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All our patients’ questions.

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Does sticking needles hurt?

No. The needles are extremely thin – approx. 0.25 mm in diameter. So they are much thinner than the needles used, for example, for injection. They are also introduced by special methods that make the puncture uncomfortable. Sometimes you can feel slight stings in the painful areas, but they shouldn’t be too discomforting.

What is the best way to prepare for the first acupuncture treatment?

Preparing for your first visit to an acupuncturist is simple and can help you achieve better treatment results. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a visit to an acupuncturist:

  1. Read reviews and choose an experienced acupuncturist: Browse reviews and experience of different acupuncturists in your area to choose the best specialist who can help you with your specific health problems.

  2. Eat light food before your visit: It is not advisable to come on an empty stomach, but at the same time, do not eat a heavy meal just before your visit. Light food before your appointment, such as a salad or sandwich, will help keep your blood sugar levels in check and keep you comfortable during the procedure.

  3. Wear comfortable clothing: Clothing for a visit to an acupuncturist should be comfortable and loose. It is advisable to dress in soft, flexible fabrics that will allow free access to the skin, especially to the areas to be treated.

  4. Prepare a list of your questions: Think about what questions you want to ask the acupuncturist, such as the purpose of the visit, expected benefits, duration of the treatment, etc. Preparing a list of questions will help you make the most of your visit and get answers to all your concerns.

  5. Take your medical history with you: If you have any medical records relating to your health problem, take them with you to your appointment. This documentation can help the acupuncturist better understand your condition and develop a more effective treatment plan.

  6. Don’t forget about comfort: Finally, don’t forget about your comfort during your visit. Bring a blanket, pillow or your favorite coat with you to make yourself comfortable during the treatment.

Keep in mind that being prepared for your visit to an acupuncturist can help you achieve better treatment results, while ensuring your comfort and peace of mind during the procedure.

Is acupuncture safe?

Yes. The needles are very thin and flexible, the probability of breaking is practically zero. There is also no possibility of damage to internal organs. However, for the procedure to be effective, it must be performed by a qualified acupuncturist, preferably with experience.

How long does the procedure take?

Approximately 30 minutes, however the first treatment takes longer. The doctor must accurately diagnose the patient and establish an individual course of therapy.

Can you get infected with any disease during the procedure?

No. The needles are sterile and used only once in accordance with the regulation of the Minister of Health. So there is no danger of catching anything from other patients.

How many needles are used during one treatment?

It all depends on the patient and his problems that the acupuncturist has to deal with, but most often from a few to a dozen needles are used. The greatest number of needles is used during cosmetic and aesthetic acupuncture treatments.

Can acupuncture leave marks on the skin?

Yes. Sometimes it happens that the needle breaks a blood vessel and a small hematoma is formed there, but it disappears after a few days.

How many treatments do I have to undergo?

10 treatments are standard, 2-3 times a week. During the course of therapy, the number of treatments per week may decrease. It all depends on how the patient responds to the therapy.

Can there be complications after the procedure?

Usually complications do not occur, but sometimes bruises appear at the puncture sites, but they disappear after a few days. There may also be slight dizziness and discomfort at the puncture sites. Occasionally, when the patient is very sensitive or stressed, it is possible to faint. However, these are very rare cases. Some people feel drowsy after the procedure.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Before acupuncture, you should not eat too much, it is also good not to eat for an hour or two after the procedure. You should also not get frustrated before, take your time and do not be stressed. Effort immediately after acupuncture is also not recommended. If we come for the first visit, it is worth taking all medical documentation and a history of diseases with you, if any.

Can I undergo other therapies and medications during acupuncture treatments?

Yes. There are no contraindications for this. Acupuncture is very often used in parallel with other therapies, such as acupressure or the use of herbs. However, it is always better to inform your doctor about any medications you are taking.

Does acupuncture work for everyone?

Unfortunately not. Approx. 10% of the society is not very susceptible to this method. The therapy may also be ineffective if we do not inform the doctor about medications, pregnancy or addictions.

Can acupuncture cure addictions?

Yes. It not only supports people who quit smoking or are in rehab, but also people struggling with overweight, depression or neurosis.

Can you come to the acupuncture treatment when you are nervous?

High levels of agitation or stress prior to acupuncture are not recommended. It is better to choose a different time or wait until the symptoms stop.

When should you expect effects after acupuncture treatments?

Acupuncture is a holistic method that heals the entire body. The first effects can be felt immediately after the treatment, and the therapeutic effects last up to 3-5 months after the last series.

Can acupuncture treatments be done endlessly?

No. Acupuncture, like every procedure, is tiring for the body. As a rule, series of 5-25 treatments are performed in one. After this time, it is recommended to take a break from 1 to 6 months in order to regenerate the body.

