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  • Smoking harms your health. Each of us can easily mention a few examples, such as cancer, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and respiratory problems. So it's best not to start smoking at all, since research shows that all heavy smokers have tried to quit smoking at least once in their life. However, once you get into an addiction, it is difficult to overcome it, despite the existence of many methods and therapies. Patches, e-cigarettes, hypnosis, drug treatment and many other methods, however, do not guarantee a cure. So let's take a look at the alternative therapy which is acupuncture.

  • Acupuncture is a technique widely used in Chinese traditional medicine. A qualified physician inserts thin needles (0.3 mm in diameter) of stainless steel, silver or gold into the appropriate points on the body along the path of energy channels through which qi energy flows. Point piercing stimulates and regulates the flow of this energy, which causes many positive effects, such as reducing pain or supporting the fight against addiction and depression. In addition, no negative side effects are seen when using acupuncture if the procedure was performed by a qualified physician with many years of practice. In Poland, you can run an office after completing the appropriate courses, but you should remember that becoming a master in this technique after years of practice. So when choosing a doctor, it's worth checking his professional experience.

  • How does acupuncture work in the fight against nicotine addiction? Sticking needles to the right places on the body sends impulses to the brain that reduce craving and craving for nicotine. The advantage of acupuncture is to stabilize and restore balance in the body while the body struggles with addiction. People who quit smoking are exposed to significant mood swings. They must overcome the growing desire to reach for a cigarette, irritability, nervousness and excessive excitability. Punctures at the right places on your body help you feel good and reduce or sometimes completely stop craving for nicotine. Acupuncture also supports the body by accelerating the processes of removing harmful substances from the system. Smokers who have undergone acupuncture assess that their tolerance to cigarette smoke has significantly decreased.

    For acupuncture to work, it is necessary to completely refuse cigarettes during the therapy period. The procedure is not painful, but hypersensitive people may feel discomfort. For them, a better solution may be to use a biostimulating laser instead of classic acupuncture. For the therapy to work, it is advisable to perform several to several treatments without a break. Acupuncture can be supported by various herbal remedies that positively affect the mood and additionally calm down. The patient may also be asked to stimulate appropriate points at home on their own to strengthen the treatment.

    The effectiveness of acupuncture is estimated at about 60%. It should be remembered that a lot depends also on the biological conditions of the patient, his strong will and determination.

  • Anti-smoking treatments include:

  • Auriculotherapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Depending on the degree of nicotine addiction (years of active smoking), an acupuncturist will recommend special acupuncture treatments for the body and when herbal and dietary needles are required. The whole cycle of weaning from smoking lasts 7 days. The first three days of treatment are crucial for ultimate success.

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