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All our patients’ questions.

The responses were prepared by our team and are the property of our company and are protected by law.

First Medical Visit and TCM

A visit to our office is a combination of a traditional internist visit with a visit to a traditional medicine doctor. The visit includes: comprehensive health diagnosis, analysis of a disease case, medical, dietary and TCM recommendations.

A first visit is required for all treatments in our office.

What documents do I need to bring with me for the first visit to Prof. Enji?

The absolute requirement is to have an ID card, passport or other document with a photo, but it cannot be a city card, fishing card or school ID. Having your own medical records, periodic or analytical examinations, medical history or hospital discharge records is an optional, i.e. not obligatory condition.

What's the best way to make an appointment with professor Enji for the first time?

The fastest way to make an appointment is to call directly to the office at no 607 489 251 . Optionally, you can also make an appointment online by clicking on the tab MAKE AN APPOINTMENT or by writing to the e-mail: . Due to the large number of waiting patients, the faster the booking, the sooner you will receive your expected appointment. On the right side there is a banner with approximate waiting time for admission to the first visit to Professor Enji.

How long is the first visit to Professor Enji?

Each visit to Professor Enji is not short and please prepare for it. As a rule, the first visit is the longest consultation of all our clinic offers and it also takes the longest time. You have to be prepared for the first visit that will take about 60 minutes. If the patient later wants to undergo an acupuncture treatment or other available from our offer a combined visit may take up to 2 hours .

How much does the first visit to Professor Enji cost?

The first visit costs PLN 250. Price list of services. Please always check the current prices of the office in the price list tab.

What is the best way to refuse a visit to Prof. Enji?

The fastest way is to send a text message with your name and surname to the number 607 489 251 direct telephone sending an email or using yours PATIENT PANEL. Notifying us in advance about the inability to come to the appointment is helpful as it gives the opportunity to other people waiting to report on this date.

Do you also help in treating children?

Yes. The youngest patients of our clinic are 7 years old, and there is no upper age limit. A young patient has to come with a legal guardian who agrees to be treated in our office. Each time during subsequent visits, the guardian must be present with the child and watch over its safety.

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Can I come with a friend?

If you are already a patient of our clinic, and your friend would like to use our services, we kindly invite you. If you want to take your friend with you, it is not possible for her to be present during the treatments. This is due to the fact that there are often other patients in the office, and the presence of people who appear here as guests would clearly cause great discomfort. During the coronavirus epidemic and until further notice, we have introduced an order for a maximum of 2 people to stay in the treatment room. Our rooms are subjected to special disinfection treatments with the use of appropriate cleaning agents, ozonators and UV lamps. The level of security is at the highest world level. It is not possible to use a toilet for patients.

If I am undergoing acupuncture treatment in another clinic, can I continue with you?

There is no such possibility. Please complete your current treatment in other offices and then contact us. We do not fall into the competence of other doctors, unless there is a well-motivated request in writing with the request of the attending physician, a copy of all medical records as well as recommendations and expectations. However, it is not certain whether our doctors will consent to such actions.

Are consultations after the first visit at the same price?

All consultations after the first visit and during the treatments are free of charge.

Do I have to register for the first visit before acupuncture treatments with professor Enji?

Yes. The first visit before acupuncture treatments is obligatory. It is not possible to be admitted to the treatment because, for example, someone has received a referral from a GP or other therapist.

What things does a traditional medicine doctor pay attention to?

During the visit, the internist or primary care physician pays attention to:

  • detailed medical interview regarding, among others: lifestyle, work, well-being, ways of spending free time, etc. Questions about the profession or mental stress at work are normal.
  • medical documentation of a disease case and the results of periodic examinations
  • changes that have occurred particularly recently and that the patient is complaining about
  • pulse and blood pressure testing

A Doctor of Traditional Medicine (TCM) pays special attention to:

  • all the points mentioned above
  • patient behavior, speech, skin sweating, skin reactions, changes in the eyes, changes in the ears, changes in the throat and tongue, pulse diagnostics, changes in the body (by touch), changes in the thyroid gland, liver and kidneys. Often, hair color that is different in a given area may suggest changes in internal organs, other changes in the body, etc.

