Irydologia saved my husband

Iridology saved my husband

I have never been interested in the methods used by therapists dealing with natural medicine, but myself, after it turned out that the pills I take for my ailment do not work as it should. Probably also, I would not be interested in iridology, if it were not for the fact that thanks to it my husband was cured .

About 2 years ago my husband started complaining of headaches. As his precarious professional situation overlapped at that time, we did not see it as anything other than the effects of the resulting stress. Anyway, it was the same for me when we changed our place of residence. Headache is common, not to mention stress. However, the husband complained of more frequent and severe symptoms. He changed his diet, I urged him to get better sleep, not to think about problems. After all, even an apparently insignificant cause can make us feel bad.

My husband finally decided to see a doctor, but the doctor, apart from saying that such pains were commonplace, told him nothing. When we noticed that his condition was deteriorating, that is, his head hurt more and more often, he went to the oncologist, because he himself suspected that the cause could be much more serious than we thought. Unfortunately, also this time, the specialist found that he was not able to accurately assess the cause, and the pains, probably related to stress, would pass with time.

Iridology in the Cabinet of Prof. Enji

TCM herbal medicine

It so happened that at that time I was a patient of the office Dr. Enji where I undertook acupuncture treatments on painful periods and PMS . I came to her after the pills prescribed by the gynecologist were ineffective, so taking conventional painkillers sometimes turned out to be a better solution. However, having learned about the addictive effect of these pills, I decided to treat my ailment in a more natural way, and after searching the Internet for information on natural methods of treating menstrual pain, I found a contact with prof. Dovchin. I made up my mind right away to make an appointment .

I don’t remember having been the same before satisfied with the doctor’s services . Thanks to acupuncture, my period pains, if any, became almost imperceptible. Besides, I heard many opinions on Dr. Enji and the stories of people who suffer from different diseases thanks to her they were cured. Hence, I thought that my husband could come to see her about his ailment. Fortunately, the doctor was able to see him the very next day, so we were able to meet him quickly diagnosis . I honestly admit that I did not realize then that perhaps it would be better if it were not indisputable. Doctors, even the best, are sometimes fallible …

% 22 Iridology is a fairly accurate study supporting other diagnostic methods. It is based on the analysis of the characteristics of the iris of the eye. These changes correspond to specific organs and pathologies that occur in them. Thanks to this method, it is possible to approximate what diseases the patient has gone through, what he should watch out for in the future and what hidden diseases he may have at present.% 22

Professor of Clinical Medicine Enkhjargal Dovchin

Iridology turned out to be effective

Although my husband has so far been skeptical about all natural treatments, thanks to the recognition of his disease by Dr. Enji, he completely changed his attitude. Already after the first minute of pulse examination and after iridology, the doctor’s diagnosis showed that the symptoms indicated thyroid cancer, and she ordered him to perform a marker test. When I looked at him then, he looked as if his whole world had just collapsed. After another visit to the oncologist, the diagnosis was confirmed – my husband had a tumor. Fortunately, thanks to a well-made, quick diagnosis, he also had a good chance of recovery. I was shocked that the doctors – not even a specialist – hadn’t been able to tell beforehand what was really wrong with him . Thanks to Dr. Enji and made by her iridology , my husband undertook a tumor excision and then radiotherapy. Later, when I called the former doctor who examined my husband and I wanted to get the test results, he recommended that I make an appointment right away – it completely killed me and it was my turn towards traditional healing methods .

Were it not for Dr. Enji, I would never have guessed that a simple look at the eye and iris can tell what a person is suffering from. I admit that I had no clue before iridology , but when it turned out that thanks to her, my husband was alive, out of curiosity, I began to check what “experts” were saying about it. Here is what I have encountered: “An iridologist needs a magnifying glass, a map and a vivid imagination to perform the procedure”, “I like iridology only because it illustrates how people, including patients and doctors from the Middle Ages, still think in a magical way”, “Iridology is not supported by any research, therefore it is pseudoscience.” I do not go into what areas the authors of such comments are specialized in, I am not interested in the purpose for which they provide such information, nor do I intend to criticize them for such and not another approach. I am not a specialist myself, therefore I have no right to say what is right and wrong in terms of medicine and treatment. However, I am one hundred percent sure that if it were not for the iridology that Dr. Enji did, my husband would still struggle with his ailment, going from doctor to doctor and not knowing what was really wrong with him.

