What is iridology?

Iridology is one of simple and non-invasive ways to determine the general health of the patient. He resists on the analysis of the iris of the eye. Research shows some dependencies reflecting the pathology of organs in the form of birthmarks on the iris of the eye.

Iridology – history

Iridology was known already in antiquitybecause 3,000 years ago, Indian or Chinese doctors knew that in order to recognize a disease, one should observe the body. A lot can be read from the eyes, which is why they divided the iris of the eye into areas, and changes in each of them were responsible for a specific disease.

Interestingly, the use of this method in antiquity is even confirmed by the notes on the papyri of the king – Pharaoh Tutankhamen. These are two papyri, length 50 m. and width 1.5 m. discovered in Giza. Iridology has survived to this day thanks to the priest El Aksy, priest and doctor of the pharaoh. It was he who developed knowledge from papyri and passed it on to doctors, thus spreading it all over the world. Currently, these papyri can be viewed in the Babylonian Library.


If we analyze the changes visible on the surface of the iris of the eye, then in combination with other diagnostic tests (e.g. blood) we can determine with high probability what diseases the patient has and what diseases he may have in the future.

In our opinion you should never use only iridology because it can also distort the result, e.g. in a situation when the patient has been taking heavy prescription drugs for a long time or in a situation of extreme exhaustion of the body.

Interesting fact about iridology

Father El Aks used an original method which allowed him to record “photographs” of the iris on zinc or nickel plates.

How was the procedure of iridology once performed?

It seems unbelievable to you? Not only do you think so, also science has not yet discovered the secret of the formation of colored tiles, although they have survived to the present day. So our civilization is not as perfect as it seems.

Iridology not only as a diagnostic method

Iridology works well not only as a diagnostic method in humans, thanks to it also animals are tested. In the past, farmers used it to buy farm animals: horses, sheep and cattle. We know very well how beautiful these animals have eyes, their irises perfectly reflect the health condition.

Famous people in the history of eye diagnosis were:

  • F. Meyens who created the work – the monograph “Physiognomica medica” (17th century),
  • doctor GJ Beer from Vienna, who carefully linked the pathology of organs with changes in the iris of the eye in his book “Science about eye diseases”,
  • an outstanding Hungarian scientist, doctor I. Peczely – a precursor of iridology , who developed the world’s first topological map of the iris of the eye.
  • outstanding scientist, priest and naturopath from Sweden N. Liljequist in 1897 he published the work “Diagnosis Based on the Eye”.
  • while 1920 belonged to Dr. M. Madaus, he started publishing the journal “Iriscorrespondens”, thanks to which the world of iridologists could unite,
  • A. Lindlar wrote a book called “Irydodiagnostyka and other diagnostic methods”, this item introduced the scientific foundations of iridology,
  • the beginning of the 20th century is also the era of books by eminent iridologists, incl. I. Anderer, F. Vida, I. Deck, F. Roberts, R. Bourdiol, T. Kiiege, P. Dimkow , each scientist and physician created his own topological map of the iris to determine the patient’s health condition,

Different types of iris in iridology

The heyday of this method is the years after the Second World War, when, as a result of many studies, clinical iridology is created and it enters the salons of universities and universities.

The Institute for Fundamental Research in Iridology is established in Germany, the father of which is I. Deck. The fruit of his 30 years of medical practice are two monographs: “Fundamentals of irydodiagnostyki” (1965) and “Irydodiagnostyka differential” (1980).


Founded in 1951 by the American scientist Dr. Bernard Jensen. Since 1978, it has been publishing a journal called “The International Irydologist”.

The same scientist, founder of the FIA, created a textbook of iridology, entitled Science and Practice of irydologii (1970).


It was founded over a dozen years ago, in 1993. It brings together doctors of various specialties, supporters of natural methods of treatment, and currently has several hundred members.

Of course, the doctor does not necessarily have to do all of the above. Often, an interview with a careful examination of the face or acupuncture points is enough. It all depends on the acupuncturist’s experience, disease and the individual characteristics of the patient.

Polish Society of Iridology and Homeopathy

Address: Zygmunt Krasiński 10/49,

01-615 WARSAW

Telephone: 22-8337118

Iridology is an extremely cheap and safe method of diagnosing your health

bow. Enhjargal Dovchin

If your eye is clean, so is your body “- these words come directly from the Bible, how true, not only in relation to iridology.

Thanks to this ancient method, the doctor is able to assess our health by examining the iris of the eye. Although it seems unbelievable, our eyes are like a great book of diseases and if someone can read its language – he can also tell what ails us and what is the condition of our body.

In the examination, you only need the sharp eye of an educated doctor, because iridology is a non-invasive method and at the same time provides a lot of information about a person.

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