A doctor of Traditional Medicine will ask you to uncover certain parts of your body, such as the neck, in order to diagnose the thyroid gland or lymph nodes, abdomen or other parts that you complain about. A visit to the TCM doctor is never short and lasts approximately 60 minutes. If required by diagnostics, this time is extended. It is impossible to properly diagnose a patient in 10-15 minutes, unless we are dealing with a generally healthy person.

Why do you think that the diagnosis of Traditional Medicine is better than that of Classical Medicine?

We never said that this diagnosis was better or worse! Traditional Medicine Diagnostics is an analysis of many aspects that are also implemented in a widely understood internist visit. Superiority, as you say, can only consist in the analysis of changes taking place in the body, e.g. proper reading of changes in the skin, proper analysis of changes in the iris of the eye (iridology), proper analysis of the pulse (diagnostics through the pulse), proper analysis through the touch of changes in internal organs, etc. There are many more aspects to diagnosis during the first visit that the traditional medicine doctor pays special attention to. Only after the diagnosis is made, the person can be referred for a checkup to confirm or deny the suspicions. If I were to indicate superiority, it is cheap, effective and comprehensive diagnostics, which is the beginning of proper treatment. If a traditional medicine doctor suspects a disease with which he simply cannot cope, he should refer the person to the appropriate specialist as soon as possible for targeted treatment. Traditional Medicine is a system that can be easily connected to other medical systems, including conventional medicine, using it as a supplement to treatment or diagnostic methods without any side effects. The aim of traditional diagnostics is pain relief, proper regulation of body functions and reduction of undesirable effects of drugs. Please remember that both of these medicines are for the benefit of the patient and the doctor! It has never been different and doctors should not forget it!

Do you have a medical degree in academic medicine?

Yes, I am an internist and I graduated from medical studies with a master’s degree in medicine. I am licensed to practice medicine and I am constantly improving my qualifications at various symposia and lectures. I am the author of two books that are available for free online. In 2010, by the decision of the President of Mongolia, I was awarded the title of clinical professor for many years of work and dissemination of knowledge in the field of traditional medical systems in Poland and in the world. Currently, I focus mainly on treating patients, writing books and helping raise my grandchildren :-).

Is the iridological examination included in the first visit?

Yes, this examination is included in the cost of the first visit.

Does Professor Enji order laboratory tests during treatment?

Yes, to exclude or confirm the presumption of a health or disease condition. However, such activities are not always ordered.

Apparently, during the visit, an individual set of acupuncture points is selected for each patient?

Yes, I have not come across the same set of acupuncture points during the entire treatment. That is why the diagnosis and interview with the patient are so important. For a doctor of traditional medicine, things such as feeling the temperature, the smell of sweat or the time of going to bed are important. All these aspects affect the changes in acupuncture points that are used during the series. Observation of the patient during the procedures is so important that any information provided to the doctor, e.g. on improving sleep, directly affects the possibility of changing points to others. Often, when a patient feels pain at one point, it is a signal with a specific indication, which may or may not have the consequences of changing the point to another or adding new ones, etc.

Do you deal with dietetics in terms of YIN and YANG, i.e. Chinese dietetics?

Yes. I have been dealing with this subject for over 30 years. I am most interested in changes over time. Just as the broadly understood dietetics is constantly changing because experts outdo each other in their inventions and theories, so is nutrition including 5 Elements cuisine, YIN YAN or TCM is also constantly changing. Fortunately, however, the foundations of the whole remain unchanged. In my practice, I focus on eliminating harmful things from the diet in certain disease states and on changing my diet to a more healthy one. We are aware that at the moment it is very difficult, expensive and time-consuming to obtain “super ecological” and healthy products without food chemicals, so it is better to focus on eliminating the worst links in the diet.

There is no email address field in the contact form. How do you know who is writing to you?

We checked our contact form and everything is fine. Most likely you have logged in to Patient Paneland then went directly to the “Contact” tab. Your e-mail address confirmation has been recognized by the system and the address was automatically filled in with the default e-mail address with which you logged in to the panel. This means nothing else that you do not have to re-enter the email field. Hence the “email” field was not displayed in the contact form.

Why does the visit last as long as 60 minutes and not shorter?

