Fire Cupping Therapy in Traditional Medicine as an adjunct to conventional and traditional healing methods taking into account the principles of TCM, TMM and Acupuncture Diagnosis with specific clinical examples.

Fire Cupping Therapy in Traditional Medicine as an adjunct to conventional and traditional healing methods taking into account the principles of TCM, TMM and Acupuncture Diagnosis with specific clinical examples

Specialist Uga “Fire Cupping Therapy in Traditional Medicine as an adjunct to conventional and traditional healing methods considering the principles of TCM, TMM and Acupuncture Diagnosis with specific clinical examples.”

In this article, I take into account the most current clinical research in Traditional China Medicine (TCM) on treating and supporting the treatment of various ailments and diseases using the well-known TCM method. „Traditional Fire Cupping”

Author: Uyanga Battsengel (Qualified Professional Acupuncture Specialist and TCM Therapist).
One of the best educated young adepts of Traditional Medicine in Poland.

Introduction and introduction to the Technique of Fire Cupping Treatment in TCM.

Only a dozen or so years ago in Poland, hardly anyone knew that the treatment of various ailments and diseases can be assisted with fire cupping. Grandmothers often used them to treat children as it was widely believed that they did not cause any side effects and were effective . Knowledge about their proper use has been passed down in European culture from generation to generation.

In the culture of Eastern nations, the history of traditional cupping goes back over 5,000 years and in 2019, as part of Traditional Medicine, it was recognized as scientific. It is no surprise to anyone in China, Korea, America, Scandinavian countries, Austria, and recently even in Poland that these methods are a great alternative to maintaining natural health for years. The Chinese believe that traditional Chinese cupping is a natural vaccine method and that they have autoimmune propertiesimproving the body’s immunity and self-healing .

Fire cupping have recently experienced a renaissance , as they are widely used by Hollywood stars and people representing a high level of education – doctors, professors, but also sports masters and screen stars. We can cite here the multiple Olympic champion Michael Phelps, the winner of 28 Olympic medals, including 23 gold, who throughout his career used the achievements of an acupuncture and fire bubble specialist. You can see a lot of photos of this athlete on the Internet. Michael pointed out that fire bubbles used by specialists give an advantage over the competition because they help in convalescence after training and injuries . The fire cupping allowed him to regenerate tired muscles faster and eliminate the resulting foci of inflammation and muscle pain, which he could not get rid of by using painkillers available at the pharmacy. He himself claimed that the side effects of using the drugs were felt more to him than the natural origin of the fire cupping treatment. Michael stated in 2016 that Chinese cupping and acupuncture allowed him to achieve all these successes , and without them half of his successes would not have been possible. Since then, an increasing number of Olympic athletes, boxers, athletes, tennis players began to use these methods. Another authority confirming the effectiveness of fire bubbles in sports was the American championship gymnast, Alex Naddour. The gymnast in his media interviews officially confirmed that TCM fire cupping used by certified specialists are something completely different than those put by grandma at home, and their effectiveness is unquestionable. The athlete recalled that thanks to the fire bubble treatments just before the Olympics, his body was regenerated and gave an advantage over the competition. Olympic swimmer, winner of 12 medals, mostly gold, Natalie Coughlin, and her fellow basketball player Stephen Curry, multiple winner of the NBA basketball league title, were subjected to a fire cupping treatment in the hope that it would give them an advantage over their sports rivals.

After these events, setting fire bubbles became very popular in Hollywood, and screen stars, singer actors and celebrities of all sorts appeared with the cupping marks as a kind of flashiness . With traces of fire cupping, among others, stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kaley Cuoco, Victoria Beckham and Justin Bieber have been seen. Bańki stały się też tematem rozmowy podczas talk-show Ellen DeGeneres, kiedy to Nicole Richie pokazała zdjęcie swego ojca, legendarnego piosenkarza Lionela Richie, zrobione podczas takiej kuracji.

