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Massage during the COVID19 pandemic

Due to the safety of our employees and the safety of our patients, all body work procedures, in particular massage, classic massage, sunrise massage and therapeutic massage have been canceled. We will return to providing these services as soon as the epidemiological situation changes. We are waiting for the official position of the Ministry of Health.

Can I sign up for a massage during a pandemic?

During the COVID19 pandemic, only Gua Sha treatments are possible. All massages are canceled and will not be provided until the official MZ service .

What is Massage?

It is a set of movements exerting pressure on the tissues and it consists in the masseur using certain movements at a certain pace and with the appropriate force according to the course of muscles, tissues, blood and lymph vessels, from their circumference to the heart.

How long does it take to massage to achieve a specific therapeutic goal?

One massage may bring relief to a given ailment, but it will not solve the problem. In order for the therapeutic effect to remain permanent, from a few to a dozen or so treatments with 2-5 day intervals are required.

How do you know a good masseur or masseuse?

A good masseur is a person who massages overnight, not only on holidays. It is a kind of craftsman that improves his workshop every day. It is not enough to have a lot of dubious quality diplomas on the wall – you must have the heart and experience in one of the toughest professions in the world.

Can a woman work well in classic massage?

In our opinion, no. Classic massage requires a lot of physical strength and condition. While women have the latter, the power of massage when massaging, for example, men, is visible at the beginning of massaging and weakens very quickly, which is why we think that these types of massages are intended for men. There are, however, other massages where women find themselves better, e.g. Thai massage, Thai foot massage.

Can a sports massage be done before the start?

Everything depends on the sports discipline and whether we are dealing with an amateur or a professional athlete. The habits of a given athlete are also important, because if the therapist wants to improve the result of his ward by giving him a tiring massage just before the start, it is unlikely to bring success in sports. It is reasonable, however, when planning such massages, the sports results are much higher.

How much should a good massage cost?

A very good question! A good masseur would ask what you want to achieve. Why? Because the masseur strives to achieve a specific therapeutic goal. He knows more or less in advance what he has to do and how much effort it will take. There are many miracle worker specialists, but their fame is usually short-lived as is the long-term effects of their actions. However, referring to the question and comparing the costs of similar treatments in the European Union and making everything dependent on the type of massage and its complexity, for example, a classic massage should not be cheaper than PLN 120-200 for 45 minutes. Of course, we are talking about a well-performed massage, not just a dismissed one. We would like to point out here that on numerous group shopping portals you can find a massage for PLN 39 for 60 minutes, and when you buy 3 coupons, the massage is free. So if you are wondering about the price, and not about your own health, we encourage you to take advantage of the offer of these “masseurs”.

I'm after the accident. How many massage treatments do I need to do to get better?

It all depends on the degree of damage to the body. Patients in our office who want to take advantage of massage treatments, and who have suffered accidents or other disasters, undergo a medical interview conducted by our doctor before the massage. He analyzes the health condition as well as medical documentation and x-rays of the client, and then directs him to specific treatments. Returning to your question – with minor injuries it is usually from 5 to 20 massages in a series, and with serious health impairments, their number may even reach several dozen.

What is the best way to prepare for a massage?

The patient should be clean. It is best to take a shower before the planned massage. Do not lubricate the body with emulsions or moisturizing creams. Clothing should be light, ensuring high mobility of the limbs. If required, the masseur will ask you to remove a specific piece of clothing and then cover the place with a towel. Before the procedure, the masseur should always inform the person about the possible exposure of specific parts of the body and whether the patient does not mind.

How to proceed after the massage?

After the massage, put on warm clothes because the body will cool down quickly. Warm clothes after the treatments are especially important in winter. If a lot of oil was used during the massage and the patient feels some discomfort with it, it is worth taking a shower. Olive has it that with many treatments it can cause allergies, so leaving it on the skin for longer is not advisable.

Can I do a massage myself?

Yes. Such massages are called auto massages. However, they are not a substitute for a normal specialist body work procedure.

Can I feel pain in my limbs after the massage?

After visiting a good masseur, such pains are completely normal. You can ask for less strength during the next massage. The masseur, however, should feel what force he can use in order not to damage the patient.

Is it possible to damage the patient during the massage?

It shouldn’t happen, but it is possible. Such situations happen even to masseurs with extensive experience. This is due to poor assessment of the patient’s endurance for a given procedure. Sometimes it may be because the person conceals their ailments or does not know about their true health, e.g. bone decalcification.

What are the advantages of a good Eastern medicine therapist?

A masseur or a good body work therapist constantly improves their qualifications. In Poland, he can attend specialized courses and training. The level of these courses is sufficient to achieve average massage skills. A therapist who wants something more from his profession must look for a teacher who is extremely difficult in Poland. A good Eastern massage masseur will combine all massages into one proprietary program using the most beneficial techniques of body work therapy in specific diseases. Chiropractic is well known to therapists from the East.