A detailed analysis of the health condition of each patient takes a long time. At the very beginning, we assess the state of health, taking into account the remarks raised by the patient. We diagnose with the help of Classical Medicine and Traditional Medicine. We use pulse diagnostics, palpation of the body, abdomen and head. We support ourselves with eastern iridology and diagnostics. We often use the achievements of academic medicine. Laboratory tests are not uncommon in our country. Just filling in all the required documents, medical history and their analysis – it simply cannot take 5 minutes. We are not miracle workers, but together we can help you.

As a doctor, are you an advocate of immunization?

As a doctor, I am a supporter of preventive vaccinations . I don’t know why the mainstream media falsely gave other inaccurate information some time ago. I believe that vaccination in the era of a disease pandemic is the only effective method of preventive combat capable of resisting such a threat. However, I believe that in the case of immunization of children immediately after birth, the decision should be made by the parents of the children after consulting with doctors. I believe that the vaccination system should be the same as we have in other civilized countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain. The state cannot persecute the parents of children for disagreeing with vaccination, and information in the media should be fair, respecting the rights of both parties.

Can acupuncture be used during preventive vaccinations?

There are no contraindications, although we would advise you to use the period 14 days off between vaccinations and acupuncture. If there are no negative reactions to the vaccine during this time, you can start acupuncture treatments. If you are undergoing surgery, we advise you to stop the treatments or postpone vaccinations.

Do I need a slit lamp to perform an iridological examination?

A slit lamp is a rarity in doctor’s offices. Usually we will find such devices at the ophthalmologist. To perform an iridology examination, you need knowledge about the eye’s retinal map, a magnifying glass or a specialized iridology kit with computer software. The slit lamp and this special software very often show errors due to too detailed eye analysis. Many marks in the eyes are pathology but not disease. A good specialist can identify and properly describe such aspects. Iridology should be treated as an aid in making a proper diagnosis, never as an oracle.

There is an "insurance" tab on your website - is it possible to buy it from you and does it include treatments in your clinic?

The insurance can be signed online via our website. It includes both basic health care and an extended package – acupuncture and eastern medicine, also in our office. The basic package for one person costs about PLN 250 per month for a 12-month contract. The extended package costs about PLN 500 per person and covers both primary health care and all acupuncture treatments and eastern medicine services, including massages and manual therapy without restrictions (12-month contract). Discounts apply to family and group insurance. These are the most popular offers. The insurance scheme looks something like this:

  • sending the insurance application on our part www
  • telephone or e-mail contact from the agent with a meeting proposal to sign the contract
  • preliminary examinations of all members to be covered by the insurance
  • determining the final lump sum, which is also a monthly fee
  • conclusion of the contract and commencement of services for the insured
What are the penalties for breaking insurance prematurely?

Depending on the package that the country has purchased, it is described in the basic conditions of the insured person. As a rule, it is 1/3 of the total annual insurance cost.

Can I sign an insurance contract during the first visit?

Unfortunately not. Our office does not provide these services. This is an offer of external American companies mainly. We only provide them with advertising space because we believe that it is common to our statute of activity. Similar insurance is already in place in highly developed countries of the old EU and in the USA.

If I have insurance, do I have to wait the same long for an appointment?

No. As a rule, the waiting time for people with insurance is a maximum of 14 days. These are also the terms of the insurance, which we must also comply with.

How long does it take to get the insurance?

The conclusion of the insurance is approximately 10 days. It cannot be rushed because the documents must be thoroughly checked and the client must undergo detailed preliminary tests, including blood tests, heart tests and, in the case of the elderly, magnetic resonance imaging (all at the policyholder’s expense). If the client, during the examination, conceals medical information that he should disclose to the doctor during the examination, and which will make it impossible to sign the contract, he will be charged with all costs of these examinations at the rates described in the insurance.

How does the combination of a conventional and traditional visit look like in practice?

First of all, the visit is much longer because it includes both academic medicine diagnostics and traditional medicine diagnostics. Then the doctor finds common similarities and makes a diagnosis that is a combination of these two methods in an integrated approach. It is possible, therefore, that the doctor will limit the use of medications, recommend taking certain additional preparations, recommend a special diet or increased physical effort, etc. The first visit is therefore very similar to a conventional visit, but gives a much greater advantage over the diagnosis and prevention of future diseases. A traditional medicine doctor does not need expensive diagnostic equipment, and all assumptions are finally confirmed by laboratory tests, if required.