Despite the fact that traditional TCM cupping therapy has been known for millennia, it owes its greatest fame to its dissemination by celebrities, athletes and Hollywood actors among whom it has become a very fashionable method, a sign of cultural openness, education, and most importantly an excellent and natural alternative in treatment various ailments and diseases. It also brought Westerners closer to the world of Traditional Medicine, wrongly equated with the so-called alternative medicine or natural medicine, the concepts of which have been distorted and distorted by the media of the “main sewage” . Especially in Poland, pseudo experts in pseudo media have repeatedly expressed negative opinions in public, although they did not even have basic education for this type of judgment. In our article ” How experts sell “, we have described exactly these mechanisms, including people who are responsible for this and no other state of affairs. But let’s go back to the fire cupping. After they gained fame and a well-established position in the Western world, scientists also began numerous clinical trials confirming their effectiveness. These studies and meta-analyzes have shown that in the hands of an appropriately educated TCM specialist , it is a very effective method with zero side effects, i.e. very safe. Depending on the application, cupping can eliminate pain and inflammation of joints and muscles, i.e. they are used in elimination of pains of various types, treating sports injuries, in internal diseases, gynecological problems and dermatological ailments not to mention the aesthetic advantages and improvement of blood circulation in tissues which affects their oxygenation, elasticity and beautiful appearance.

In this article I will try to introduce you to the advantages of a traditional fire cupping, show its operation, everyday use in sports injuries, treatment of pains in specific places on the body and treatment of various diseases often associated with acupuncture treatments, digestive system disorders, gynecological problems of women and men. , infections of various origins, respiratory problems and conditions after getting CoVid19, but also mental problems, stress and insomnia . I will also discuss different types of Chinese cups and traditional cups of other Traditional Medical Systems, focusing on their effectiveness and safety. After reading my article, you will see how much your knowledge about these methods is different, and how much you can take from it to treat yourself, your family, friends and children without the use of any chemicals and without the burden on the body associated with its use. Thanks to this method, you will stay healthy for years, and your health will thank you for it .

Fire Cupping and Hollywood Stars
Fire Cupping

What is Traditional Fire Cupping Therapy?

Traditional Fire Cupping is one of the therapeutic methods of Traditional Medicine, and in particular TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has been used successfully for over 3,000 years. Fire Bubble Therapy involves placing fire bubbles (mostly glass) on the body at specific locations to create negative pressure and negative suction force to produce the expected therapeutic and healing effect. The skin pulled inside the cupping stimulates circulation in its area, tissue is bloodied and oxygenated, as a result of which stagnation disappears from the body, general well-being improves, inflammation, pain, infections and even traces of snakes and insects bites are eliminated.

Fire Cupping Therapy is not always the same. Traditional Fire Cupping rely on their special placement on the patient’s body according to the theory of meridians and acupuncture points. Depending on the disease, the group of diseases, the doctor of traditional medicine will put the cups in different places. In the following days of therapy, which are performed with intervals of several days, the points are changed and the body’s reaction and skin reactions are monitored. The Fire Cupping Therapy is performed until a satisfactory reaction on the skin is obtained .

Traditional Fire Cupping

How does fire cupping therapy work and why is it worth using?

Fire Cupping Therapy is mainly done to:

  • Improve blood circulation and blood microcirculation (local circulation).
  • Fall asleep the pain in certain ailments.
  • Get rid of toxins from the body without the use of drugs.
  • Activate and strengthen the immune system on the basis of an auto-vaccine.
  • Eliminate blood stagnation in the vessels (especially in the case of CoVid19 infection).
  • Improve respiratory capacity, lung efficiency and help in distancing them.
  • Improve and improve muscles after injuries, strong workouts or traffic accidents.
  • Influence the formation of new tissues (granulation) and the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis).
  • Speed up the treatment of bronchitis, pneumonia, colds, upper respiratory tract inflammation and runny nose.
  • Treat flu and complications from influenza.
  • Heal sports injuries and overload syndromes.
  • Support the treatment of RA and osteoarthritis.
  • Support the treatment of pharyngitis and laryngitis. Recommended for children.
  • Support the treatment of all spine and joint pains, including neuralgia.
  • Improve lung function after asthma.

