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What is Moxa?

At first glance, the moksa looks a bit like a large cigar, but it doesn’t smoke like cigarettes. Moksa occurs under many names, such as Chinese wormwood, cauterization or toasts (translations from Chinese). Moxa or moxa treatments are often called moxotherapy and it is a treatment that supports acupuncture, but it can also occur independently. A moxa cigar consists of several to a dozen herbs depending on the ailments it is used for. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, moxa is often treated on a par with acupuncture. The composition of herbs that make up a moxing cigar has been shrouded in mystery for millennia and passed on in a small group of supporters from father to son. Only the author of the book “Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion “broke away and introduced the Europeans to these safe and effective methods, for which he was also quite regretfully punished by the Chinese government for revealing medical secrets of Chinese doctors.

In what diseases is moxotherapy used?

It should be noted that there is no danger for the patient with the moxa treatment, whether it occurs alone or in combination with acupuncture – it is a very safe and pleasant service. The range of ailments and diseases that we can treat or support treatment should be divided into two groups:

1) Interaction with respect to the understanding of TCM , where moxa generally works to improve the health condition of the whole body and its return to its natural balance or homeostasis by: a) improving circulation and stabilizing the flow of Qi life energy in the meridians (energy channels). b) compensating for the shortage (lack) of Qi energy. c) by transferring them from places where there is too much of it or by adding them from energy points, d) increasing the defense forces of the central immune system. e) by increasing the phagocytes (white blood cells) and increasing the activity of antibodies and immunoglobulins f) interactions that affect the regeneration of tissues at the cellular level, which analogously affects their rejuvenation g) effects that extend the life cycle (studies carried out in Japan, where people who regularly use moxa treatment had increased body immunity, were sick less often and lived longer.

2) Interactions on the understanding of Westerners , where studies have shown an increase in the number of white blood cells, and with regular use moxa their maintenance or even doubling. Research by independent scientists in Switzerland has shown that: a) moxotherapy has anti-inflammatory properties , reducing the body’s susceptibility to infections by increasing the body’s ability to produce antibodies, b) moxa has local and general anesthetic properties improving the blood clotting abilities in the vessels c) moxotherapy also affects By increasing the amount of red blood cells , it increases the level of glucose in the blood and widens the lumen of the blood vessels, making the patient less susceptible to heart attacks and problems in the peripheral system.

When is moxa not performed?

The main contraindications for making moxa are: any low-grade fever and high temperature above 38 degrees, acute inflammation, fresh injuries, paralysis of the limbs, as well as varicose veins, ulcers and severe skin lesions in the areas of planned treatments. We will not do moxing to people with established blood pressure (the doctor decides) and patients with transplants (the doctor decides). Menstruating women are advised to postpone the procedures.

How long does a single moxa treatment take?

Depending on whether it is a moxa for acupuncture treatment or separately, it usually takes 5-10 minutes. Longer treatments are not required because exposure to the smell of moxa can be irritating to the body.

How many moxa treatments are required to treat common medical conditions?

As a rule, 5-15 treatments are performed depending on the needs. One moxing cigar is enough for the entire treatment of a given patient.

Can children undergo a moxing treatment?

Yes, but these are mainly treatments for elderly patients. The effect of moxa on children may be too strong and irritating to the skin of a young patient.

Could moxa have side effects?

Sometimes local skin irritation is observed at the moxa site. In Chinese Medicine, all such reactions are associated with the positive effects of moxa on the body.

What is the best way to prepare for a moxa treatment?

Make the moxa in a well-ventilated room, and after the treatment, the room must be aired. Special preparations are not required. It is not recommended to apply moxa to skin recently covered with beauty foundations or any type of creams that may block the skin’s natural breathing.

What does moxa smell like?

Depending on the type, the smells are different. However, they are not unpleasant to humans.

Can I prepare a moxa myself?

However, getting all the ingredients for specific ailments in Poland can be a miracle. There are many companies that offer good quality moxes at reasonable prices.

Can you get a moxa?

If the procedure is performed by a specialist, then no. Our moxing cigars are designed in such a way that even in direct contact with the skin they do not have such a temperature as to cause burns.

Can I perform the moxa treatment myself at home?

After a short instruction it is possible and even recommended.

The office smells like herbs. What is it?

Most likely, it’s the smell of moxa after acupuncture treatment. These are normal odors in acupuncture rooms.

I read that moxa can irritate the skin?

Yes. It happens extremely rarely, but such symptoms are a picture of the pathology that our body shows us. In this case, a good specialist in traditional medicine will order specific control tests to rule out or confirm the assumptions.

Are there moxes that only emit heat?

This is the case, however, in China, there is now a tendency to move away from these types of moks in favor of special lamps for heating the skin that do not produce unnecessary smoke, but only heat to heat specific surfaces of the body.

Can I use the moxa treatment if I have a cold?

In some disease states, moxa treatments can be used. If it is a typical immune-related cold, we would recommend that you recover first and then undergo moxing treatments.

Can moxa treatments be performed all year round without restrictions?

We use moxa with excess energy. We never recommend using these methods when you are deficient. The patient’s condition is best determined by traditional pulse testing. You can use blood tests if you have bedridden patients, where every step should be checked twice.

Is moxa applicable to sports?

It is a method that is very often used by athletes, professional athletes and people training martial arts. It allows you to better cope with the pain caused by long-term and overloading training and affects the process of faster regeneration. In the movies, we sometimes see martial arts masters rubbing their hands with special moxa vapors. So it is not only a spectacular activity, but has its application deeply rooted in the TCM theory. Top champion boxers regularly use moxa as a restorative treatment.

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