Do the vacancies on the booking form reflect the real occupancy rate in your office?

No. These are only suggestions for the dates of visits mainly via the Internet. Practice shows that most Internet patients either do not come or forget about their appointments. A very small proportion of patients make online appointments. If someone has already submitted an inquiry for a specific date from the visit booking form, it is automatically booked and forwarded to our office staff for checking. The entire on-line booking procedure may take from 2 to 7 working days. Please remember that guaranteed visit is to receive an e-mail confirmation that the visit is booked. As a rule, it is the second e-mail that arrives within 7 days of submitting the request for a free visit date. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Enji directly at no 607 489 251 .

I have run out of insurance for traditional treatment. How can I renew them?

If you are interested in re-applying for insurance, please do so link . After completing the application form, the insurance agent will call you back and direct you further. If it is a continuation of insurance, you can count on more favorable treatment and better terms of the contract.

What is the basis and most important thing in TCM diagnostics?

The most important thing is always the diagnosis, then appropriate treatment planning and regularity of the patient in pursuing the goal, i.e. curing the ailments. TCM diagnostics has many components, such as: a detailed interview with the patient regarding lifestyle, work, stress, traumatic experiences, etc., analysis of medical records and disease history, health assessment, pulse examination, pressure testing, palpation and observation tests, iridology, diagnostics of the tongue, eyes, ears, skin, hair, smell, etc. In our opinion, it is also important to listen to the patient with what problem comes and what effects he expects. It is best to treat patients using integrated medicine by combining classical medicine with traditional medicine, in case of doubt, using laboratory tests to confirm or deny doubts.

Can the concepts of traditional medicine be easily explained to Westerners?

Of course. They are a bit different, but many schools in Poland are successfully taking their first steps in this matter. Generally, to understand the diagnosis of an Eastern medicine doctor, one cannot think like a western medicine doctor and vice versa. These medicines have many common features and they can coexist for the benefit of the patient. The doctor must be able to apply the best possible option at the right moment.

Is it possible that both conventional medicine and traditional medicine will not help?

No. Even if you are completely healthy and no therapy is required, you can always perform preventive treatments that will certainly not harm you, and can give us a signal to predict future pathologies in the body. If, on the other hand, you would be very sick and conventional medicine would not find a way to help, traditional medicine is the best solution. In emergencies, it is best to use conventional medicine, where immediate action will be most effective.

Do you deal with energy transfer, hypnotherapy or blood drop diagnosis?

No. Traditional Medicine Studies do not have such things in their field. Energy transfer is a very individual matter, and although Chinese medicine is aware of such things, it is there is no conclusive scientific research in this regard . That is why my work focuses only on proven methods that, according to WHO, are considered therapeutic treatments and thus have enough clinical research on their effectiveness and high safety. I would like to add that Chinese medicine in terms of TCM in 2019 was recognized as science on a par with academic medicine.

Is an online consultation as effective as a visit to the office?

No. It is best if you have the opportunity to visit the office. Online consultations are only consultations that do not matter a doctor’s visit.

Do you deal with energy transfer or bioenergy therapy?

No. We do not deal with unscientific methods in our office.

I entered the wrong password when registering a visit in the booking forms to Prof. Enji?

If you entered the wrong password and you want to recover it, it’s best to use it link to reset your password. Then select the “I forgot my password” option and enter your e-mail address to which the account in the patient’s panel is assigned. A link to reset and set a new password will be sent to the provided e-mail immediately. Then you only need to log in to yours Patient Panel using your new credentials.

Why are conventional medicine doctors unable to diagnose by pulse?

The point is not that they can’t, just that no one has taught them. Pulse diagnostics requires years of study, trial and error. This is a type of palpation diagnosis where the doctor feels the pulse on the acupuncture points on the hands (mainly). A good doctor can read about 40 types of pulse and on this basis assess the patient’s health. The types of pulse are very similar and will be recognized as one pulse for most people with no experience. A Chinese medicine doctor will read in the pulse, for example, types of diseases that the patient has undergone, threats of future diseases, energy deficiencies or excesses, blood infections and other aspects. Pulse testing is not the same as testing with a measuring device, e.g. a pressure gauge. This is a completely different type of examination and has nothing to do with the traditional “TCM Diagnosis by Pulse” examination. It can take up to 3-5 years to learn pulse diagnostics. As a Chinese medicine doctor acquires medical knowledge, he is also taught diagnostics by the pulse in the clinical dimension. This is not just knowledge gained in books, but knowledge supported by experience in working with patients and specific diseases. There are no schools in Poland that are able to teach these methods at the appropriate level.

