Science in the Service of Political Demand

Science at the service of political needs

Scientists, or better versions of them, called experts, change their minds and even invert their claims 180 degrees, but each time they refer to “science”, “evidence” and “research.” When a normal person comes for expert advice to these “experts”, sometimes he doesn’t know if he would get along better with aliens. These pseudo experts have already robbed the public so much that new flowers are constantly coming out in the form of two completely contradictory opinions on the same matter. Unfortunately, in Poland it is not a rarity, and you can say “this is our climate” – especially during the so-called “Coronavirus epidemic” nobody, exactly nobody takes responsibility for anything, and we will not find justice in the courts. The matter seems a settled, and the fight against it is unfounded.

Science in the Political Demand Service, or how Experts Sell

One of the last examples of such an intellectual pirouette is Prof. Dr. Ian Lipkin, an American virologist at Columbia University who has been cited frequently as an “authority” by major media outlets, from CBS to USA Today. He told “scientific” fairy tales that the coronavirus responsible for “Covid-19” is the product of a natural leap from some bat and absolutely must not be of laboratory origin.

All in all, the opinion of Dr. Lipkin, as The National Pulse revealed, he had some ties to the Chinese Communist Party, also through another Columbia University professor who received awards and advisory positions from the Chinese communist regime. What should be of interest not only to journalists, but also to the prosecution is the fact that Dr. Lipkin claims he knew about the leak from the Wuhan laboratory “December 15, 2019”, while the WHO was officially notified of the leak on December 31, 2019. He himself admitted this in an interview with HBO’s program directed by Spike Lee, “NYC Epicenters 9/11 -> 2021 1/2 ″.

The media also used dr. Lipkin to fight the opposite theory, i.e. the laboratory leak of the virus, and quoted him wanting to ridicule the claims of President Trump’s team, and later e.g. Dr. Robert Redfield, a former CDC chief who also believed the virus to be a laboratory product, possibly from Chinese Wuhan.

Our clinic and our specialists have long, or actually from the very beginning, advocated the artificial origin of the CoVid19 virus. We’ve detailed this in our coronavirus presentation. We will only add that many prominent American and Chinese virologists are of the same opinion. The only question is who is responsible for introducing this pathogen into the environment? If you do not know what it is, it is definitely about money – so you have to go the way who benefited the most from it.

what pharmacy is afraid of

“Media” Determine what is Scientific and what is not

However, “science” is changing and, with media narratives and political demands, it is able to make a turn, taking the opposite side. This “development of science” is attended by a whole body of respected scientists, willing to support any version promoted by the media, because it is the media nowadays that determine what is science and what is not, which scientist is right, and which should be ignored and censored. For example, a high-class specialist and expert in agriculture, Dr. Roman Andrzej Śniady , was either dismissed (dismissed for his views) or widely stigmatized in the media, prof. Dorota Majewska, who became a victim of campaigns by vacacinologists, i.e. a body of vaccine experts.

Here in the latest interview, the same “scientist” who until recently claimed that “we should cut off from pointing the finger at guilty[ponieważ] there is no evidence that[koronawirus] was created in a laboratory, “he suddenly admits to change his mind after” finding out “that” very risky experiments “took place in the Wuhan laboratory.

Of course, Dr. Lipkin “did not know” before that dangerous experiments were being carried out at the only laboratory in China with the highest BLS-4 certification, because how could he know as head of Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health, receiving a grant of $ 1.34 million from The EcoHealth Alliance, which is a “philanthropic institution” (funded by … the US Department of Defense and DARPA) also finances virus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

But apparently the current political option has changed and China can already be accused of negligence leading to the release of the virus. Yesterday it was impossible and anyone who wrote even one word about it was immediately censored on “Facebook” and “YouTube”, but now a different mod applies. And with it, there is a different “science”.

In our humble opinion, we will never know who is behind the release of the virus into the environment. Nobody believes in the nonsense about the Wushan market and bats. Most likely, one of the American or Chinese services carried out an unauthorized or secret mission with such and not other consequences. We do not believe in free or unconscious release to the environment.

science at the service of political demand

Science in the Service of Political Demand and the Situation of Experts in Poland

There are lots of such Lipkins and others, also in Poland, because the scientific community en masse during the so-called the pandemic has completely discredited itself. Some in the pursuit of fame stuck to the TV studio and cynically deceived the audience and themselves; others became speechless because of the fear of revealing their past (e.g. in the form of plagiarism – the bane of the scientific community); still others said what was “needed”, obediently following the orders of their sponsors, ie pharmaceutical companies; others trembled in fear of losing their job, prestige, grants, and the rest believed in fairy tales about bats or whatever was just a media template.

