Ways of combining Chinese and Mongolian-Tibetan drugs

IN Chinese medicine usually used two ways combining drugs; combining herbal preparations with a similar effect in order to increase the range of treatment for one disease, combining drugs that treat individual symptoms of several diseases simultaneously. For a thorough understanding of this therapy, here are some clinically tested drug combinations:

1) When treating headaches caused by height fever, it is given: Yin Chio Jie Du Wan in combination with Shu Gan Wan.

2) When treating abdominal pain and diarrhea caused by loss of internal heat, a Chinese therapist gives the patient Fu Zi Li Zhong Wan (warms the stomach and relieves abdominal pain) in combination with Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Wan (regulates the stomach and intestines and stops diarrhea, vomiting and nausea).

3) In the case of leg and back pain caused by kidney or liver disease, Jian Bu Hu Chien Wan can be combined with Shu Gan Wan.

4) When we treat skin rash, skin eruptions, itchy skin, we give it Lian Qiao Bai Du Pian (treats skin rashes) in combination with the drug Fang Feng Tong Shen Wan (antipyretic drug).

5) In the treatment of toothache, sore throat with bad breath and high fever – Chinese doctor prescribes antipyretic drugs Ching Wei Huang Lian Wan and additionally gives Niu Huang Jie Du Pian.

6) When treating hoarseness caused by loss of mucus – dry, use the drug Qing Yin Wan in combination with the drug Yang Yin Qing Fei Wan.

7) When amenorrhea with hypochondriacic dilation occurs, the Chinese doctor gives Fu Ke Zhong Zi Wan (a drug to nourish the blood, regulate menstruation and eliminate blood stagnation) in combination with the drug Shu Gan Wan.

8) In the case of menstrual disorders (e.g. excessive blood loss) and accompanying indigestion, we give Fu Ke Zhen Wan (replenishes blood and regulates menstruation), it can be administered with Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Wan (strengthens and warms the stomach).

9) When treating the symptoms of flatulence occurring after coughing, we give it to the patient Yin Chiao Jie Du Pian (expels gases) in combination with Chuan Bei Jin Pian (an antitussive medicine).

10) In the case of renal dysfunction caused by plaque deposits (in the kidney or urinary tract), we use Shi Lin Tong (dissolves sand and stones) in combination with the drug Nourishing Small (it innervates and strengthens the kidneys, stimulates vital forces) for use in men or Nu Bao for use in women (it strengthens the kidneys, increases vigor in women).

11) When treating serious diseases caused by germs (viruses), we connect Yin Chiao Jie Du Wan with Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan.


1) Medicines selected without consulting a doctor, taken incorrectly and stored poorly, may be harmful to health.

2) Do not take mutually exclusive medications, especially if you have a cold, flu and your body has been attacked by viruses or bacteria that cause acute inflammation.

3) It is recommended to take the medicine in its original form. Crushed, it will be just bitter, and chewing it may not work.

4) Strong laxatives as well as drugs that improve blood circulation must not be taken during pregnancy.

5) In gastric or duodenal ulcer disease, caution and caution should be taken with painkillers, as they may aggravate or induce symptoms of the disease. These drugs irritate the gastric mucosa directly. Drugs in the form of rectal suppositories are safer.

6) Strong diaphoresis must not be used when there is excessive loss of body fluid, including loss due to vomiting, diarrhea, or bleeding.

7) Do not take your medications in handfuls, because then their effects cancel out or intensify the side effects. Chinese doctors say that you should not take more than 5 or 6 different medications at the same time.

8) Avoid fatty or spicy foods when taking antipyretics.

9) Expired drugs must not be used because they are poisonous.

10) Medications used to treat stomach ailments should not be taken while consuming cold foods and fatty or raw foods.

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11) A drug with a strong effect (always only prescribed by a doctor) should be taken for a minimum of 5-6 days. If you take it for a shorter time, the bacteria that are not killed will build up resistance and the medicine will not work. You should not, especially arbitrarily, change the drug you are using for another. The indication to change the preparation is its inactivity after 4-7 days.

12) Certain additives used to strengthen the kidneys and potency require sexual continence during treatment, an example is NOURI-SHING SMALL.

13) Avoid drinking coffee and strong tea while taking medications to treat kidney and liver diseases. An example is SHI LIN TONG and LIDAN PAISCHI PIAN.

14) Preparations containing ox gallstone, musk gland, rhinoceros horn or Borneol crystal should be taken for a short period of time (do not use in coma following excessive sweating, vomiting and cold extremities, or if sick is in state of shock).

15) In order to maintain the quality of medicines, we store them in a cool, dry, dark place. Remember to protect against access by children.


Leaflets accompanying herbal preparations intended for the treatment of children are not always clear, especially when they refer to the appropriate dosage for children under one year of age – in principle they are not specified in detail. Therefore, I provide the necessary guidelines that can be used to determine the dosage and frequency of administration of drugs for children. The dose for children up to one month of age should be 1/3 of that used for children of one year old. If a given drug is intended for children and adults, and there is no information on the dosage method for children, in such cases, the rule of thumb is to: a) give to children over 7 years of age – half an adult dose, b) give children from 3 years of age. up to 7 years of age – 1/3 of the adult dose, c) administered to children under 3 years of age – half of 1/3 of the adult dose.

In adjusting the appropriate doses of the drug, the Chinese doctor takes into account the child’s general health, sensitivity to the drug used and the time of year. The season of the year in the treatment of pediatric disorders is of great importance in Chinese medicine. The Chinese doctor avoids frequent use of warming medications in summer and cooling medications in winter. Medicines given to children are mixed with milk, warm water, and sometimes with honey or sugar. If the child vomits after taking the drug, we reduce the amount of the drug given in each dose and increase the frequency of administration. Large pills, e.g. honey pills, are given in divided (sliced) doses.

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We deal only with therapeutic massages and intended to help in specific ailments related to mobility, problems with movement and convalescence after injuries and traffic accidents. We also actively support championship class players in their sports career.


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