Do Eastern medicine masseurs also deal with the rehabilitation of people after accidents?

No. Rehabilitation after accidents is the domain of rehabilitators, i.e. a special group of bodywork therapists specialized in the treatment of specific ailments. Eastern masseurs can help in the post-rehabilitation period to improve the limbs for further work.

Are there any contraindications to massage?

There are many of them and it also depends on the type of massage we want to use. It is best if we ask the therapist directly, stating your purpose of the visit and the ailments for which we want to get help.

I have had multiple bone fractures. How many massages would you recommend doing?

It all depends on when the accident happened, whether you are in the post-rehabilitation period and how much time and money you can spend on treatment. In general, we would recommend regular leg massages from day to day, about 30 minutes a day (sick leg) for a period of 30 days (free weekends – swimming pool, light walks, bicycle). You can also ask a family member to help you during this time. The therapist can show you many techniques and it does not require some kind of knowledge.

Which relaxing massage to choose?

We recommend an ordinary classic massage. You will find there a lot of relaxation movements from stroking, rubbing, kneading, pulling through patting and others. Please mention to the masseur that you want a purely relaxing massage. He will select the appropriate strength and movements to meet the client’s expectations.

What is the difference between Eastern massage and classic massage?

Eastern massage is typically therapeutic, and classic massage is typically relaxing. In the Eastern massage you will find a lot of acupressure pressure, which can be painful, chiropractic techniques or joint stretching. Eastern massage is supposed to give the patient relief after, not as in the case of classic massage during the treatment.

How long does eastern massage take?

Massages should generally be long, i.e. over 60 minutes. This is due to the obligation to prepare the body well for the procedure, and it never comes easily or quickly. It is important that the tissues are well warmed up and only then can you proceed to the proper movements aimed at a specific therapeutic effect.

Can you massage a man well in an hour?

There are no such miracle workers. To do this well, a full body massage should last about 3.5 hours. We strongly advise against using the services of masseurs who promise to massage the entire body in one hour. Such a massage can only be treated with a grain of salt. You can actually massage two or maximum three parts of your body in an hour. By body part we mean, for example, the back, hand, leg, stomach, head, feet, but large parts of the body are massaged for at least 30-40 minutes.

What do you think about duo massages?

Massage by two masseurs at the same time. It is often used in sports massages where the massage is short but very intense. This is to heat the tissues very quickly and get rid of the so-called. muscle sourdoughs. During this time, two masseurs massage together – one takes care of one leg and the other one. The massage usually takes up to 20 minutes.

What massages are used at your clinic?

We have a full range of massages from relaxing to healing. For some time now, we have focused only on the eastern massages, which in our opinion contribute the most to the treatment of patients. We assume that you can go anywhere for a relaxing massage, and typically therapeutic massages are the crowning achievement of the masseur’s profession – and we also offer it.

Can therapeutic massage help in post-accident recovery?

Yes and no. The most important thing is the correct post-accident diagnosis and the prescribing recommendations for recovery by the attending physician. Unfortunately, Polish hospitals do not tell patients in black and white what to do to be healthy again. Very often they send people home without any recommendations except to rest and report to the Health Care Center after a certain time. This is where the care in the state “health service” really ends. We personally encourage you to broaden your knowledge of therapeutic massages and their impact on health. You can use these methods as a faster source of recovery. Unfortunately, these are quite expensive things. Exemplary treatment can cost even 3-5 thousand a month, and we are talking only about body work therapies.

Do I have to prepare for the procedure in any way?

It is worth taking a warm shower before the procedure Before the massage, the body was clean and the muscles were warm. We should not use any olives or lotions, because they can make it difficult to reach the receptors on the skin. For complete relaxation, we recommend mute or turn off your mobile phone for the duration of the treatment.

Who can benefit from a massage treatment?

Due to the very large variety of massage techniques everyone, regardless of gender and age, can undergo the procedure. It is a great way to relax tired muscles, strengthen the spine, firm cells and get rid of fat tissue.

I am allergic, can I, like others, undergo the procedure, or do I have to prepare myself in some special way?

If you have sensitive skin, inform the masseur about this fact before the treatment, he will then use special olives and a cream for sensitive skin. There are no contraindications for people with sensitive skin not to use this treatment.

In the office of prof. Dovchin you can take advantage of erotic massage?

Office does not provide this type of service , we only offer therapeutic and health massage.

I have a very hairy chest, will the stubble be an obstacle during the procedure, or will I have to remove it?

It is absolutely not necessary hair is not an obstacle in performing a massage treatment. The facial hair should not be removed before the massage, unless the patient himself wishes to do so.

