Miraculous Properties of Herbs

It has long been known that plants have a beneficial effect on our body . Their leaves, stems, flowers and fruits contain a wealth of vitamins and valuable ingredients that our body’s cells need for proper development. Most of the people he does not appreciate the strength of the fruits of nature and reaches for chemical substitutes and supplements . And yet man comes from nature, and it is nature that should nourish and protect us.

Natural medicine is called healing methods, which they use the power of nature , the strength of her gifts. Natural treatment does not have side effects, it is strictly focused on a specific ailment.

Far East medicine for centuries he trusts only in nature’s pharmacy Therefore, in these regions of the world the highest number of cases of longevity and health up to old age is recorded. The people of China, Japan and Mongolia live in harmony with nature and its gifts, their diet is based only on natural ingredients and constantly strives to maintain harmony between the energy of the body and the environment.

Miraculous properties of herbs and Mongolian medicine
Miraculous properties of herbs and Mongolian medicine

Miraculous Properties of Herbs | Herbal therapies

Dear ones, it is worth reaching for herbal therapies, every body needs cleansing from time to time. Therefore, instead of stuffing yourself with drugs, pills, simply reach for what the meadow, clearing in the forest or your garden offers you.

If you are unfamiliar with herbs and their properties, a traditional medicine doctor will help you . We cordially invite you to the office of Professor Enkhjargal Dovchin, who has studied the knowledge of plants for many years with the best herbalists of the East. If you suffer from any health problems, believe me, you can choose a herbal or fruit therapy for each of them.

Experienced herbalist, learning about the disease of a given patient, can very effectively select herbal therapy for it. It’s herbalism too the art of combining herbs and using their valuable healing properties.

Remember, however, that herbs are drunk immediately when they are freshly brewed, the maximum time of taking the infusion is about 10 hours. In therapy let’s use only fresh herbs or properly dried or preserved.

Herbs do not brew in aluminum containers! It is best to do this in heat-resistant glass. The herbs that we need to take once a day should be drunk before going to bed, and those that we drink twice a day should be taken in the morning and evening. In the case of “three times” therapy, dose the infusion in the same way in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

Herbs in Traditional Medicine must be ordained by a qualified specialist – a traditional medicine doctor or TCM herbalist with many years of clinical experience . As much as we have in Polish herbal medicine just 200-250 well-known herbs this in Chinese Medicine there are over 5,000 of them . For example Mongolian herbs often it should be properly boiled before serving (divided into parts, crushed, boiled or washed down with a suitable drink). What is interesting and strange for Westerners is that some herbs are washed down with alcohol – yes ladies and gentlemen – the way the herb is administered is also very important . The advantage of herbalism is that the doses used for treatment are very small, which results in the so-called the body’s adverse reaction to therapy is one of the safest in the world comparable to a lightning strike on a clear day . It should also be mentioned that herbal mixtures in Chinese medicine have been standardized for some time, which translates into even greater increased security . Even if the entire package of the product is swallowed, the possibility of side effects is negligible, which we cannot say about prescription drugs.

herbal medicine eastern herbs TCM
wonderful properties of herbs Mongolian and Chinese herbs

Miraculous Properties of Herbs | Common Polish Herbs

Currently, we know many plants with medicinal properties that are available at your fingertips, for example, because they grow in our gardens. These are such plants as:

sorrel – do you know that it perfectly relieves pain and burning in places burnt by nettle, you need to rub it and rub the juice from the leaves into the affected area,

cloves – they are friends of people who have angina, you have to chew them and suck them and they will help relieve a sore throat,

Garlic – effectively lowers cholesterol, acts as a natural antibiotic, it is recommended to eat a few cloves a day,

Echinacea – this inconspicuous plant painlessly and effectively accelerates wound healing,

evening primrose seeds – have a healing effect during arthritis, especially in cardiovascular diseases,

valerian root – for the nerves, because it calms down, so it is used to reduce insomnia and nerves.

These are just some of the plants that grow next to us that can bring invaluable relief from suffering . My dear and you do not need to destroy your liver right away with antibiotics, heavy painkillers sometimes it is enough to use nature pharmacies .

miraculous properties of herbs
miraculous properties of herbs
Fear of the unknown or justified - herbal medicine of the East

Miraculous Properties of Herbs | A Brief History of Herbal Medicine

Formerly man discovered the properties of plants by observing their influence on animals . As the years go by, man he adopted plants, began to learn about their needs and grow them.

This way some plants found their way to unfamiliar climatic conditions and began to be available to new generations, offering them for their hard work during breeding, their a valuable range of properties .

Plants began to be explored anew, to introduce them to their diet and to store them. All this knowledge about the behavior of plants partially it was written down, so we can use it today .

The Sumerians were the first to do this, the recipes of the Sumerian priests were found who described the use of herbs such as wormwood, fig, chamomile or fennel. They were used to prepare infusions, tinctures, and powder their flowers, leaves and stems.

Yeah knowledge is vast today and is open to us . The problem is that we don’t want to use it , we do not want to lift the legacy of past generations of healers, priests, herbalists, and doctors.