Sometimes, after the treatment with fire bubbles, visible black and red reddening (bruises) are left on the body, caused by significant expansion of the capillaries, often even visible in cracks in the skin. It is not a procedural error, but an important hint regarding the patient’s health condition and possible further treatment directions. Ruptures of these vessels cause internal and sometimes external bleeding, and are similar to autohemotherapy. The patient’s body draws new blood to the places where the old one has been sucked in. This is how the influence of fire cupping on stimulating the immune system, fighting disease and the so-called healing actions.

Traditional Fire Cupping

Traditional Fire Cupping in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Their Use in Contemporary Academic Medicine.

Our readers already know that Traditional Medicine and their child or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was recognized by the WHO in 2019 as equal to conventional medicine and has since become a science . It can be taught at medical universities in Europe and the degrees obtained, for example, in China must be recognized as equal to the titles of the corresponding medical positions of Medical Academies in the European Union.

WHO recognized the system of diagnosis and treatment in Chinese Medicine as scientific, but with completely different methods of treatment and disease vision. According to TCM, fire bubbles are supposed to influence and improve the flow of Qi energy and blood in the body. Qi in Chinese we can translate as “breath” sometimes as “air” or “gas”.” However, the best equivalent in Polish seems to me to be the term “life force”. The Chinese are very eager to conduct numerous research on this energy, but the technological advancement of diagnostic machines is too small to clearly answer the question of what exactly ” Qi ” is. A Chinese doctor, when asked what Qi energy is, will usually give inconsistent answers because everyone knows that energy exists, but nobody knows exactly what it is. What we do know is that the Qi energy has the ability to condense and materialize, so it also has purely material physical qualities. Naukowcy słusznie wiążą energię Qi z teorią względności Einsteina, która mówi E=mc2.

A good traditional medicine therapist can sense this energy through the so-called Pulse test in TCM (not to be confused with pressure test) and on this basis determine the condition of the body, what it lacks and what diseases can be expected in the future. It is an excellent diagnostic method that can be used as a diagnostic aid, and its advantage is that it does not require expensive diagnostic machines .

According to TCM, Qi is present in the body in a limited amount and is required for all vital functions. According to modern medicine, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules are responsible for providing energy to the metabolic functions of the body. In TMC, if qi and blood can circulate freely and unhindered, disease and pain will not arise . However, when the flow of qi and blood is slowed down or blocked, it causes disease, especially pain .

Academic medicine allows for the finding of a blockage of Qi and blood, explaining it with processes analogous to what happens in the body when we are physically injured. Mechanical damage often causes bleeding. To prevent this, the human body and the immune system send larger amounts of platelets, which contain clotting factors to prevent further bleeding by creating scar tissue at the site of the injury. If the trauma is severe, blood clots, scabs and stagnation are common, causing pain, where the perfect remedy is the fire bubble, which, according to the TCM, moves the Qi and the blood and soothes the pain. The negative pressure present in the fire bubble makes it easier for blood to be pushed into new regions and the flow of new one into the old one. Such methods are often called sliding or sliding fire bubbles.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, fire bubbles are designed to prevent pathogenic and pathogenic factors. There are six external pathogens in TCM: wind, cold, heat, damp, dry, and scorching heat. It is a term that also finds its equivalents in academic medicine, such as fever, sweating, cold or pain. Pathogenic factors in TCM can enter the body from the external environment. The most common factor in TCM causing disease in Europe is wind or the common cold in Western Medicine. Common colds enter the body as a result of heating or cooling the body through the pores in the body. The wind factor may transfer other factors while entering the body, or these factors may arise later in the body. During an attack by the pathogen of wind, the so-called invasions in Chinese medicine that produce effects similar to viral or bacterial infections well known in modern medicine.

Translating all this into Polish and as easily as possible for the recipient, we can use fire bubbles to suck out the pathogenic factor “wind”, i.e. colds in Western Medicine, through the chimney effect (negative pressure in the bubble). The pressure present in the bubble can suck new and oxygenated blood rich in white blood cells into the affected areas and thus contribute to faster regeneration or withdrawal of the disease according to the principle of eliminating invasion in TCM, i.e. getting rid of pathogens and activating the lymphatic system by using lymph to get rid of harmful microbes get out of the body. If we get rid of the cause of the disease, the disease will also have nothing to feed on and will disappear , and the body will gain a natural balance, i.e. homeostasis.

