The concept of Qi

Acupuncture it is based on the energy circulating in the body of each person, the life force called Qi by the Chinese. In old Chinese books, it was described as a force necessary for the proper functioning of cells, tissues and the body.

Qi energy is found not only in humans, but also in animals, plants and natural phenomena. It drives all life processes, combines body, mind and spirit into one mechanism.

The concept of Qi
the concept of qi qi energy

The concept of Qi | Circulation of Qi

Qi circulates through a healthy body cyclically in channels called meridians . One cycle in which the energy will flow out and return to the heart lasts 24 hours . At this time, the highest wave of Qi flows through all organs.

The height of the wave depends on the condition of the organ through which it flows. Thus, if an organ is weakened by disease, the wave flowing from it will be low and the organ’s functioning will be impaired. The reduced tide negatively affects all organs that lie in front of the diseased organ.

The disturbed balance of an energetically and functionally weakened organ can be restored through acupuncture. The puncture equalizes the energy level, improves functioning, and thus increases the wave flowing to the next organ. According to Chinese sources, Qi circulation occurs with the fetal heartbeat , or, according to other books, with the first breath.

At the moment of the greatest flow, the organ shows the highest activity and susceptibility to treatment and all kinds of treatments. The wave passes through the organ for two hours, then gradually decreases, and the organ becomes weaker and more susceptible to damage. The treatment at this point is much less effective than at the time of the highest wave flow.

The Chinese divided the organs due to their activity during the day. The day organs are the stomach, spleen, heart and small intestine. Most Qi flows through them between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm. The lungs, large intestine, bladder and kidneys were included in the day-night ones.

They are most active between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. and 3 a.m. to 7 p.m. The pericardium, triple heater, gallbladder and liver belong to the night organs, with the highest energy wave flowing through them between 19 and 3.

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The concept of Qi | Qi Sources

Each of us has our own innate Qi that affects our lives. People who are capable of great effort and recover quickly have a large supply of Qi. Those who have less of it are sluggish, lack vigor, weaken faster and slowly regain their lost strength.

The Chinese write about three sources of Qi energy. The first, called primary or prenatal, is the energy given to the baby by the parents during conception . The Guan-Chi energy in the egg and sperm is specific to every human being and does not depend on height or body build. A short and frail man may have a lot of it, a tall and athletic man – little.

The amount of this energy decreases with age and cannot be replenished . Chinese Medicine makes it clear that it is important that the parents are young, healthy and strong at conception. Then they have a large supply of Guan-Chi, which they will pass on to their offspring. The second source of Qi is the biochemical process of eating and breathing ( Gu-Qi energy ). The last one is in the air and the surrounding cosmos ( Kong-Qi ).

Qi energy qi circulation
How many acupuncture treatments do you need?

The body’s energy reserves are limited . Therefore, it is very important to supplement it and manage it skilfully . Superhuman exertion is inadvisable, as it causes enormous consumption of internal energy reserves. However, life more than once forces a person to overstrain.

In such cases, it may use another, inexhaustible source. It is the Ocean of Cosmic Energy, the universe from which man draws with the surface of his skin. The biologically active acupuncture points that connect the organs with the surrounding world are especially absorbent .

Fear of the unknown or justified - herbal medicine of the East

Qi and Science

For ancient Chinese philosophers, the cosmic energy that is the source of Qi created and changed matter. Man was a small part of the universe, closely related to it. However, neither ancient nor modern texts explain what it really is Qi. For the modern Chinese, Qi simply exists, and any discussion of its nature is unnecessary.

The West has also been interested in this energy for a long time, but it does not answer the question of what it is. We know what it is not – energy in physical terms, because it cannot be expressed in scientific forms or mathematical formulas. So it is a philosophical concept?

Or maybe with life or electromagnetic energy, or with the biological field of living organisms? Professor Włodzimierz Sedlak, a precursor of Polish bioelectronics, created the concept of bioplasm, which in several elements resembles the attempts of ancient philosophers to describe Qi. In his works, Professor Sedlak talks about the electromagnetic wave emitted by all living organisms.

Ted Kaptchuk, a professor and expert on Chinese medicine at Harvard, described Qi as matter just before it turned into energy or vice versa.

Qi remains largely a mystery to modern science, but it is still being researched and some of its secrets will probably be explained in the future.