% 22 Iridology is not taught at Medical Universities ... why? Because it is a method from the Far East. There are no properly educated specialists in Poland who could teach these methods to medical students. It would certainly benefit patients.% 22

Professor of Clinical Medicine Enkhjargal Dovchin

I also hope that the opinion of someone who is based on their own experience and is able to confirm or deny the effectiveness of certain methods of therapy may prove valuable to those who are still wondering if something really works as it is said. . Iridology saved my husband. I believe that outside of it there are many who can be cured with this method. Today we are both healthy and as former patients of Dr. Enji we can confidently confirm the effectiveness of her treatment methods and, above all, the effectiveness of iridology. Anyway, what, if not the health and life that has survived thanks to them, can confirm it better? …

Iridology and Several Types of Eye Irises

The human eye is an organ of sight in which certain pathologies of the internal and external organs of the human body are also visible. A good Iridologist does not need expensive diagnostic machines to assess the patient’s health. Due to the similarity of the irises of the eye, we also distinguish 4 standard images reflecting typical diseases and ailments. As in the case of our patient, internal diseases of serious developed diseases are more visible and the images of these ailments can be easily read from the eyes. Iridological methods are therefore very effective in the case of serious diseases . Iridology may not be very effective in the case of periodic diseases. It is least effective in the diagnosis of young children, when the iris is the least developed and the child itself changes very quickly – therefore iridological images should be treated with a pinch of salt.

Any experienced iridologist knows the same iridological examination cannot be treated as a determinant of treatment! . Any suspicions read from the eyes must be confirmed by analytical tests and other tests included in a normal internal and diagnostic visit. Sometimes, as in the case of our patient, the disease is visible with the naked eye, but despite this, the person is recommended to confirm these assumptions by performing specific tests. Only then can the treatment process be continued with other specialists. Therefore, the quick detection of the disease and the earliest possible period of starting treatment gave the patient a good chance of a long life without the disease.

Eastern Medicine - Accompanying Benefits

Iridology and Therapist Experience

One of the key features of a good iridologist is an individual approach to the patient and clinical experience . The latter is earned with age and work with specific ailments and diseases . The longer a person encounters similar pathogens visible in the eyes, the better he can identify their similarities, common features and be able to draw conclusions from it all.

At numerous courses in Iridology which, as a rule, are not long (several days of quick training) without clinical work with patients you cannot educate a good iridologist . In traditional medicine studies in China, these methods are taught to students in all years of study. Everything is divided into sections, specific disease areas and their iridological images and the work with patients who have these diseases. Students learn to identify eye diseases, determine pathogens, make appropriate diagnoses, and then order specific treatments – all under the supervision of specialist doctors. There is no such thing in Poland and it probably won’t be for a long time . Therefore, the use of iridology methods in people who do not have much clinical experience and are not doctors of traditional medicine may be simply dangerous . Basing on the iridological diagnosis itself is also not a good thing because all disease assumptions must be verified and confirmed in diagnostic tests. . Every good iridologist knows how to proceed. His work should be limited to identifying the problem and referring it to the appropriate specialist . He should never attempt treatment on that basis alone!

Iridological maps are graphic images of areas on the iris responsible for specific diseases. A good Iridologist knows how to use these maps and identify features common to a given person. No two irises are alike therefore, the baseline iridological images for two different patients will always be different. The problem is finding constants for a given patient, distinguishing them from conditions, and making an assumption about a specific condition. In 95% of cases, diseases are easy to diagnose if they are visible. Slit lamps are required for 5% of patients for a more detailed examination of the eye. This problem concerns people working in difficult conditions, where the eyes were exposed to external factors that damaged the eyes for a long time. In such cases, images are blurred and diseases may not be visible without the use of an appropriate magnifying machine. In most cases, a doctor equipped with an ordinary magnifying glass should be able to make an iridological diagnosis .

