First visit to the TCM doctor

The following description will apply to visits to specialists such as doctors of traditional medical systems, in particular: TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Traditional Tibetan-Mongolian Medicine, Traditional Indian Medicine and many others.

“Doctors of traditional medicine are the best specialists in diagnostics among all medical specialties” … Why?

excerpt from an interview with Prof. Enji in 2017

– A visit to a traditional medicine doctor it is never short . A good specialist in eastern medicine during the first visit spends a lot of time observation, analysis and conclusions to a specific medical case. The first visit, combined with treatments, may take up to two hours.

– The patient is always the subject and is the most important in the entire treatment process.

The disease is always taken as a whole and not only the symptoms but the whole body are treated .

– There is always a diagnosis in traditional medicine holistic . The patient is in complete control of each stage of the treatment.

– A lot of attention is paid to the natural method of health prophylaxis. A traditional doctor perfectly combines conventional and natural medicine.

What should you know before visiting?

It’s good to arrange an appointment with enough time (not at the last minute) so that you have 10-15 minutes of free time for preparation before the visit.

Before the visit not recommended :

– eating heavy meals or drinking alcohol or smoking

– arriving at the last minute, in a hurry

– coming under the influence of strong drugs because such drugs can completely distort a possible diagnosis

– a patient who comes for the first visit should not be fasting, and the time from the last meal should be at least 30 minutes.

– it is not recommended to drink the so-called energy workers or taking sports supplements immediately before the visit. We also ask you not to consume coffee because it affects the poor image of the language for diagnosis.

– hygiene – in a doctor’s office it is required from both parties. If your hand hurts, it doesn’t mean that it should be the only hand that should be clean. The doctor may want to listen to you. A clean body and underwear as well as neat clothes express respect for the doctor and increase the comfort of his work. In addition, a clean, well-groomed person, there is really nothing to be ashamed of.

The business of medicines and patented preparations in the European Union and in the world aims to ban natural healing methods, in particular the achievements of Traditional Medical Systems. Politicians are targeting herbs and herbal medicine. Under the guise of caring for the public good, people are slowly being banned from using safe and proven methods known for centuries. All this is done at the expense of alternative medicine and patients, who are often condemned to palliative treatment, do not receive any help from people who have multimillion-dollar diagnostic equipment, and yet are unable to cure their ailments. Not without an apparently famous American lobbyist stated, “Who controls food and drugs controls society.”

How to prepare for the first visit to Prof. Enji?

– it’s good prepare a short and accurate description of the disease as well as the main problems concerning it

– it’s good to take with you detailed medical documentation as well as diagnostic tests, both the old and the most recent

– it’s good to take that with you drug list taken in the last six months as well as their detailed dosing

– during your first visit, you may be asked to filling out a detailed medical questionnaire which covers practically the entire period of the patient’s life, including the period of current ailments

– for the first visit it is necessary possession of an identity document (ID card, passport) or other document with a photo. It cannot be, for example, a school ID or a student card.

learn to describe your pain . How accurately you can tell your doctor what you tell him is of great importance. Therefore, the manner of conducting the conversation is extremely important.

– see our website and the website . There you will find a lot of very interesting information on how to go to the GP and how best to communicate with your specialist.

do not be shy – a large group of our patients struggle with intimate problems. It is natural that, apart from the fear of visiting, we also feel ashamed. We do not want to be judged by the fact that we gained a few kilos in winter, and we did not manage to lose them before the holidays. Doctors are used to being naked, they see more naked patients every day than women in commercials. They know what the human body looks like better than anyone else, which means they realize how much it differs from the pattern created by the media. Your body is only judged in terms of health and disease. In addition, it may also turn out that it will not be necessary to completely undress, and even if you do, the doctor should provide you with intimacy.

– do not search the Internet for a remedy for all evil – The Internet is not a doctor, giving him your symptoms will not give you a diagnosis. Headache can be a major symptom of a disease such as migraine or a non-diagnostic symptom of another disorder such as depression, but also a side effect of medications. Do not search the Internet for what your ailment may be a symptom of. Doctors take a long time to diagnose and treat disorders, so it is better to just trust them.