Can acupuncture be used during pregnancy?

Yes. Pregnancy is not a contraindication to acupuncture treatment. However, such treatments should always be decided by the attending physician. In China, acupuncture treatments are used to support the maintenance of pregnancy for women up to 3 months and 8-9 months as an analgesic therapy and even anesthesia for childbirth.

Are the types of needles important for the therapeutic effect of the treatment?

Currently, the level of needle production and the materials they are made of are very professional. The doctor always decides about the use of specific needles for treatments. For example: for electro-acupuncture needles with better voltage conductivity are used.

What are the age limits for using acupuncture?

The textbooks give data from 3 to 75 years. In fact, such limits do not exist, and the doctor or therapist always decides about the use of acupuncture. In our office, the youngest patients are 7 years old, and there is no upper age limit.

How to choose a good acupuncturist?

Factors proving the professionalism of a doctor are: the type of university that has been completed, scientific courses and symposia, academic titles, age and experience of the doctor, and the willingness to improve one’s professional qualifications. Age and clinical practice are often decisive factors.

Is acupuncture in sports effective?

Yes. Currently, the best international class players regularly use the help of therapists-acupuncturists in their career as an athlete.

Can acupuncture treatments be stopped at any time?

Yes. The exceptions are anti-nicotine and anti-alcohol acupuncture treatments as well as addiction to stimulants. However, the completed cycle will not bring the desired effect or the effect will be limited.

Can acupuncture be combined with conventional drugs?

Yes. There are no contraindications for him, but you should inform your doctor about taking medications before the procedure.

Is it possible to undergo the treatment after heavy physical exertion?

This is not recommended unless you are a competitive athlete. Normal people are advised to undergo treatment after adequate rest.

Can I undergo acupuncture if I have large skin wounds?

Lack of skin continuity, cuts or skin defects are contraindications to acupuncture. The attending physician should decide whether the procedure can be applied. If the patient is stable, substitute points are selected that are not in the area of skin lesions.

I found out that I am pregnant in the 4th month. I am undergoing acupuncture treatments. What should I do?

Pregnancy is not a contraindication to the procedures. In China, women use treatments until the last months. They also often decide to undergo anesthesia for childbirth with the use of acupuncture needles – without meningeal anesthesia. If you are pregnant, inform the doctor performing the treatment about this fact.

Can I eat and drink before the acupuncture treatment?

It is recommended to come to the treatment if you are relatively fed, that is, do not eat heavy meals. Two hours of fasting before surgery is enough. You can drink without restrictions.

Can you undergo acupuncture treatment with AIDS?

Yes of course. However, you must inform the doctor about this fact immediately before the procedure.

I have a broken leg and want to use acupuncture for healing. When can I start the treatment?

The acupuncturist must have access to the leg, i.e. the plaster should be removed. In China, the antagonistic method is used, which consists in puncturing the healthy leg while the other leg is in plaster. However, whether such methods can be used should be consulted with a doctor. Generally, acupuncture in convalescence is used immediately after the plaster is removed.

Is period / menstruation a contraindication to acupuncture?

It depends on the patient’s well-being. If he feels strong, he can perform such treatments. However, it is worth informing the doctor before the procedure. You can also move the visit a few days ahead when the problem will no longer occur and the treatment can be continued.

I am after several acupuncture treatments performed in England. I want to continue at your office?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Treatments already started in another office should be finished there. Each doctor has their own methods and points they use. Interfering with the already started treatment is not recommended by other doctors! After a transitional period, which usually lasts 3-6 months, you can come to us with recommendations (the points you have been recommended), but we do not guarantee that our doctors will use them.

Can acupuncture be used to increase the chance of getting pregnant?

Definitely yes. Treatments should be started a few months before intercourse (for natural methods of procreation). For women in mode in vitro , the matter looks more complicated.

Is sports acupuncture used in the discipline of weightlifting?

We already had all sorts of patients practicing different disciplines. Heavy sports are one of the most injured sports, and acupuncture is used mainly as a faster regeneration of the body. There are also topics of various types of pain: back, legs, spine and hands. Joint connections carrying extraordinary loads often suffer as well.

What is five element acupuncture?

It is one of the types of Chinese acupuncture mainly taught to European therapists due to its well-established form and pattern of study. It is based on similar aspects to the other types of acupuncture, of which there are currently around a hundred, but is more time-consuming. In acupuncture of the five elements, the number of needles is kept to a minimum. Common treatment points are often used. This type of acupuncture is not combined with other types, and the therapist, as a rule, does not change the selected points for other ones. The acupuncture treatment of 5 elements is short and usually does not exceed 10 minutes. Often used in children.