You have probably heard the well-worn phrase many times that Traditional Chinese Medicine heals not only the symptoms but the whole person. After hearing this statement, few people still believe it. But how is it really? Well, in Chinese Medicine, the diagnosis is never short and is based on careful observation of the patient, medical history, but also diagnostic methods which, as you know for thousands of years, have been unchanged and effective, and most importantly, do not require any medical equipment – only the knowledge and skills of the therapist, doctor . Disease in Chinese and Traditional Medicine, as well as in Academic Medicine, is caused by pathogens. When we get rid of them, the disease will also disappear. In TCM, pathogens like moisture usually enter the body from the outside and we call them pathogens. They are usually caused by weather, climate change, the workplace or a change in geographic (climate) location. A typical example of this is wet weather, which causes unpleasant pain in people with arthritis because the muscles tighten and contract against temperature. Skilful placing of fire bubbles can completely get rid of the pathogen of moisture / winter from the body because, as we have already shown, it can eliminate the cause, i.e. the emerging pathogen .

Placing the bubbles is supposed to bring the so-called defensive qi to the affected area of the body. This particular type of energy in the body protects it against pathogens. This is similar to how white blood cells work in modern medicine. Defensive qi stays close to the skin’s surface to protect the body from pathogens that try to invade from the outside. In modern medicine it has been found that white blood cells often circulate just below the skin as “patrols” against invading viruses and bacteria. So the cupping, sucking pathogens towards the skin, draws viruses or bacteria where there are white blood cells ready to attack. The latter are also responsible for the reduction of scar tissue or adhesions that often arise after injury and cause pain.

Cupping therapy can also help regulate organ functions. If he is weak, gently placing a cup on the skin above him helps to provide fresh blood, and with it

– nutrients, which helps to optimize its operation.

Sometimes the function of an internal organ may be blocked by pathogens that attack it. The cups will facilitate their removal from the body and help to restore normal functions.

Traditional TCM Bubbles
Traditional Fire Bubbles | Summary and Security

Traditional Fire Bubbles are a very effective method of dealing with various ailments and diseases in the most natural way, the task of which is to activate the immune system and create an automatic protective barrier in the body called an autovaccine.

An experienced TCM specialist uses, in particular, fire bubbles combined with other treatments such as acupuncture or herbal medicine.

Fire bubbles are the most effective method of all types of bubbles on the market. Other bubble-related methods include:

  • Aku-cupping, i.e. cupping with an acupuncture needle
  • Cut bubbles. Very rarely used in Europe due to health and safety regulations.
  • Bubble Quick or Instant Bubble
  • Sliding bubbles. They can also be Fire Bubbles.
  • Chewing Bubbles or Moxa Bubbles
  • Herbal bubbles
  • Water bubbles

Fire bubbles are a very safe therapy. An analysis of systematic clinical trials of this method based on 550 detailed publications in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical Science showed that in only one case there was an adverse reaction to surgery. Later it turned out that the patient did not report important information about his health before the examination, which could have influenced this result. To sum up, fire bubbles are a traditional treatment of traditional medicine, which is very safe in the hands of a qualified specialist. The methods of using fire bubbles described in the article are only a small part of the scope and spectrum where these therapies are applicable. Your doctor will definitely know how to use and when to use these methods.

Please also remember and be understanding to doctors of academic medicine, whom you will accidentally ask about one method or another. Most of the answers will be evasive or even dismissive. This is due to the doctor’s ignorance and lack of good manners as to the methods that have been and have been known for years. The reason why an academic medicine physician may criticize these methods is simply a lack of knowledge and adequate training in medical studies. In Poland, because no one deals with methods that cannot be patented and made their own in order to profit from it. The mechanisms of hypocrisy in medicine are perfectly illustrated by our article: ” What is Big Pharma Afraid of ” or ” What is Codex Alimentarius “.

Traditional Fire Bubbles | Side effects

It would seem that the fire bubbles are completely safe. This is also the case with completely healthy people, but what if a sick person who really needs help comes to the office? Then it is advisable to use the help of professionals and traditional medicine doctors. These specialists know exactly what treatment methods to use, what acupuncture points to use and how to plan the entire procedure so that the patient gets the greatest possible benefit from it.