The deterioration of the scientific and medical community was exacerbated when they either directly called (exhort) or sat quietly as the wave of immunization of humanity began with the dangerous preparations advertised as “Covid-19 vaccines.”

In our opinion, the CoVid19 vaccine can only be safe if we have full access to scientific research and proven effectiveness in independent scientific research not paid by the vaccine manufacturer and the state, and we will know the exact long-term aspects of impact on humans, in particular children below 12 years old. We consider the advertising of medical products by primary school principals to be a breach of the Pharmaceutical Law and the Consolidation of the Republic of Poland.

science at the service of political demand

Science in the Service of Political Demand and “Pedałeny Dupczokowe”

It is impossible not to mention the top tiers of Polish journalism, or rather to say the comedy of Polish pseudo journalism, because these people cannot be compared to anything / anyone, respecting intelligent people. Here are the best of the best:

A certain K. Dupczok (data intentionally changed so that the pseudo journalists do not make it uphill, but those who know him know who it is). Until recently, he was considered to be close to Polish journalism, but he sold himself, unfortunately he does not know to whom and for how much, and the effect of this was that he talked about his friends to get his friends drunk so that he could “hit them while away”, repeatedly accused of mobbing at work and using items for their own purposes, a frequent visitor to the so-called “Podkarpacie scandal”, where people died in a prison cell, and the cameras suddenly had to have a changed tape, despite the fact that they were digital, accused of possessing significant amounts of drugs, and everywhere he said that he was clean as a tear, and finally he drove a car into woman and threatened the officers who were doing the right thing. Many things could be mentioned, from the “fucking table” to close contacts with another pseudo expert, his colleague: a former spokesman for the Police in Warsaw, Sokołowski. It should be mentioned here that as an expert on many topics, he spoke from the professional side. The reality, however, was painful for him. Speaking to his colleague described above in the main sewage station managed by him, he spoke about breaking the rules on the road and said that it was not nice and in general should always be fined…. Interestingly, he was driving a company car a moment earlier and did not notice the red light for which he was only reprimanded. Well, that’s how the law spares them. In order not to be that this is an individual situation, it should be mentioned that while partying with his also dudes, probably an actor of poor sort, Karolak at the Sobieski hotel in Masuria, he forgot to pay PLN 15,000 for a weekend stay. He is so used to living out while working for the Police Headquarters that he is transported everywhere etc. that he forgot he broke the law…. And many times. For curiosity, his children go to school in England, and his wife is a spokesman and operational contact in the UK. I wonder when the next wreaths will come out next to it. We’ll wait, and see, but the case is very developmental. Of course, the prosecution and prosecutors are as blind as Themis herself.

It is good to mention a colleague of these pseudo experts, unfortunately a former drunk with a weak opinion, a specialist who speaks as an addition to the topics of fashion and health in their programs – a certain Felicjańska, the author of many scandals and a person with a very weak reputation. However, due to the fact that she did not act as an expert in the field of anything, we decided to leave the further description of this character due to the fact that they do not sow stupid people, and we do not criticize people with disabilities.

loser pseudo journalist pseudo station fagots dupczokowe

K. Dupczok – once a star in salons, normally an ordinary pig, whose own son is ashamed. The devil already knows how much this donkey has done in his life and he will be held accountable for it.

Two pseudo experts: Sokołowski and Karolak. This is how the gentlemen who ate octopus every day and do not remember being there had fun. Bravo Mr. Stonoga for this material!

Below there are only photos of their friend, Mrs. Ilona, who we leave alone, because anyone can make a mistake, and she obviously draws conclusions from it.

We will only add that the former drug addict and drunkard was often invited as an expert on the ass fagot in order to be considered wise. Unfortunately, even the best bleach cannot whiten its past. We’re just hoping she’s figured out.

science at the service of political demand
Science in the Service of Political Demand and Appeal to Poles

Don’t let your body be poisoned, don’t make yourself drug addicts .

Trust nature, it she ensured the survival of our species and offers us all the ingredients necessary for life and health.

You just have to reach for them, extract them from the crowd of “poisons of modern pharmacy”. Natural medicine heals diseases from time immemorial, effectively and without side effects .

That is why we want to emphasize these wonderful, miraculous power of nature and herbs. Give up pharmacology and trust nature .

what pharmacy is afraid of
what pharmacy is afraid of

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