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  • Chinese Tui Na massage

  • This is a comprehensive body massage used in China for over 2,000 years. In order to stimulate the flow of qi energy in the patient's body and transfer energy from the outside, the masseur tightens strongly selected places, which often coincide with acupuncture points. The masseur, by using his fingers, hands and elbows, strongly compress, knead or rub the body to restore the natural circulation of qi. It dissipates energy in places where it is too much, or moves it where it is lacking.

  • Eastern massages of all types are a perfect combination of knowledge, tradition and culture for the natural preservation of the health of the patient subjected to these methods. Above-average therapeutic effects are achieved by combining classic medicine with massages.

    prof.klin.lek.med Enkhjargal Dovchin

  • Chinese medicine is based on a model of maintaining the balance between the elements of yin and yang, which are opposites but at the same time they condition and do not exist without each other (darkness and brightness, cold and warmth, dryness and moisture etc.). In its nature, qi also has these characteristics, and Tui Na massage can restore its harmonious nature in the event of its upset.

  • Tui Na focuses primarily on the spine, which is the support of our body and its most loaded element. Using this type of massage can cure back problems. Its condition affects many internal organs, because it is along it that the main qi flow channel runs. The massage not only clears the meridians but also sends energy to all organs, strengthens and heals them.

    Chinese massage can bring relief to those suffering from back and back pain. It also helps with stomach and digestive problems. It is a great way to fight fatigue, insomnia, stress. Effectively relaxes muscles, improves mood and eliminates neuralgia. It is intended not only for the sick, it can also be used prophylactically, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and have no time for exercise and movement.

  • It is not indicated for people suffering from osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease. The masseur should also be notified of any endoprostheses, as he will have to bypass their surroundings. Pregnant women can get a massage, but some parts of the body will also be skipped.

    Massage should not cause any unwanted side effects. Pain may occur in places of strong pressure, but this is a typical relationship with this type of massage. If the patient is extremely susceptible to pain, the masseur can give him energy without touching.

    Tui Na is especially recommended for stressed, overworked and exhausted people. Massage not only supports the body, but also, according to Chinese medicine, supports the spirit. It significantly improves mood, releases stress, facilitates breathing and improves the body's natural immunity and its ability to regenerate. The essence of Tui Na is to conduct a massage by a person with strong and balanced energy. Thanks to this, the masseur can "give up" and inject his energy into the patient's body. This is one of the oldest rehabilitation therapies.

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