My History of Fighting Ovarian Cancer

the story of my fight against ovarian cancer acupuncture office

As a little girl, I was always healthy and cheerful, I was full of me everywhere. Well, maybe that’s too much to say because I’m only 22 years old. Although you would say what such a young person can know about life, I’ve been through a lot in this life of my own.

My Ovarian Cancer History – How It All Began?

After passing my junior high school exams, I went to a high school with a sports profile. It was my dream to further develop my passion for volleyball. Already in elementary school, my mother enrolled me in a volleyball club and with age, my friends and I won more and more medals at subsequent competitions.

Always healthy, always active, I ate healthy, never reached for any stimulants. However, fate was not kind to me. It was when my biggest dream came true and I came to my dream high school, like a bolt from the blue, reality brought me from the clouds straight onto dirty, hard concrete.

The first important match of our training camp, we almost won, unfortunately I felt sick on the pitch and I passed out. At such an important moment. I watched the end of the match already from the bench. We won, but what was supposed to happen a moment later threw out my ambitious plans. Back then, it seemed to me forever.

My History of Fighting Ovarian Cancer – Treatment Support in Prof. Enji’s Acupuncture Room

After fainting, the trainer told me to do a complete set of tests. I was shocked when, instead of a routine checkup, the results pronounced me a serious illness verdict. Ovarian cancer – that was the diagnosis .

This moment was the beginning of the nightmare that awaited me later. Doctors, hospitals, treatments, surgery. Well, it’s hard to tell something that I remember quite like a fog. I was devastated when subsequent visits and prognosis did not bring good news.

After 7 months of treatment, I was exhausted. Seeing no improvement, my mother decided to seek help elsewhere. And so I found myself in the office of Professor Enkhjargal Dovchin . Although at first I completely did not believe in the effectiveness of her therapies, with time the pain began to subside and I began to come back to life. Doctor Enji told me at the beginning that I asked her for help too late and the devastation in the body caused by the disease could be irreversible. Nevertheless, we decided to give it a try.

First of all, I must emphasize that the professor not only contributed to a huge improvement in my physical and mental health. I think I can safely admit that she pulled me out of severe depression . Going to a therapy that was complex and individually tailored to my condition, I felt that life was making sense again and I was able to overcome this disease .

Currently, I feel really good, even though the therapy is still ongoing. Before I got to the state I am now, I had undergone many treatments. They were natural, completely safe, and had no side effects . Especially acupuncture helped me a lot, it relieved my pain and allowed me to feel the needs of my body anew. Thanks to herbal mixtures , ointments and decoctions, my hair, weakened after chemotherapy, regained its former shine and strength.

Ordinary doctors did not give me a chance for a long life . The operation did not stop the cancer cells from growing. Thanks to the treatment of professor Dovchin called “Enji”, their development was stopped and I can live normally. Dreaming again …

my story of fighting ovarian cancer
Tibetan-Mongolian medicine

% 22 In the treatment of our patient's ailments, we used oncological acupuncture and special points used to inhibit the development of the disease. The patient's determination, incredible family support, nutritional awareness, a healthy and active lifestyle, and a very good reception of the therapy by the body certainly contributed to the therapeutic success. The treatment was long and had its ups and downs, but it finally worked. It is important that the patient did not give up conventional treatment, but only supported herself by acupuncture. In my opinion, this is the best approach these days.% 22

Professor of Clinical Medicine Enkhjargal Dovchin

Eastern Medicine - Accompanying Benefits

My Ovarian Cancer Fighting Story – The Battle Won, The War Is Still On

I would like to thank the professor for the dedication and effort put into my treatment, for the kindness and patience with me, despite my moods. Don’t give up, it’s always worth fighting for. A successful fight is one that does not go against the harmony of nature.

We are part of it and it knows how to treat us. Trust traditional medicine. You can gain a lot without losing anything.

For dreams! May you never give up on them!

My Ovarian Cancer Fighting Story – Update 2021

It’s been a good 10 years since my ovarian cancer suppression visit. Ultimately, in retrospect, I think that reporting to Prof. Enji’s acupuncture room was the best thing I did in my life. Professor Enji has become my friend, and her personality is extraordinary, as are her families and people who support her activities, and whom I also had the opportunity to meet. It’s hard to believe that there are still some people who value help beyond their own benefit.

Currently, my whole family is being treated by professor Enji in the office. Whenever I have to use the services of a conventional doctor, I consult it in advance with Dr. Enji. I have never heard a criticism of these methods despite the fact that Enji’s doctor’s approach is a bit different. As she says, “these are two medicines that have a common root but the same trunk – there is no such thing as conventional and traditional medicine … there is one complementary medicine that is there to help patients” and adds that “the task the doctor is to help the patient as best as possible according to their own knowledge and experience, and to discover the source of the problem as soon as possible in order to start treatment as soon as possible. Often the doctor has to decide to transfer the patient to another specialist – which he should also recommend ”. In cases like mine, where I believe I have been extremely lucky, other people may fail because no two cases are alike.

Fear of the unknown or justified - herbal medicine of the East

My History of Fighting Ovarian Cancer – Comment by Prof. Enji

Unexpectedly, at the end of June 2021, our patient Anna Kus and her family visited us. Such meetings are always particularly received by me and my team. This is the best picture and a thank you for the work I can imagine. I would like most of my patients to be as lucky as Ms Ania, who is now a happy mother of two healthy children.

However, I would like to refer a bit in retrospect to this case, not giving too much detail from the history of the disease (Ania agreed to the publication), but important information that influenced such a positive perception of acupuncture.

At that time, work was underway on the schemes of acupuncture points, which are recommended by both WHO and the Medical University, where I gained knowledge and experience. These schemas have only undergone two small changes to this day in my very cosmetic feeling and focusing more on the stimulation of acupuncture points as well as the schema changes themselves. I consider a good individual acceptance of the therapy by Ms Ania’s body as crucial in the entire treatment process. Ania did not give up conventional methods of treatment, but only supported them with acupuncture and herbs. The treatment process was long and continued for two years until the symptoms disappeared completely. Ania’s high awareness of diet, physical activity and mental relaxation was certainly a plus. We cannot forget about the great support of Mrs. Ania’s husband – Janusz, who supported her everywhere. I can only congratulate you on a wonderful family and wish you good health. Thanks a lot for your feedback. Enji

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Ebook: “In Four Eyes with Far East Natural Medicine”

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The author of the materials is a high-class specialist, clinical professor, medical doctor - Mrs. Enkhjargal Dovchin (Prof. Enji). Editing and stylistic corrections: Team MT

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