How long is the first visit?

Depending on the complexity of the patient’s or patient’s case, the first visit lasts roughly 45-60 minutes. We have never had our first visit lasted less than 30 minutes. Filling out all the forms, analyzing medical records and medical history is not a quick activity and it is required to spend enough time to make a proper diagnosis. During the first visit, the pressure is always checked, pulse testing, iridology and qualification for acupuncture treatments are performed. A large part of the first visit is a palpation examination consisting in the analysis of changes in the body and organoleptic deviations from the norm. The first visit to a traditional medicine doctor is always long because it requires an analysis of many aspects of the disease. It all takes a long time.

Do you deal with the so-called "Auras"?

No. We are a doctor’s office and we rely on the methods of traditional medicine.

Do you deal with phlebotomy according to Traditional Medicine?

No. The phlebotomy methods are not used in our office.

Why are you not interested in media appearances?

I am a doctor and my mission is to heal people according to my knowledge and experience. In the media, information is very often presented in reverse depending on the station’s demand. We had many negative experiences with media representatives where we were even told what to say. We do not agree to this state of affairs and therefore we choose who we talk to and on what terms. We don’t need advertising. Trying to answer your question a bit – the mainstream media seasonally invites the same “experts” who say the same thing over and over again, and we want to develop the knowledge and cultural experience related to the dissemination of the achievements of “Traditional Medicine”, which is why such programs are out of our way. We also do not agree to compromises or other solutions. People must be given the opportunity to decide freely about their health, the health of their families and children, according to the principle commonly used in highly developed countries, “There is no harm to the wanting person.”

Can Coronavirus Be Treated With Traditional Medicine?

Yes. It is very effective in preventing, treating and supporting the immunity of cells. The World Health Organization has long recognized the benefits of the wisdom of this medical system and it was not without reason that in 2020 this form of treatment was recognized as science on a par with academic medicine. Many organizations reviewing the epidemiological situation for the WHO have recommended the use of different herbal mixtures depending on the symptoms of the coronavirus. These are herbs mostly widely available in China, Mongolia and the Far East. Thanks to these therapies, it was possible to completely inhibit and control the spread of the coronavirus in China. Unfortunately, the rulers in Poland are deaf to these facts and do not seem to see a chance to treat Poles because they are apparently busy doing business to sell the so-called pseudo professional protective masks.

Can Coronavirus Be Treated With Traditional Medicine?

Yes. It is very effective in preventing, treating and supporting the immunity of cells. The World Health Organization has long recognized the benefits of the wisdom of this medical system and it was not without reason that in 2020 this form of treatment was recognized as science on a par with academic medicine. Many organizations reviewing the epidemiological situation for the WHO have recommended the use of different herbal mixtures depending on the symptoms of the coronavirus. These are herbs mostly widely available in China, Mongolia and the Far East. Thanks to these therapies, it was possible to completely inhibit and control the spread of the coronavirus in China. Unfortunately, the rulers in Poland are deaf to these facts and do not seem to see a chance to treat Poles because they are apparently busy doing business to sell the so-called pseudo professional protective masks.

What exactly is TCM?

The term “TCM” means Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has been known for over 3,000 years. It is an independent medical system that originated in the Far East, and developed well in European countries, absorbing the achievements of traditional medicine from other traditional systems, such as Tibetan medicine, Amazonian medicine, Ayurveda and others. According to WHO guidelines, TCM consists of: acupuncture (uses very thin needles placed very shallowly under the skin), glass bubbles (heated glass or other materials, oval objects that generate internal pressure to trigger the autovaccination process), herbs (teas, powders, capsules made of and containing mainly plant parts), meditation (breathing exercises and physical exercises to calm down the body), moxibution or moxa (consisting in burning dried herbs in close proximity to the skin), tai chi (breathing exercises and strengthening the body in various disease states ). To become a TCM doctor in China, you must first graduate from medical studies and then take a specialized course (the equivalent of our second-cycle studies) and pass a very difficult final exam. In Poland, the functioning of TCM doctors is not regulated, and the first steps to integrate this medical system were taken by WHO, recognizing traditional medicine as science on a par with academic medicine in 2019.