Apparently, bruises may appear all over the body after the procedure, is it true or is the procedure so painful?

True, sometimes the muscle stimulation and pressure are stronger to increase the effectiveness of the massage. Therefore, they can occur on the body small bruises but they are not threatening and after two days they disappear on their own. Massage does not bring pain, the specialist selects the pressure so that the treatment only enhances pleasant sensations, absolutely nothing is done “by force”.

How to dress for a massage treatment?

In this matter, the decision is entirely yours, choosing the clothes you will be wearing when you go for the treatment comfortably. We recommend wearing a sports dress, a loose T-shirt and, for example, tracksuits. Already in the office, before the massage itself, we recommend staying in only underwear, because the massage is performed on the naked body. Most often, the patient lies on a special bed in a comfortable, relaxed position.

I have numerous birthmarks on my body, will I be able to benefit from the treatment?

Yes, you will simply be massaged more gently, the masseur will protect sensitive areas on the body.

Acupressure is said to be very effective, is that true?

Yes because many of the nerve endings in our body are located on the feet. By massaging them, we stimulate almost all internal organs to work, thanks to which the regenerative systems of the body can function more efficiently.

Can several-year-old children undergo massage treatments?

Yes, there are no contraindications for children to not be able to use the massage. The doctor will select the appropriate pressure technique according to the patient’s age.

How often can I get massage treatments?

The most optimal frequency of therapy is approx 2 treatments a week. Such a series of at least 10 treatments gives the best results. Of course, the number and technique of treatments depends on the type of disease.

What does a single massage treatment look like?

Mostly the massage lasts from 30 to 50 minutes. The patient lies down on a special couch or remains in a semi-sitting position, relaxing music plays in the background and the scent of aromatic oils rises. During the massage, you can talk to the therapist, or turn off and relax.

Can I get massage while pregnant?

Yes, but you should inform the masseur about pregnancy, because there are places that cannot be massaged in this state, such as receptors of the pituitary gland, uterus or ovaries.

Why is it worth using a massage treatment?

Massage is mainly for prophylaxis and diagnostics. A professional therapist is able to use personal contact with the patient to diagnose many problems, e.g. skin problems, muscle tension etc. Each of us is aware of the importance of prophylaxis, an early diagnosis is easier to treat and usually, in any case, it can be cured in 100%. In addition, massage it perfectly soothes pain, muscle tension, soreness and joint pain etc. The patient feels not only muscular but also mental relaxation. The treatments eliminate posture defects and any abnormalities that may result in any kind of pain in muscles, bones, nerves or internal organs. Massage effectively removes the effects of mental tension and stress. In addition, it helps to model the figure. In combination with diet and exercise, it will allow you to get a perfect figure. Treatments perfectly firm our body , enhancing the effects of creams, olives and all skin care preparations.

Is it enough to undergo a few massage treatments to get rid of problems?

Depending on the ailments with which you come to us. Most often, a series of treatments is ordered. At the beginning, these are introductory massages to see how the patient reacts to the therapy, if the skin is able to withstand the pressure well and if there are no other organoleptic contraindications. The initial massages are mainly: classic with an admixture of stroking, pressing, patting, warming and typically relaxing movements. We slowly introduce stretching and chiropractic movements. We always do specialized manual therapy on the spine at the end of a given therapeutic cycle. We do not set the spine in one day. Such methods are not for us. We are professionals in what we do and we always focus on the well-being of our patients. The entire course of treatment with manual therapies, depending on the disease, may take from 3 months to 3 years (in particularly complex dysfunctions of the motor organs or after traffic accidents and bone fractures).

I am after a jellyfish induced skin transplant in Thailand. Can I undergo massage treatments to improve circulation in the areas undergoing surgery?

It depends on how deep the transplant was. Was it just skin and whether there were surface tissue fillings. If it is only the skin and the graft that has taken hold, we recommend that you take acupuncture treatments and massage the given surfaces as soon as possible in order to improve the feeling in the given places. The sooner you start working, the better the results will be noticeable. Waiting too long can lead to a complete lack of feeling in certain places. In this case, Western Medicine has little to offer, and Eastern Medicine has a whole range of methods, ranging from needling around the transplant site in order to provide blood supply and improve skin elasticity to lymphatic massage to improve the flow of lymph and subcutaneous fluids. The most important thing now is that you get your approval for supportive treatments. Your attending physician will surely know when such actions make sense.

Can you undergo massage treatments during pregnancy?

Yes. There are many types of massage that are recommended for pregnant women. They are both safe and pleasant for mothers and babies, and bring measurable benefits in the form of: better blood supply to the body parts, oxygenation of the fetus, relaxation and pain relief. Appropriate massages can be used throughout pregnancy.

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