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Qi energy | The first visit to the office of professor Enji

Many of you are probably wondering how the level of Qi in the human body is measured. On the Internet you can find “miracle devices” whose task is an approximate measurement of this energy – all such pseudo toys can only be bought for fun.

Measurement of qi energy is only possible according to TCM rules by measuring the pulse. Such training requires many years of experience, and yet not every doctor has this skill. This requires the examiner to be muted properly, an amazing sense of the body in the fingertips and the ability to sense and assign the types of pulses to specific diseases, and the analysis of these pulses to the test results of a given patient. Nevertheless, examination by pulse, despite the fact that in Traditional Chinese Medicine is often the basis of the diagnosis, we recommend that it be performed only as an aid to conventional diagnosis. You should never rely only on examining the pulse, and you need to use the methods of traditional – conventional medicine to confirm certain disease assumptions. I will often say the so-called fluctuations in qi energy are easily explained in Western medicine. A good specialist in traditional medicine will explain to his patient where the problem lies and how to best behave to avoid pathogenic factors, i.e. “Invasion”. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we start treating human beings by following the so-called the pathogen that causes all diseases. Then we identify it, describe it properly and plan appropriate treatment by eliminating the factors causing the disease.

During the first visit to our office, you will be thoroughly examined in accordance with the principles of conventional medicine and traditional medicine. Our specialists use simple but understandable sentences that best reflect the patient’s condition. The first visit includes: health analysis, analysis of medical records, combined diagnosis of conventional medicine and TCM, pulse examination (TCM doctors’ skill), iridology, acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine. The First Visit is a comprehensive examination of integrated medicine required before each treatment and qualification for acupuncture treatments.

Qi energy | Serious Cases

Traditional Medicine ™ perfectly explains the doubts of academic medicine and has a lot to offer to those patients where conventional methods of treatment have spread their hands . That is why it is so important to find a good traditional medicine doctor or specialist – professional acupuncture with clinical experience in the treatment of various ailments and diseases. Only then will we be sure that we are in good hands and that we will receive the best possible benefits.

It is very often the case that people go to TCM doctors when looking for a last resort. Unfortunately, as is the case with their colleagues – conventional doctors, treatment is both expensive, difficult and not always effective. Traditional Medicine achieves the best healing effects when used regularly and prophylactically. The treatment of severe ailments such as cancer and malignant diseases is very complicated in both medicines and a lot depends on the individual susceptibility of the patient’s organism to the therapy.

The big advantage of TCM is that an experienced specialist, during a short pulse examination and medical history, is likely to predict diseases that may threaten the patient in the future and the presence of internal diseases without expensive diagnostic machines . It is often the case that just looking at the patient is enough to suspect a specific disease, which then needs to be confirmed by diagnostic tests.

Traditional Medina therapies are very safe, painless in most cases and effective . Therefore, the WHO recognized these methods as scientific in 2019 on a par with conventional medicine.


Don’t let your body be poisoned, don’t make yourself drug addicts .

Trust nature, it she ensured the survival of our species and offers us all the ingredients necessary for life and health.

You just have to reach for them, extract them from the crowd of “poisons of modern pharmacy”. Traditional medicine heals diseases from time immemorial, effectively and without side effects .

That is why we want to emphasize these wonderful, miraculous power of nature and herbs. Give up pharmacology and trust nature .

Remember that “reptilian sellers” in the media of the “main sewer” called “experts” are actually uneducated and handicapped individuals envying you for knowledge and open minds . They want you to swallow their pulp and make your audience more popular.


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what pharmacy is afraid of

Ebook: “Acupuncture and Life”

The professor introduces the secrets of acupuncture in his books, which you can download for free in the form of e-books on this page:
The book is an attempt to engage in a polemic with people who considered the methods of traditional medicine to be insufficiently scientific and medieval. As it turned out later, the World Health Organization approved the achievements of “Traditional Medicine” and recognized these methods as scientific.

Ebook: “In Four Eyes with Far East Natural Medicine”

Richly illustrated, written on the basis of many years of experience, it will bring you the secrets of knowledge known in Tibet for centuries.
The first book by Professor Enji, which in the most famous way possible was to translate difficult concepts related to Traditional Medicine and constitute a bridge between classical and eastern medicine.




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The author of the materials is a high-class specialist, clinical professor, medical doctor - Mrs. Enkhjargal Dovchin (Prof. Enji). Editing and stylistic corrections: Team MT

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