Could you explain with your words the difference between TCM functioning in different medical systems?

TCM is known mainly in the East, but more and more people know these methods and also use them in the West. The best results are achieved by combining traditional and conventional methods. Following this lead, it should be noted that in different medical systems the concept of TCM and associated concepts are perceived very similarly under different names. For example, in TMM (Traditional Mongolian Medicine) it uses the same terms as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Unfortunately, the best books on TCM can be found in Chinese or English literature translated from the original languages. It should be noted, however, that the translation of these items is extremely difficult because there are no good equivalents in Polish. So learning TCM in Poland can be much more difficult and requires finding really good teachers with experience.

Can Eastern medicine be used in the treatment of oncological diseases?

Yes. There are many diseases where Eastern medicine supports conventional treatment methods. The median effectiveness in the treatment of neoplastic diseases clearly shows that the proper application of traditional medicine methods brings many benefits to patients at various stages of the disease development. However, it should be noted that timing and making the right treatment decisions are crucial. The situation of treating neoplastic diseases in Poland is scandalous, and the use of traditional medicine methods similar to Switzerland, Austria or even Germany gives a better chance of winning the disease. At TCM, the patient will never be written off, and the doctor, despite the lack of prognosis, will try to help in accordance with his knowledge and experience. It should be noted here that according to the latest research by Canadian scientists, traditional methods do not adversely affect the acceleration of the disease. Great achievements of acupuncture must be achieved here in the field of pain management and palliative treatment. ATTENTION: the condition for admission to our clinic is to obtain consent from the doctor in charge of a given case along with a complete set of diagnostic tests, procedures and surgeries undertaken, discharge from the hospital with recommendations.

I heard that the professor also knows veterinary acupuncture?

Yes. Professor Enji is a thoroughly educated specialist, clinical professor and doctor of academic medicine. She is familiar with the subject of treating animals with acupuncture, although we do not practice these methods in our clinic due to health and safety and phytosanitary regulations.

What do you think about "Five Element" acupuncture?

I believe that this is the best acupuncture type that Europeans can learn. It has well-established rules, a very easy diagnosis system based on standard procedures and, most importantly, it is the only method fully insured in Poland in terms of practitioner-therapist liability. However, if I were to give one difference, this is the way the needles are placed. In general, an acupuncture therapist of the five elements will stick the needle in until the pain is felt, so it can be a bit unpleasant. In Chinese medicine, this approach is used only when dealing with emergencies. In a word, acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine is less painful or even painless. I recommend using the Five Elements acupuncture in patients who already know what classical acupuncture looks like and would like to try another form based on similar assumptions. When to use traditional acupuncture, and when to use five element acupuncture? Everything depends on the effect we want to achieve. According to TCM, the pulse should be properly examined and an interview with the patient should be collected, which will then translate into the selection of the appropriate therapeutic form. It may be that one day we use one system, and the next one from another.

Are you in favor of IVF treatment?

Yes. These methods offer the possibility of pregnancy for women who have genetic, physical, or other contraindications. In addition, these methods can be very nicely supplemented at various stages with acupuncture and Eastern medicine treatment. We have many women who become pregnant and enjoy healthy offspring. As a doctor, I support any method of treatment based on relevant scientific evidence.

Does iridological examination hurt?

No. It is a completely painless procedure included in the cost of the first visit and supplementing eastern medicine diagnostics. Only in conjunction with other diagnostic methods such as: interview with the patient, analysis of medical records and medical history, it is possible to predict future, past and present diseases affecting a given organism with high probability. We do not recommend using iridology as the only diagnostic method! Our article about irydologii .

What are your anti-coronavirus protection measures?

All recommended by the Ministry of Health and also: ozonation of rooms, cleaning of rooms and beds after each patient with a special disinfectant, anti-virus UV lamps operating non-stop during the break between patients, large ozonation of rooms at the end of work – ozonators work for 3 hours without a break at the end day – the rest of the time is reserved for proper ventilation. Standard procedures include the obligation to wear face masks and disinfect hands before entering the office. It is forbidden to come with accompanying persons who do not have any medical treatments with us.