Here I would like to introduce you to a few side effects that cannot be called treatment errors. These are quite common and shouldn’t be worried about too much.

Every traditional medicine therapist wants to offer his patient the best help. Often, we start fire cupping treatments with the lowest possible pressure to tame the patient during the first treatment with this type of therapy. The specialist observes the patient during the cupping procedure, he pays particular attention to the skin and reactions after removing the bubbles. It should be mentioned here that the occurrence of purple reactions, i.e. a specific type of bruising, is the most desirable therapeutic effect, as it indicates the removal of toxins towards the skin, where, as we know, there are larger amounts of white blood cells eliminating toxins from the body and cleansing the blood. The desired effect after the cupping treatment is also a bruise in red and its various shades. If the bubbles are left sucked on the body for too long, they can develop dark-purple and dark-black reactions, or even black. This is not a desired effect and indicates that the bubbles have been left on the body for too long. In this case, remove the bubbles and follow the TCM rules. Bubble marks, like bruises, can be painful, and if left for too long, they can cause a short-term negative reflex related to the touch of these places. Often, when a TCM specialist notices such reactions forming on the skin, he will remove the bubble and apply the palm to this place to massage the area and cause its stimulation. This procedure virtually 100% eliminates the occurrence of any surgical complications. It should be added here that the therapist – a traditional medicine doctor during the treatment with a fire bubble should supervise his patient at least once, preferably twice, during the entire procedure. It is a good habit to ask about 5 minutes after starting the therapy if everything is fine and if the patient experiences any negative feelings related to the procedure. A specialist doctor should also see what the situation with the bubbles on the body looks like and whether the bruises mentioned above are not formed. In people with circulatory problems, separate procedures must be applied, and in such cases the therapist should watch over the patient during the entire treatment with a fire bubble. In other cases, periodic supervision should be more than enough.

One of the undesirable effects is the occurrence of blisters with fluid on the skin, usually caused by a too long treatment time or the patient’s individual predispositions to the procedure. This is obviously the biggest mistake of the fire bubble treatment, but we cannot avoid it completely. Each patient reacts to treatments individually and therefore each treatment is different, and the post-treatment reactions can be completely different in the case of two similar patients. Each set of reactions testifies to the general condition of the organism and points to the shortcomings of internal organs in the body.

Blisters with liquid, if any, should be punctured with an acupuncture needle, disinfected additionally with ethyl alcohol, min. 70 percent. Small bubbles are not a problem and the therapist will leave them behind. They will absorb themselves over time and leave no traces behind. Large blisters, which occurred in exceptional cases, must be covered with gauze after disinfecting them. In such cases, follow the health and safety rules provided for in such situations. You may also need to see your GP to see if the wound is healing properly. The situation described above should not happen, but it also cannot be avoided in medical work.

Another side effect that may occur during bubble therapy is the patient’s fainting. This is for several reasons. One of them is fatigue. The patient should not come to the procedure under great stress and fatigue. Subjecting to a fire bubble treatment and temporary fainting of the patient may be caused by excessive body exhaustion, lack of sleep or excessive stress, haste, etc. As a rule, fainting is temporary, in which case the TCM specialist should remove the cup as soon as possible, place the patient in the supine position with the legs under the roller, cover him with a warm blanket and offer a warm drink, juice or a light snack containing sugar. Fire bubbles have a pressure-lowering effect, so people with low pressure may react differently to these treatments, including temporary fainting. This especially applies to professional athletes and people who are above average athletic. Often, to gain an advantage over the competition, they use fire bubbles to regenerate the body faster, but not more often than twice a week. With such people, fire cupping treatments must be planned individually, and preferably at the end of the training day, where the patient goes home and goes to sleep immediately after the treatment. Athletes should use the fire bubble treatment at least one hour after the end of training, when the body is relatively rested with no signs of training stress.

In my office , I pay special attention to the proper diagnosis of each patient, so every person who wants to take advantage of any treatments with me must first report to the First Appointment in order to complete all formalities and assess the health condition . Only then will I be sure what treatments I can offer to my patients and where I can best help you. It is not possible to use any services without this required formality.