Can acupuncture harm the body?

Yes of course. However, the therapist is deliberately guided by the good of the patient and if he has the appropriate knowledge and education, side effects are practically non-existent. It is a very safe method. In order to harm someone, you need to know exactly where such points are, so even a person who probably would like to harm would not be able to know where these points are located. Sticking the needles blindly will do nothing and will not have any therapeutic effect.

Do you need to take acupuncture in series?

There are many acupuncture schools, but generally acupuncture should be used in series if you have time and finances. In this way, we will achieve the best healing effects. However, there are acupuncture schools that use the method you mention. In my opinion, it is better to do this one treatment a month than to do nothing and leave the disease to itself. Often, Chinese doctors use the so-called reminding treatments, which are also performed in the amount of 1-2 per month after the main series (allergies, alopecia, neurosis, problems with falling asleep).

I have just finished acupuncture treatments. When can i expect results?

Everything depends on the individual predisposition of the body to balance energy (natural homeostasis). It is assumed that the healing effect of acupuncture works actively up to the 3rd month after the end of the series, and passively even up to the 6th month. In one case, the effects can be quick and overnight, and in the other, time is required. Therefore, it is worth observing the changes taking place in the body and informing the doctor about them during check-ups.

Can you undergo acupuncture treatments prophylactically?

Yes. In China, people enjoy long and good health precisely thanks to prophylaxis including prophylactic acupuncture treatments. In Poland, these methods are just gaining their supporters, but the first successes can be observed mainly in the field of immunity, allergies and periodic allergies.

Can acupuncture be used in children with ADHD?

Yes, however, such treatments are carried out in stages so as not to change the natural behavior of the child. Before acupuncture, it is important to diagnose well whether the patient really has disease hyperactivity. It is obligatory to provide all medical records of the child where such ailment is found.

Can you improve your memory with acupuncture?

Not only memory, but the ability to absorb knowledge by increasing the activity of the brain, blood supply to it and influencing better oxygen absorption. For this purpose, several classical acupuncture points and special points are used. It is important that the patient is relatively healthy, well-rested and stress-free before the treatments.

Can acupuncture cure diseases that I may not know about?

Yes – one of the main benefits of acupuncture is balancing the energy level inside the body. The result of this effect may be the healing of ailments and diseases that the patient may not know about or have not yet been diagnosed.

Czy prof Enji mówi po polsku 🙂 ?

Yes of course :-). Professor Enji has been living and working in Poland for a long time, and communication in Polish is not a problem for her. The analysis of medical records, specialized vocabulary of classical and eastern medicine is a normal working day for the doctor. When you come to our office, you will not talk to the interpreter but to the doctor directly.

I was in the acupuncture series but I stopped because of my departure - what should I do?

Generally, if the treatment break is longer than 7 days, and you are at the beginning of the treatment, you can continue treatment. In a situation where the interval is greater than 7 days, it is recommended to take a break of about a month and then repeat the treatments from the very beginning. The given scheme is valid as standard for typical treatments. You cannot stop smoking, anti-alcohol or drug weaning acupuncture – open energy channels can then harm the body.

Can two doctors take turns to perform treatments on the same patient?

We strongly advise against this. Our guiding principle is “The doctor who examines is doing the treatments“. Rooms where one doctor makes a diagnosis and another one sticks needles in should definitely be avoided. Such situations should not occur. The second therapist may not know the patient’s ailments that were mentioned during the first visit and thus may not have full knowledge of his health condition.

What are the hygienic procedures for acupuncture treatments?

The most important thing should be to perform treatments with disposable needles, which are thrown away after the procedure or left for the patient as a souvenir. The second issue is the proper preparation of the patient’s body for the procedure – the person should be clean and the injection sites should be additionally cleaned with a special fluid. Third, the doctor should use disposable gloves, which are also disposed of after the procedure.

Can the needles after the procedure be removed by a person other than a doctor?

Needles after the procedure should be removed by a properly trained person. It does not have to be a doctor, but the person must see how this is done so as not to accidentally inflict pain on the patient. The acupuncturist is skilled in this and does it automatically and completely painlessly.

Can two doctors perform acupuncture together?

Yes, it happens very often when it is required to introduce a large number of needles, e.g. when combining cosmetic acupuncture and body acupuncture.

Can acupuncture be performed on animals?

Yes. This method is successfully used in various animals, even large ones such as racehorses or exhibition animals. Anti-epileptic or sedative treatments are most commonly used in dogs and cats. However, just imagine the number of needles that you sometimes stick in the case of larger specimens, and usually one treatment does not solve the problem. There is also a problem with calming the animal for surgery, which sometimes makes it impossible to perform it safely.