When you know what’s wrong with you and read about your illness on the internet, be critical of the information posted on it. Unfortunately, people sometimes share knowledge heard in the store and misunderstood. Your doctor is the best source of information about your disease. Of course, sometimes you will find useful information on the web, we hope that some of it is on our website. The point is that you should learn to use it wisely and not believe everything that people write about, because they may just be wrong, or their case is slightly different from yours, so everything is different for them.

The greatest advantage of Traditional Medical Systems over conventional medicine systems is a cheap, effective and safe method of diagnosis. A traditional medicine doctor spends a lot of time observing various aspects of the patient’s body, such as: eyes, ears, face, skin and sweating, and even the smell – all this means that the visit to a good therapist is not short. The therapist often combines the acquired knowledge of an internist, traditional medicine doctor and clinical practice in one medical visit. We are talking about certified specialists in traditional medicine and acupuncture, which many practice in the East, combining the knowledge of classical medicine with eastern medicine. Such a combination gives excellent results in the treatment, disease prevention and, most importantly, in the detection of foci of future diseases. As a preventive method, alternative medicine has the most to offer. It is always better to prevent than to cure.

What things does the doctor of traditional medicine pay attention to during the first visit?


– patient observation is the basis. The doctor pays attention to the eyes, skin, sweating, smell, ears, tongue, skin changes, etc. Often times, the therapist will ask you to undress to gain access to your spine, neck or abdomen. Women stay naturally in their underwear. A visit to a TCM specialist is never short and usually lasts about 60 minutes .


– a common method supporting diagnosis is pulse examination. It is an ancient skill of Eastern physicians to analyze by touch changes in the pulse on both wrists of a patient. Thanks to this method, a good natural medicine doctor is able to accurately indicate all diseases that the patient has undergone and predict those that may occur in the future.


diagnostic tests and medical history (conventional medicine research). A very useful feature of an integrated medicine doctor, which consists in combining the knowledge of academic medicine with traditional medicine. Activities that can actually help you with your specific condition are followed and recommended.


medications, supplements and herbs – in order to make a proper analysis of a given case, it is also necessary to carefully analyze the preparations taken so far. It is important to determine the patient’s condition without the so-called aids that may lie to the patient’s normal condition. All single and multi-seed herbal mixtures must be ordered after a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s health.


– every patient of our office who wants to support the treatment of their ailments with the help of acupuncture must be thoroughly examined in order to exclude all contraindications and plan the best treatment regimen for specific ailments. Even if the patient has specific diseases diagnosed with another doctor, it is not a guideline for us and a visit is required before starting acupuncture treatments in our office.


eyes – Iridology is the second important method supporting the correct diagnosis. Recently, it has returned to favor with the use of nuclear medicine. Many changes in internal organs are visible in the eye. A traditional doctor is able to read and analyze these schemas.

What treatment can the TCM doctor recommend at the first visit?


As we already know, the first visit is usually quite long and depends on the complexity of the disease. The basis of the therapy is to make an appropriate diagnosis and determine the course of action to achieve proper homeostasis in the body. On this basis, the therapist can:

– recommend specific manual therapy treatments (massage, acupressure or acupuncture)

– reduce or increase the intake of conventional medicine

– recommend taking specific herbal therapies

– the doctor may ask for additional tests to be performed to rule out or confirm the assumptions about a specific patient or patient’s case

– refer to another specialist doctor in order to carry out the treatment process in the best possible way (very often the patient is treated by a specialist who should not really take care of such a patient because he or she does not have sufficient knowledge in a given subject)

Treatment or support for the treatment of various ailments with the integrated method using the achievements of acupuncture is almost always surprising in its positive health effects on the human body. It is possible to treat a given ailment also to get rid of others that were associated with it and to improve the quality of life. In my work, I often had patients who experienced a significant improvement after 3 or 4 treatments and did not need any further. Acupuncture is characterized by the fact that when used together with other achievements of traditional and even classical medicine, it perfectly complements them and works in synergy, so that the doses of drugs normally used may be limited. Needle treatments work up to 6 months from the last series, and the effects are permanent. Based on thousands of years of observation and research, it is a very safe and reliable method with virtually no side effects. In the hands of an experienced doctor, it is a powerful weapon in the fight against disease, and for a healthy person a great alternative to maintaining health and natural immunity.

