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Clinic of Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine

Prof. clinical medicine Enkhjargal Dovchin

Call us to make an appointment or use the map to get to the office.

str. 28A Czerniakowska Street
00-714 WARSAW

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607 – 489 – 251

Prof. Enji's Acupuncture Cabinet


Phone: 607 489 251



Public transport

Prof. Enji’s Acupuncture Cabinet is located 80 meters from the bus stop (CHEŁMSKA) .

Good access by buses: 107 , 131 , 141 , 159 , 162 , 168 , 180 , 185 , 187

Free parking and where to park?

Parking of passenger cars is free within the office. From the side of “ROD Czerniaków” and the football field, there are many free parking spaces. The car navigation will lead you to our office best after entering the password “Czerniakowska 28B”. Entrance from Nehru Street, then right into Zwierzyniecka Street and until the end to Czerniakowska 28B. From here, only a few steps to No. 28A.

A clinic friendly to the disabled

Our office meets the requirements for admitting disabled people and wheelchair users. The office is on the ground floor and the entry thresholds are low.

Activities for children

At a distance of 50 meters from the Acupuncture Room of Professor Enji, there is a new and well-equipped playground for children.

COVID prevention19

For the sake of patients and employees of Prof. Enji’s Acupuncture Cabinet, there are treatment rooms disinfected regularly before and after each patient . We currently use the best UVC lamps on the market. The total decontamination of the room using such equipment is approx. 2-3 minutes. The equipment does not produce ozone, so airing the rooms is not required.

Use of the toilet

The use of toilets has been temporarily withdrawn for all patients. We are currently waiting for the installation of specialized disinfection equipment for toilets, the same as those used by specialized hospitals. We hope that the system will be completed quickly and that it will not hinder the use of our clinic’s services. All patients are asked to take care of their needs before visiting the office.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

Pre-visit temperature test

It is a completely voluntary procedure to prevent the spread of COVID19. People with a cold and showing low-grade fever and temperature effects> 37.5 will not be accepted as a rule. Such patients will be asked to use primary care services and to use the services of our clinic. Each patient of our room will be asked to disinfect their hands. The disinfection machine is located in the office waiting room.


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The indicative waiting time for admission is currently 130 days

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9:00 - 19:00
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