If a person who is clearly stressed and afraid of the procedure comes to our office, this therapy should not be undertaken, as it may increase the risk of fainting. A patient who is excessively stressed may have pressure fluctuations, so it is worth waiting for the right moment to perform such a procedure. The visit can always be postponed to a more convenient date.

Traditional TCM Fire Bubbles

Traditional Fire Bubbles | Feelings During Treatments

Feelings during the treatments of all patients are very similar. Generally, the patient should not feel any pain when the cups are placed on the body. Pain may occur and be felt if the patient came under stress, after strenuous exercise, and did not inform his doctor about this fact. Bubbles left on the body, placed on tense muscles, can cause pain in this case. The patient should inform his therapist about this fact, and the specialist should reduce the pressure in the canister by letting more air inside. This can be done in two ways: by pressing a finger against the skin within the bubble or by removing it and putting it back up (recommended).

The fire bubbles should be placed so that the pain is bearable by the patient. The pain cannot be very great. Sometimes it’s a matter of how the person undergoing the treatment feels. The therapist should listen to what the patient says and adjust the suction in the cup to the individual needs of each person.

The exception here is the use of sliding fire bubbles, i.e. bubbles, which we place on the body in the same way as fire bubbles with the small exception that later we move them without tearing them over the body at short distances. These are the bubbles that can cause the greatest pain and are not recommended for people using treatments for the first time. Ask your therapist about these types of services and where they apply. Remember, however, that these are very advanced methods with a greater number of indications but also an increased number of contraindications and definitely the strongest impact on the body. The pain caused by using sliding fire bubbles can be compared to the sensations of gua-sha treatments. Some people like them and cannot live without them, while for others they are unbearable pains.

Relieving pain in sliding cupping treatments can only be done by adding more olive oil in the cup’s way, but this can also only slightly reduce these feelings.

You cannot undergo a fire bubble treatment when using auxiliary agents such as energy, sports nutrition or preparations acting on the central nervous system. People with mental and physical disorders should use these methods with the consent and approval of the attending physician. In our office, no one will agree to admit such a patient without the relevant certificates.

Acupuncture points at the TCM fire bubble selected points

Traditional Fire Bubbles | Contraindications and Health and Safety Rules for the Cabinet

In our office of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, we only accept treatments after the First Visit . There are no treatments or admissions without a preliminary consultation . The best way to prepare for the First Visit in our office can be found at the link: First Visit to a TCM doctor .

Fire Bubbles is the most effective method of assistance among all types of bubbles available in our offer. That is why we pay special attention to fragile and weakened patients. Such people are most often in the group at risk of fainting or loss of consciousness. In such people, the cupping should be made as gently as possible, using the lowest internal pressure. In the case of sliding fire bubbles, it is recommended to either abandon these methods or use gentler shifts on a smaller surface with a large amount of lubricant. The treatment of chronically debilitated people should last up to 5 minutes .

Pregnant women can undergo a fire bubble treatment, but the patient must inform their doctor before the procedure. Women up to the third month of pregnancy, provided they are not at risk of pregnancy, use these methods to relieve pain, with the fact that cupping on the stomach, in the middle and lower back, and not on the cross, is avoided. Advanced pregnancy is a contraindication to cupping on some acupuncture points. If the therapist has doubts about the safety and indications for cupping treatment, a pregnant woman will refuse such a procedure.

Pregnant women during their period should arrange cupping treatments for a later date when symptoms will no longer occur. The use of cupping cups for pregnant women extends the period, causes bleeding and causes significant exhaustion of the body.

Fire Bubbles should not be placed in specific places and situations:

  • On major arteries or places where you can feel a pulse;
  • In places of inflammation with swelling;
  • On deeper skin scratches, breaks in the continuity of the skin, shallow and deep cuts, after cosmetic procedures and facelifts, after cosmetic acupuncture and guasha treatments (doctor decides), on places of sunburn and unnatural skin lesions, on places of skin and body deformation, on bite sites animals;
  • In places where there is a small amount of skin, muscles such as knees or elbows;
  • On blood clots and deep vein thrombosis;
  • At fractures, sprains and fractures of the bones;
  • On the sites of cancerous tumors, fibromas, cysts or other unnatural tumors;
  • In people with elevated body temperature, low-grade fever or high fever;
  • In people who experience seizures and sudden unconditional muscle contractions on a psychological basis;
  • On the nipples and body openings such as mouth, nose, ears, anus, uterus.
  • In mentally ill people and personality disorders or under the influence of drugs acting on the central nervous system;
  • In people with unregulated blood pressure problem;
  • In young children under 3 years of age. In our office, the youngest patient is 7 years old, and there is no upper age limit.