Although the knowledge of natural treatments is vast , research is still ongoing to expand it. Efforts to learn about new plant forms, as well as the old ones, have not been stopped.

Many plant ingredients that previously could not be qualified as drugs today it plays a new important physiological role .

As a result of continuous research into medicinal plants and herbal medicines, production processes and analytical methods, the positive power of herbal medicine is constantly growing and the herbal remedy has found its forgotten place in medicine again.

We invite you to the office of professor Enji! Discover the power of plants! Call and make an appointment!

The problem with why herbs are not of interest to pharmaceutical companies is that as slowly occurring in the natural environment they cannot be patented, so they are for people and anyone can use them. This is perfectly described in our article presenting the dangers of the slow implementation of the guidelines into EU and national law Codex Alimentarius , which poses a serious threat to the existence of the long-term herbal and medical industry .

Miraculous Properties of Herbs | Herbal medicine schools in Poland

In Poland, there are many medicinal herb schools, which, however, offer training in the field of herbal medicine at the level of “study” or post-secondary school. From our information as of October 21, 2012. there is no facility in Poland that offers a “DIPLOMA” adequate to the studies of Eastern medicine, traditional medical systems and the like. Therefore, we believe that it is simply dangerous to use the services of people who are not thoroughly educated and do not have the required experience.

Our team of specialists is for the development of herbal medicine in the EU in all its forms, but the leading factor should be safety and free access to the achievements of traditional medicine and specialists in this medicine, and not people who often take courses lasting several days. This situation should be stigmatized. There is enough regulation in China and the Traditional Medicine System is working perfectly well. So why not allow people to acquire this knowledge on the spot in Poland. It used to be forbidden because the knowledge of traditional medicine is a national good of China and as such cannot be disseminated. However, a lot has changed and even “communist China” apparently has more capitalism than we Poles.

Here we must refer to the question of one of our friends “Is it possible to gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of eastern herbal medicine in Poland”. As of today, we say that this is not possible. Even if there are such specialists in Poland, they conduct internships themselves and do not accept students, gaining comprehensive knowledge in this field takes about 6-10 years of hard study and clinical work. If you take even the schedule of numerous medicinal herb schools in Poland, which usually provides for meetings once a month (weekend), i.e. about 20 hours of study per month, up to 5,000 hours recommended by the WHO is a bit missing. Bearing in mind the above, it should be noted that herbal medicine is often the crowning achievement of the profession of a traditional medicine doctor in China. It is impossible to obtain such knowledge in Poland. There is a lack of a sufficiently high level of lecturers, research facilities – clinics and clinical internship, legal regulations for awarding diplomas of medical studies (pharmacy) and, most importantly, the will of the agency. Therefore, all people who would like to acquire such knowledge must take into account the trip to China, Mongolia or Russia and attendance of appropriate medical studies (English-speaking), which are both expensive and extremely difficult to complete. As we checked recently, semester costs oscillate in the amount of 10-20 thousand. USD. In addition, fees for renting a dormitory or apartment should be added. You also need to have paid insurance for foreigners in the amount of about $ 50 and the cost of food. As you can see, this knowledge is no longer cheap, even when it comes to China.

Miraculous Properties of Herbs | “Polish Authorities” Criticizing Herbs

loser pseudo journalist pseudo station fagots dupczokowe

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Two pseudo experts: Sokołowski and Karolak. This is how the gentlemen who ate octopus every day and do not remember being there had fun. Bravo Mr. Stonoga for this material!

Below there are only photos of their friend, Mrs. Ilona, who we leave alone, because anyone can make a mistake, and she obviously draws conclusions from it.

We will only add that the former drug addict and drunkard was often invited as an expert on the ass fagot in order to be considered wise. Unfortunately, even the best bleach cannot whiten its past. We’re just hoping she’s figured out.

Miraculous Properties of Herbs | CONCLUSIONS

Don’t let your body be poisoned, don’t make yourself drug addicts .

Trust nature, it she ensured the survival of our species and offers us all the ingredients necessary for life and health.

You just have to reach for them, extract them from the crowd of “poisons of modern pharmacy”. Traditional medicine heals diseases from time immemorial, effectively and without side effects .

That is why we want to emphasize these wonderful, miraculous power of nature and herbs. Give up pharmacology and trust nature .

Remember that “reptilian sellers” in the media of the “main sewer” called “experts” are actually uneducated and handicapped individuals envying you for knowledge and open minds . They want you to swallow their pulp and make your audience more popular.


what pharmacy is afraid of
what pharmacy is afraid of

Ebook: “Acupuncture and Life”

The professor introduces the secrets of acupuncture in his books, which you can download for free in the form of e-books on this page:
The book is an attempt to engage in a polemic with people who considered the methods of traditional medicine to be insufficiently scientific and medieval. As it turned out later, the World Health Organization approved the achievements of “Traditional Medicine” and recognized these methods as scientific.

Ebook: “In Four Eyes with Far East Natural Medicine”

Richly illustrated, written on the basis of many years of experience, it will bring you the secrets of knowledge known in Tibet for centuries.
The first book by Professor Enji, which in the most famous way possible was to translate difficult concepts related to Traditional Medicine and constitute a bridge between classical and eastern medicine.




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