Professor of Clinical Medicine Enkhjargal Dovchin

Advantages of visiting an Eastern medicine doctor?

– the doctor will never tell the patient that he cannot help him by ordering him to, for example, symptomatic treatment of palliative medicine. Many medical faculties in China teach how a person can be helped even in the case of so-called “Patients with no prognosis for improvement”.

– a patient who comes to an Eastern medicine therapist will always be warmly welcomed. Encountering the treatment in question is not an option here.

– after diagnosis, specific traditional medicine procedures, e.g. acupuncture, are usually ordered. During this time, the patient is constantly monitored and his progress in treatment is analyzed. It is very important what we always pay attention to !!! The doctor who made the diagnosis is always the attending physician. Only then can we be sure that the therapist and the patient really mean the same thing – fighting the disease.

– probably the most important thing – the ability to combine the knowledge of conventional (academic) medicine with the knowledge of traditional medicine. Not all conventional doctors can do it, and their actions are mainly directed at “writing prescriptions bluntly”.

A true TCM traditional medicine doctor pays special attention to his patient. In Western medicine, doctors usually treat symptomatically if there is an ailment. Very often, chronic conditions are simply left to fend for themselves without any help whatsoever. In Chinese medicine, it is possible to treat even very complex disease outbreaks with the use of low-cost resources, and the effects of treatment are permanent. Very often, patients no longer have to take expensive drugs or their doses can be limited to the necessary minimum. In my work, I have repeatedly diagnosed diseases that the patient did not know about, and doctors with doctoral degrees did not see any more, they did not want to know. Sometimes I wonder how much we still have to learn to be able to help as we would like, and not as the academics of academic medicine tell us.

Professor of Clinical Medicine Enkhjargal Dovchin

– relationships with patients. Eastern medicine therapists know their patients very well. Very often they are friendships.

– treatment process – it is always set up so that the client never waits for admission. All visits are planned so that if you want to visit another visit, the waiting time is a maximum of 7-10 days, and in most cases even overnight. This way, you don’t have to wait months for admission.

– consulting medical recommendations during the treatment process. Each patient can consult their doctor by phone. This way, he can always inquire about matters that were not mentioned during the visit.

Recommendations after the first visit to Prof. Enji

– follow your doctor’s instructions

– the effects of acupuncture may be felt up to 3 months after the last series of treatments

– in the event of alarming symptoms, discontinue the therapy and contact the attending physician

– all changes that occur during the therapy should be recorded and described as precisely as possible during subsequent visits

What effects can be expected after a series of acupuncture treatments?

– practically no effects (sensations) are noticeable

– there may be effects of increased local sweating

– there may be increased or decreased blood pressure

– there may be effects of agitation or drowsiness of the body depending on what the acupuncture was done for

– there may be a slight local numbness, especially in the meridians of the hands and elbows

– there may be slight bruising and subcutaneous hematomas at the needle injection site (very rare)

Many excellent doctors of traditional medicine live and work in Europe and in Poland. Currently, you do not need to go to China, Mongolia or Japan to use their services. It is possible that in your area you will find the specialist you are looking for. The times when the knowledge of Traditional Medicine was knowledge passed down from father to son is history. Many excellent medical schools already educate doctors in medical faculties in such specialties as: clinical acupuncture, traditional medicine, herbal medicine, Eastern massage.

The country from which I come from Mongolia is one of the leaders where huge financial outlays and government support went to the promotion of natural medical systems.

Professor of Clinical Medicine Enkhjargal Dovchin

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The author of the materials is a high-class specialist, clinical professor, medical doctor - Mrs. Enkhjargal Dovchin (Prof. Enji). Editing and stylistic corrections: Team MT

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