being fulfilled before our eyes.


By far the best expert on agriculture, organic farming and GMO in Poland. Independent researcher and journalist. An academic lecturer and a person persecuted for the true views he preached – consequently dismissed from work. Former member of the nature without borders campaign, originator and founder of the idea of supporting nature and taking care of its treasures. Our friend, and most of all an incorruptible man – a true independent expert, Dr. Roman Andrzej Śniady.


Meeting of the representatives of the nature without borders campaign with representatives of the Sejm at the session of the Senate Chamber of Rural Development and Agriculture on the Codex Alimentarius case.

Our colleagues explained in a beautiful and factual manner all aspects of the risks posed by improper implementation of the Codex Alimentarius guidelines in Poland.


Codex Alimentarius and How to Fight With It?

A simple man would seem to have nothing to say and his opinion is worthless. Nothing could be more wrong. Normal consumers, you and I have a lot of tools with which we can influence and change reality. Some of them are:


  • education and training – you are already familiar with the problem of the Codex Alimentarius and its negative impacts on the life and health of EU citizens. The key to winning the fight is your knowledge and educating as many people as possible. Be understanding for them, because these problems are statistically understood and able to be associated mainly by well-educated people who can combine facts and draw their own conclusions. Don’t waste your time trying to educate limited people. Sooner or later they will understand what they were wrong. May it not be too late for these people.
  • active participation in conferences – requires time and preparation, but proper questioning of the Codex Alimentarius and showing the pathology of the impact of these guidelines in a larger group of specialists allows for a substantive conversation and exchange of facts, which may result in changing the current views of many people and discovering the truth.
  • online publications – you don’t even know how important your opinion is in the Internet world. The more of us there are, the more our views will reach a larger group of recipients. Maybe among them there will be people who want to fight for freedom and they will also give us new ideas and directions of action.
  • educate members of parliament – this is what we know. MEPs are often concrete representing the views of the people who support them. This means that the envoy is not an MP, but a puppet and does not stand for the truth. Sometimes, however, it is possible to exert pressure that cannot be drowned out or ignored. There are MPs who know the problem of JC but there are not enough of them to fight for their citizens or someone simply pays them for not doing anything, i.e. “passive resistance”.
  • support locally – buy products that support local producers. Yes, we know they are often more expensive, but they help people around you to get back on their feet and invest in new things, i.e. develop. Give others a chance, buy locally – don’t choose GMO foods and chemical drugs. If possible, heal naturally.
  • sign the petition – petition expressing opposition to the way in which doctors of traditional medicine are treated by the current health care system
  • join us – the problems described in this article are dear to you, they affect your business, your family, loved ones, children or you just do not want to sit on a chair and want to do something … you can join the nature without borders campaign or support any of the initiatives mentioned above . These organizations do not have outside funding and sponsors. They pay for everything from their own resources, because they consider the provision of true, undistorted information based on facts and scientific evidence to be due to the European society and Poland, and unrestricted access to the achievements of traditional medicine as the primary goal.

Scheme of activation at home, work and free time

codex alimentarius how to fight it

% 22 The Polish nation seems to be asleep and does not see the problems posed by the introduction of the Codex Alimentarius guidelines into laws in Poland. I understand that this is not a matter for all citizens, but soon there will be no free choice, and we will read about civil societies in history books.% 22

Professor of Clinical Medicine Enkhjargal Dovchin


Our friend, specialist and medical doctor Robert Verkerk of ANH in England said that the change would take place when the level of social discontent would be so high that people would tear out paving stones out of anger to throw them at the so-called officials of power. He also added that the change would then take place quickly and also recollection. Unfortunately for some it may be too late. We believe that this quote from Dr. Verkerk is also a wonderful conclusion to the article. I could say nothing more or less.

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The author of the materials is a high-class specialist, clinical professor, medical doctor - Mrs. Enkhjargal Dovchin (Prof. Enji). Editing and stylistic corrections: Team MT

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