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Important Information

All European Unionand also not non-EU citizens wishing to use the services of our clinic are required to provide an interpreter throughout the Treatment Process. Having a good interpreter greatly improves the quality of services provided.

Recommendations and Additional Information

  • In the “Message or inquiry” field, try to describe your case as short as possible, paying attention to the key issues and the goal you want to achieve.


  • E-mails that reach us are read in the order they arrive. The patients of our clinic are always served first. The normal response time to an inquiry is 2 business days. E-mails from people who are not our patients and without the “PESEL number” provided are not read.


  • The sensitive data provided in the form are not used by us in any way except for answering questions and maintaining continuity of correspondence.
  • People who are not patients of our office are asked to provide “PESEL number:” in the text of the message. Our answer is not medical advice.


  • The fastest option to make an appointment in our office is to contact professor Enji by phone at 607 489 251. If we do not answer, most likely an acupuncture treatment is in progress, so please call us later or send us a text message to ask for contact. We will definitely call you back.


  • The maximum storage time for sensitive data is automatically set to 30 calendar days. After this time, the data is irretrievably deleted by the system.

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