I have sent a message to you but I have not received a reply. What could be the reason?

We try to answer all e-mails coming to us every day. Unfortunately, due to their constantly growing number and various types of inquiries duplicating in various messages, we have launched the “Frequently asked questions – FAQ”To make it as easy as possible for you to find answers to standard questions. Our lack of response may indicate: 1. Lack of required information to answer, 2. Failure to fill in the required fields in the contact form 3. Failure to provide the PESEL number in the text of the message to us for people who are not patients of our office. At the same time, we would like to inform you that the maximum time for storing information related to answering the questions asked is: 30 business days, after which e-mails are automatically deleted by the system without the possibility of restoring them. Our clinic has implemented the current GDPR guidelines. All information is stored on external servers equipped with appropriate encryption methods in accordance with the highest security standards and the circulation of classified information covered by medical secrecy.

I have many comorbidities. Can iridology help me?

Iridology is a diagnostic system used in Eastern medicine to assist in making an appropriate diagnosis to treat specific ailments. It is not always effective and you should not rely only on it! Many diseases are visible in the eye, but with many comorbidities, the iridological picture may be distorted. It is important that each time the doctor orders specific additional tests to confirm his assumptions. Iridology is a method that is not taught at Polish medical universities because there is no properly prepared teaching staff. Orydological methods are an excellent supplement to conventional medicine and an indispensable part of integrated medicine together with acupuncture and diagnostics of eastern medicine.

Do you think face masks help fight COVID?

Sir, if there is such a regulation of the Ministry of Health, it is worth complying with it. We have consulted this matter with our legal guardian and we agree that the risk of the coronavirus epidemic is not as high as it was a few months ago. Information in the mainstream media is 99% falsified and untrue. Masks do not protect against viruses, and certainly not PLN 10 masks bought by the majority of the population. Even during operations, similar security measures are applied with the only difference that they are obligatorily changed every max. Thirty minutes. Better protection against viruses is to keep your distance from other people, wash your hands in the right way and, most importantly, with the right specifics. Increasing immunity should be the goal of every person who wants to increase their chances of possible infection. On the pandemic, we agree with the majority of the public that the problem is too much media coverage and strangely supported by so-called the strength of medicine in the light of cameras. It is strange and it does not leave any illusions that the so-called the state of the epidemic should be long overdue but, for strange reasons, it is not, and people are held in this confused belief. Recently, an EU document has appeared, signed and paid for by unknown entities closer or further involved in the import of disinfectants and cheesy masks in which doctors, doctors and even professors jointly declare that wearing masks gives as much as 40 percent security in defense against viruses. In our opinion, this document can be considered product placement and so-called medical lobbying. In order not to be groundless, link to this pseudo-document: opinion on wearing masks commissioned by the European Commission .

Which acupuncture points should be included in the standard procedure in COVID19?

The most important is the correct diagnosis and diagnosis of the stage of the disease and, if possible, of the virus strain. Each type of the so-called COVID has its own attack pathways: lungs, brain, veins and arteries, etc. Depending on how the organism was attacked, the following “mandatory” points must be taken into account: BL 12, BL 13, BL 20, LI 4, LI 11, LU 5, LU 10, RN 6, ST 36, SP 6. It is also important to use the appropriate herbs according to the doctor’s recommendations. In anti-covid therapy, treatment may take many months, especially if we are dealing with the so-called “long term covid”, i.e. post-cough complications. The most important thing is to start treatment as soon as possible so as not to let the virus grow in the lungs too much.

Can I only use the herbal healing visit, not acupuncture?

Of course. We respect the opinions of our patients and we listen to them. You can only choose to visit and not use additional services. However, it is our doctor’s duty to present you the entire spectrum and possibilities that we can offer in specific disease syndromes.

Will the doctor who will see me for the first visit be the same doctor who will perform acupuncture?

Of course. Other procedures are unacceptable with us. The doctor who conducts a medical history is the doctor who treats. There is no substitution or treatment by surrogate doctors. In our office, the main consultant and the person performing the treatments is you professor Enkhjargal Dovchin .

How long does the first visit actually last and what standard tests does the doctor do?