Fear of the unknown or justified - herbal medicine of the East

Iridology and Computer Research

Iridology offices spring up like mushrooms after rain. More and more people are interested in these methods and offer their services in the so-called treatment and diagnosis of diseases by methods of the so-called natural medicine. Is it safe? Of course not! There are no legal regulations in this regard in Poland and all similar methods are identified as alternative medicine unclassified . This is, of course, a major slander for people thoroughly educated in this field: doctors, doctors and even university professors. .

So we have iridology offices that offer computer analysis of the iris of the eye and treatment only for the so-called. “Diagnostic-iridological examination”.

We always repeated wherever we could that iridology can only be treated as a supplement to a medical diagnosis and confirmation of certain disease assumptions, which in turn is to lead to analytical confirmation in research .

Computer iridological examinations performed by unqualified specialists are trying to trick the patient into certain expenses , which can only be a waste of time in diagnosis and timely initiation of the appropriate course of treatment . Only a doctor and a specialist in traditional medicine who have a legal education in the field of medicine can decide on such procedures.

Iridological computer tests have top-down iridological masks to remove the iris of the eye and the so-called. “color imaging” is to give the appropriate results giving the basis for making specific disease assumptions. The problem is that the above mentioned iridological masks that the computer superimposes on the graphic image of the eyes can be freely modified and set to specific assumptions, which is a large field for abuse .

Iridology and Most Common Use

Iridology is a fairly quick supporting test . A good iridologist knows what diseases the patient may have after a few seconds of looking into the eyes . The analysis of ailments that a person has already been through and which the individual may have no idea about usually takes longer. The entire iridology examination should not take more than 2 minutes . Computer diagnostic examination with special slit lamps connected to the computer takes more time. The computer itself analyzes the iridological picture of the eyes and gives approximate conditions. The effectiveness of the computer method and the effectiveness of an experienced iridologist is in favor of the latter and is 65% to 95% . Very often, the iridological examination performed by the computer itself shows diseases that the patient does not have or incorrectly analyzes the diagnostic data .

Where is most often used iridological methods :

  • purchase of animals at agricultural markets (experienced farmers know what to look at in the eyes of animals so as not to buy an individual with hidden diseases);
  • the racehorse industry (same as for the animals described above);
  • veterinary medicine (when analyzing certain internal diseases such as: rabies, inflammation of internal organs, poisoning, genetic burden);
  • in humans in the cases described above and in children (poisoning).

% 22 I hope this article introduced you to the topic of iridology. Summarizing, I would like to add that iridology should only be used as part of the First Visit and never stand alone. Only in the hands of an experienced specialist can it give measurable therapeutic effects, which aim at making the correct diagnosis and starting the appropriate treatment as soon as possible, increasing the patient's chances of staying healthy for years% 22

Professor of Clinical Medicine Enkhjargal Dovchin

Ebook: “Acupuncture and Life”

The professor introduces the secrets of acupuncture in his books, which you can download for free in the form of e-books on this page:
The book is an attempt to engage in a polemic with people who considered the methods of traditional medicine to be insufficiently scientific and medieval. As it turned out later, the World Health Organization approved the achievements of “Traditional Medicine” and recognized these methods as scientific.

Ebook: “In Four Eyes with Far East Natural Medicine”

Richly illustrated, written on the basis of many years of experience, it will bring you the secrets of knowledge known in Tibet for centuries.
The first book by Professor Enji, which in the most famous way possible was to translate difficult concepts related to Traditional Medicine and constitute a bridge between classical and eastern medicine.




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The author of the materials is a high-class specialist, clinical professor, medical doctor - Mrs. Enkhjargal Dovchin (Prof. Enji). Editing and stylistic corrections: Team MT

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