The staff of our office are specialists with extensive experience in clinical work, i.e. professional practice in various diseases and conditions. We take occupational health and safety very seriously and on our website you can read what rules apply in our office. Each patient is obliged and signs the REGULATIONS OF THE CABINET and is obliged to comply with its rules, taking into account all its changes over time .

In the case of fire bubbles, our employees pay special attention to the way each treatment is carried out. We use self-extinguishing cards. We use alcohol very rarely. Sticky notes have the advantage over alcohol in that there is practically no danger of burns by the therapist or the patient by mistake. There is no risk of seizing hair or clothing, as the flame is placed directly in the bulb before it is transferred over the patient’s body. Ultimately, the card is designed in such a way that it goes out by itself after it is removed from the bubble.

In our clinic, we do not use cut cupping treatments where, unlike other types of cupping, the skin barrier breaks through .

After each use, the Fire Bubbles are washed with soap and water and disinfected with the device and UVC rays. Additionally, each bulb is rinsed with an ethyl alcohol solution> 70%. At the end of each day, the bubbles are left in a 1:25 mixture of bleach and water. This is to refresh the exterior of the fire bubbles.

TCM Fire Bubbles

Traditional Fire Bubbles | Recommended Procedures

Zabiegi bańką ogniową dobrze jak zaplanujemy sobie tak, aby w danym dniu była to jedna z ostatnich rzeczy jaką będziemy robić. Najlepiej jak po zabiegu od razu pojedziemy do domu położyć się spać. Nie jest zalecane wykonywanie ciężkich prac po takich terapiach, a tym bardziej wszelkie czynności które mogą wyziębić organizm typu: jazda na nartach, bieganie na powietrzu czy zakupy w sklepie na dziale z mrożonkami 😊. Takimi działaniami możemy sobie tyko zaszkodzić, a nie pomóc.

W naszym gabinecie mamy wypracowane procedury korzystania z baniek ogniowych. Zalecane procedury, które możemy zaproponować naszym pacjentom jeżeli zabiegi bańką ogniową są wskazane to wykonywanie jej jako uzupełnienie do akupunktury. W takim przypadku zalecamy stosowanie baniek co drugi dzień lub jeżeli zabieg bańkami ma występować jako samodzielna terapia raz w tygodniu.

Przy zabiegach akupunktury bańkę ogniową możemy wykonać przykładowo w poniedziałek, środę lub piątek co będzie najlepszą opcją.

Profilaktycznie zabiegi bańką ogniową można wykonywać raz w tygodniu lub raz na dwa tygodnie lub zgodnie z zapotrzebowaniem (nagłe przeziębienie czy osłabienie organizmu).

Zabiegi bańką ogniową wykonujemy zawsze na zakończenie innych terapii. Jeżeli korzystaliśmy z akupunktury wcześniej zabieg bańką ogniową wykonujemy zawsze na koniec, chyba, że lekarz zalecił inaczej.

Prosimy pamiętać, że po zabiegach bańką ogniową ważnym jest nie oziębianie organizmu i unikanie przeciągów. Dlatego po zabiegu dobrze się ubierz, aby uniknąć zawiania. Chroń szczególnie szyję, klatkę piersiową, gardło, plecy. Jeżeli masz możliwość, aby ktoś przywiózł cię na zabiegi i odwoził – dobrze skorzystać z tej pomocy.

Serdecznie zapraszamy na zabiegi bańką ogniową.