The first visit usually takes around 60 minutes. Most of the time is to complete the paper documentation required for each visit – this takes about 10 minutes. After this time, the medical records and the history of the disease are analyzed along with the medications taken and their dosages – usually about 10 minutes. Palpation and manual examinations according to conventional medicine and traditional medicine are the next stage of the first visit – 5 minutes. Additional examinations: pulse examination (according to TCM), examination of the abdomen, ears, eyes, skin, etc. – about 10 minutes. Questions and answers with diagnostics -10-20 minutes. The rest of the time for the summary of the meeting and entries in the documents.

Does the professor treat only with traditional medicine methods?

No. Professor Enji is a supporter of integrated methods combining effective methods of conventional and traditional medicine. Unique knowledge and experience allows her to combine these things for the benefit of her patients. If the opinion of other specialists is required, it is highly recommended. In our office, we place great emphasis on respecting the opinions of our patients as to the method of treatment.

What is the most important in the so-called "coronavirus epidemic"?

This is the river question. In general, you need to take care of your health. Healthy eating and a stress-free life as well as strengthening immunity on various levels should be the key to maintaining relative safety. The virus you mention is very specific and nothing like any other in the past. It attacks different people of different ages and has a non-characteristic course. In most cases, it attacks the lungs, weakens internal organs – the spleen and the liver. The corona virus has many mutations and must be treated depending on the type of mutation. Research by Chinese scientists has shown that prophylaxis such as acupuncture and herbs perfectly cope with most mutations, both at the initial stage and to mitigate the negative effects of its impact. Patients with A and A Rh + blood should especially follow the epidemiological recommendations.

What security measures do you use in your offices?

In our office, we have made a number of improvements and modifications to even better provide services in the field of health care for our patients. The security measures used in our office are:

1. Saving patients one at a time with at least 15 minutes between each person.
2. The obligation to disinfect the hands before entering the office (the automatic dispenser is located in the corridor along with the instruction manual)
3. We recommend wearing face masks in accordance with the recommendations of the Minister of Health (requirement only for people covered by the regulation)
4. The use of UV-C lamps for disinfection of treatment measurements after each patient. The lamps are very strong and it takes only 3 minutes to fully decontaminate the room. UV-C lamps with this power provide 99.97% cleaning of the room from all viruses, fungi and molds.
5. Continuous filtration of treatment rooms with the use of mechanical carbon filters together with actin ozone in a closed circuit. It is a good device that allows continuous work also in the presence of people. Ozone is contained in a closed container, and the air that passes through the filter is additionally cleaned with O3 ozone particles.
5. Maintenance of flat surfaces with products based on alcohol 71%. Twice a day plus one at the end of work.
6. UV-C lamps in the toilet and special mini UV-C toilet lamps for patients using the toilet. After leaving the room, the lamps turn on automatically for 5 minutes. If the patient enters the room during this time, the motion sensor will turn off the lamps.
7. Each employee of our office is required to wear gloves and cover the mouth with a mask. The exceptions are treatments that do not provide for such things as, for example, cosmetic acupuncture for the lips, cheeks or chin.

If I was vaccinated against COVID19 in the last 3 days, can I use the services of the clinic?

All people who have been vaccinated against COVID19 are obliged to undergo home quarantine, which will be, depending on medical recommendations, from 7-14 days. Such a patient may become infected immediately after vaccination, because his body only produces antibodies to fight DOVID19. A safe period for the visit is therefore two weeks after each preventive vaccination, depending on the vaccine manufacturer, this time may be slightly different. Please contact the immunizing specialist for advice. He has a duty to inform the state about the side effects of vaccination and to isolate patients immediately after vaccination.

If I am called I have convalescence symptoms, such as shortness of breath and respiratory problems - can I get help from your country?

If you have already misused CoVid19, you have a certain amount of antibodies in your blood which give you relative safety and immunity to possible future mutations of the virus. For complications caused by the virus, it is a good idea to do a screening test to find out exactly what virus you have contracted. However, we do not need this information to start a therapy that strengthens specific organs – in particular, the heart, liver and kidneys. We also support ourselves with herbs recommended by the Chinese Agency for TCM. We know exactly the herbs recommended for the treatment of CoVid19. The average duration of treatment is approximately 2 months. The longer you delay taking preventive measures, the greater damage the infection can do to the body.

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