NOT for GMOs

not for gmo

“NO to GMOs” in Polish agriculture.

“NO to GMOs” in Polish food.

Dr. Roman Andrzej Śniady

Polish politicians , who should uphold our constitutional freedom, violate our basic civil rights .

Polish scientists who should guard the safety of our health, who should protect our environment, promote the cultivation of transgenic plants and the use of genetically modified feed in Polish agriculture .

NO for GMOs – the Polish Constitution

We all know that the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, established out of gratitude to “our ancestors for their work, for the struggle for independence, paid for with huge sacrifices, for a culture rooted in the nation’s Christian heritage and human values”, “(…) is to guarantee civic rights forever, and public institutions to ensure reliability and efficiency, in a sense of responsibility before God or in front of their own conscience (…) “

  • However, can we allow all that is valuable from our thousand-year heritage to be squandered?
  • Can we allow what we owe to our ancestors to be lost?
  • Is it allowed to violate basic human and civil rights in Poland?
  • Can we allow disrespect for freedom and justice?
  • Can we lose a culture rooted in the nation’s Christian heritage and human values?
  • Where is the sense of responsibility of scientists and politicians to God or to their conscience?

We cannot allow the fact that ” Polish politicians and scientists “, who should uphold our constitutional freedom, violate our basic civil rights .

Supporting the introduction of GMOs to Polish fields, gardens and orchards, to Polish homes, despite protests by non-governmental organizations and citizens of the Republic of Poland, contribute to the violation of our – by the Constitution of the Republic of Poland – ensured – dignity and freedom. Freedom to choose, think and live.

They violate our Human Rights, depriving us of the freedom to choose to buy, diets and access to traditional seeds and forms of agriculture ,” wrote, inter alia, in his letter by Henryk Skolimowski (2007).

Not for GMOs, Dr. Roman Andrzej Śniady

NOT for GMOs – Hidden Scientific Experiment

Will in the future the genetically modified plants present in our fields, whose pollen will circulate in the atmosphere, expose Polish society to a hidden scientific experiment , despite the fact that “No one can be subjected to scientific experiments, including medical ones, without freely given consent”? And yet the Polish society does not express such consent, because “ Everyone has the right to health protection ”.

Also, ” Everyone is obliged to care for the state of the environment and is responsible for its deterioration .”

not for gmo baby

NOT for GMOs – Politicians of the Republic of Poland

We also know that “Public authorities conduct a policy ensuring ecological safety for the present and future generations”, that “Environmental protection is the responsibility of public authorities”, that “Public authorities support the actions of citizens to protect and improve the condition of the environment”, and that ” Everyone has the right to to information on the state and protection of the environment ”.

We also know from the Constitution of the Republic of Poland that “Public authorities protect consumers, users and tenants against activities threatening their health, privacy and security, and against unfair market practices”

  • Is this the case for sure?

  • Are our constitutional rights not being violated by accident?

In his book “The end of man. Consequences of the Biotech Revolution ”Francis Fukuyama wrote,“ We do not have to see ourselves as slaves to inevitable technological progress if this progress does not serve human ends. True freedom means the freedom of a community to protect the values they consider most important – and it is precisely this freedom that we must exercise today in the face of the biological revolution. “

NOT for GMO god satan

NO for GMOs – Vatican Sentence

Pope John Paul II, on the other hand, in his encyclical “Sollicitudo rei socialis” noted that “Only economic development cannot free man, on the contrary, it leads to even greater enslavement. Development that does not embrace the cultural, transcendent and religious dimensions of man and society, the more it does not recognize the existence of such dimensions and does not see in them its own goals and priorities, the less it contributes to true liberation . The human being is completely free only when he is himself fully in his rights and duties; the same must be said for society as a whole. ‘

Today plants and animals are changing, tomorrow man will be changed, and mixing human genes with genes of other species will cause man to lose his humanity, he will simply cease to be human. It must be mentioned here that gmo will never be formed under natural conditions – it is always a laboratory process with unknown long-term side effects .

not for gmo knife

We don’t want it!

We don’t want to live in such a world!

We cannot allow human history to end like this!

We want to write our own history, the story of a true, healthy and free person.

Dr inż. Roman Andrzej Śniady – an independent expert

NOT for GMOs – dr Roman Andrzej Śniady

Every average citizen knows that there are a lot of opinions about GMO. Most of the information posted on the Internet is so-called “fake news”. Few people know that the most powerful pharmaceutical companies are behind the GMO, the same as those who financed Hitler in his criminal campaign to divide people into better and worse, just as they call it sanitary segregation. Below you will find excerpts from the recordings and speeches of Dr. Roman Andrzej Śniade – a great expert in organic farming and an opponent of GMO, an opponent who has been bribed many times and has not succumbed to foreign biotechnology concerns. Many of his colleagues sold out but broke their moral spine – Dr. Śniady always went against the flow to the truth, and we all know that only rubbish flows downstream! Our words of appreciation, respect and eternal gratitude for the opportunity and participation in your lectures is given by the entire management of the nature without borders campaign.


By far the best expert on agriculture, organic farming and GMO in Poland. Independent researcher and journalist. An academic lecturer and a person persecuted for the true views he preached – consequently dismissed from work. Former member of the nature without borders campaign, originator and founder of the idea of supporting nature and taking care of its treasures. Our friend, and most of all an incorruptible man – a true independent expert, Dr. Roman Andrzej Śniady.


Meeting of the representatives of the nature without borders campaign with representatives of the Sejm at the session of the Senate Chamber of Rural Development and Agriculture on the Codex Alimentarius case.

Our colleagues explained in a beautiful and factual manner all aspects of the risks posed by improper implementation of the Codex Alimentarius guidelines in Poland.


There are three movies in this section that you should watch in order of appearance. These are the materials prepared by the nature without borders campaign, out of concern for the fate of future societies. We encourage you to watch the whole and form your own opinion on the subject.

% 22 I had no idea GM had such an effect on agriculture and so many things are negative here. I will try to explore the topic. I believe that GMO is the future, but so far there is not enough research to confirm the effectiveness of genetic modification and long-term side effects. Certainly, it would not be possible for the vaccine industry to obtain artificial substitutes for active substances without GMO. However, all this should be done in laboratory conditions and should never be released into the environment. Please imagine that fish with additional genes that improve eg efficiency and strength - all other unmodified specimens would die of starvation. It could also happen to people in the near future. I am of the opinion that genetic modifications on humans will take place someday, but I also hope that it will be done by wise people, not like they are now% 22

Professor of Clinical Medicine Enkhjargal Dovchin

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