Traditional Fire Bubbles | Basic Use in Clinical Treatment

Treatment of popular ailments with the cupping method in accordance with the principles of TCM:

Frozen shoulder: Binao LI-14, Jianyu LI-15, Jugu LI-16, Jianjing GB-21.
Knees: For Xiyan (Extra), Liangqiu ST-34 sore and swollen knees.
Digestive ailments: Zhongwan REN-12, Zhangmen LIV-13, Weishu BL-21. In case of damp heat and Qi stagnation, use the same points, but use the Weishu BL-21 sliding method until bruising appears.
Impaired digestion (Spleen-Qi Xu): Riyue GB-24, Zhangmen LIV-13, Zhongwan REN-12 and Pishu BL-20.
Lower back pain: Mingmen DU-4, Shenshu BL-23, Guanyuanshu BL-26, Pangguangshu BL-28, and Zhishi BL-52.
Headache from hypertension and excess yang: Dazhui DU-14 and Jianjing GB-21.
Asthma: Dingchuan (extra – 0.5 to 1 cun lateral to Dazhui DU-14) and Feishu BL-13.
Rheumatic and arthritic diseases: Use local points and Dashu BL-11 (bone influence point).
Kidney Qi Xu: Jingmen GB-25, Mingmen DU-4 and Shenshu BL-23.
Hot Syndromes: All types of boils, furuncles, eczema and psoriasis: Dazhui DU-14 and Geshu BL-17 (Blood Impact Point). The agitation method can also be used along the entire length of the Back-Shu points until heat appears on the surface, as indicated by the appearance of bruises.
Hiccup: Strong method on Geshu BL-17 and Jueyinshu BL-14.
Menstrual disorders: Zhangmen LIV-13, Riyue GB-24, Dahe KID-12, Mingmen DU-4 and Guanyuanshu BL-26.
Bedwetting: Mingmen DU-4, Shenshu BL-23 and Pangguangshu BL-28. As mentioned before, bedwetting is considered to be an energy deficiency in the lower back (Kidney energy). This condition is very common if children are frightened or experience any kind of shock that drains their kidney energy.

The examples given above are for scientific purposes only. Our team is not responsible for the misuse of this information. Please remember that advanced methods of using Chinese bubbles, as well as the inability of untrained people to imitate certain patterns, are associated with a high risk to health. Remember to always use the services of specialists with clinical experience in the treatment of given ailments.


Don’t let your body be poisoned, don’t make yourself drug addicts .

Trust nature, it she ensured the survival of our species and offers us all the ingredients necessary for life and health.

You just have to reach for them, extract them from the crowd of “poisons of modern pharmacy”. Natural medicine heals diseases from time immemorial, effectively and without side effects .

That is why we want to emphasize these wonderful, miraculous power of nature and herbs. Give up pharmacology and trust nature .

what pharmacy is afraid of
what pharmacy is afraid of

Ebook: “Acupuncture and Life”

The professor introduces the secrets of acupuncture in his books, which you can download for free in the form of e-books on this page:
The book is an attempt to engage in a polemic with people who considered the methods of traditional medicine to be insufficiently scientific and medieval. As it turned out later, the World Health Organization approved the achievements of “Traditional Medicine” and recognized these methods as scientific.

Ebook: “In Four Eyes with Far East Natural Medicine”

Richly illustrated, written on the basis of many years of experience, it will bring you the secrets of knowledge known in Tibet for centuries.
The first book by Professor Enji, which in the most famous way possible was to translate difficult concepts related to Traditional Medicine and constitute a bridge between classical and eastern medicine.




Scientific article on the impact of acupuncture on the treatment of allergic rhinitis and associated ailments.


Analgesic methods in acupuncture treatment and explaining the pattern of influences and stimuli on the human body.
faq first visit


The article how to best prepare for a visit to a traditional medicine doctor to get the most out of it.



A very individual aging process for women, which, however, can be eliminated with the help of acupuncture.

pediatric acupuncture children's acupuncture


Acupuncture helps in treating children and various childhood diseases, including ADHD. Supports concentration and oxygenation of the brain.

the safety of acupuncture or acupuncture is safe


The largest group of cumulative clinical trials on the safety of acupuncture and traditional medicine.

The author of the materials is a high-class specialist, clinical professor, medical doctor - Mrs. Enkhjargal Dovchin (Prof. Enji). Editing and stylistic corrections: Team MT

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