What if during the procedure I move and I accidentally stick the needle harder into my body?

Firstly, light movement while lying with needles is possible and allowed. Secondly, inserting the needles harder is very unlikely because they are very thin and flexible, and they tend to bend as they go deeper into the patient’s body. A good example is acupuncture in a sitting position, where the patient moves with needles while sitting, for example, on a chair.

Are the same needles still used for treatments?

No. Only single-use, double-sterilized, factory needles are used for acupuncture treatments. Each needle in the package is packed separately. After each treatment, the needles are disposed of as medical waste and cannot be reused. New needles are used from treatment to treatment.

Is acupuncture worth combining with diet or exercise in the treatment process?

Definitely yes. Traditional Chinese or Traditional Medicine involves a change in the whole way of thinking, everyday functioning, diet and exercise. The best healing effects are obtained when all methods are combined together. Then we obtain the synergy of all these elements.

Can acupuncture treat things like lack of energy in the body, weakness or unwillingness to do anything?

Yes. Acupuncture can be used to treat or support the treatment of most diseases, including those you mentioned. The great advantage is the advantage of acupuncture over other systems in the “treatment” of diseases of unknown origin.

Is moxa used in every treatment and is it effective?

Moksa is not used in every procedure. Like acupuncture, moxa is a powerful tool of Chinese medicine in the fight against disease. There are points on the body where moxa can be used and where it is not recommended. A good Eastern medicine doctor will know when and how to apply moxing.

How long does it take to learn acupuncture if someone wanted to learn and what schools would you recommend in Poland?

Learning acupuncture is just like learning a new medical system, it’s like normal medical studies – you need to learn the same topics as classical medicine doctors plus Chinese medicine. There are no shortcuts, so learning on 2-3 week courses is just a joke! In Poland, we recommend two schools – one is located in Bydgoszcz and the other in Krakow. However, the best education you will get by studying traditional Chinese medicine in China, that is ordinary medical studies, which last 6-9 years. Of course, we are not talking about clinical practice yet, which lasts about 2-5 years after graduation, i.e. the equivalent of the so-called medical internships in classical medicine. In my humble opinion, after more than 35 years of medical practice, the most important is the teacher from whom we gain knowledge, his experience and techniques and habits developed over the years in specific types of diseases.

Why don't you teach acupuncture at a medical university?

I used to do teaching but I preferred treating patients than teaching students. In addition, clinical practice is the best test of knowledge that a person has acquired through the years of study. I wanted to constantly develop, not recreate already learned things. There are people who are better suited to didactics, and there are those who are better able to contact patients. I chose the other way and probably good. In my life, I received serious offers to lecture at medical schools abroad, but I quit because of the big changes that I would have to make to leave Poland. I did not take this step. Being in Poland, I also received several job offers as a lecturer in schools called eastern medicine. These were post-secondary schools and weekend courses, so you understand for yourself. However, I know that some excellent lecturers from China have taken up this topic and they are satisfied. I hope that the topic will develop, and maybe someday we will see these methods in normal medical studies in Poland. For this, however, you need big changes and a desire that I do not see now.

Is acupuncture the only method to treat patients in China?

No. Acupuncture is one of the methods such as classical medicine. In Chinese medicine, we also have acupressure, Chinese massage, glass cupping, moxa, dietetics, exercise and, of course, herbal medicine. The best results are always achieved when these methods are combined together. For obvious reasons this is sometimes impossible given the speed of life, the constant pursuit of everything at work and the widespread lack of time.

Can a medical visit be based only on bioresonance?

Definitely not. Devices that are often sold for serious money in Poland will never replace a normal medical visit. Most of them are machines showing false data or information of a very similar nature. We have not met a person who would have everything ok in the body during diagnostics with these inventions. This “diagnostics” can be used additionally as a kind of curiosity, not as an oracle. Please do not confuse bioresonance with bioresonator.

Why did my friend enroll by phone receive an earlier date than me?

The fastest way to register a visit is to contact professor Enji by phone at no 607 489 251 . If you registered via email or the visit booking form, it always takes longer (about 1-3 business days). In addition, people who are already patients of Prof. Enji are always served first.

How can I recommend a visit to the office of Professor Enji?

You can send a text message from the number that is assigned to your patient card with this information. You can call the number 607 489 251 directly to the professor or send an e-mail to the following address:

Can acupuncture help in an emergency like a headache?

Yes. Acupuncture can be used temporarily in such and similar cases, e.g. sudden pain of various types and severity, headaches and dizziness, weakness and even pre-infarction conditions.

How accurately are acupuncture points located?

The measurement error is 1-2 mm. An experienced medical doctor and acupuncturist identifies these points with with perfect precision. Each standard acupuncture point has a description and a way to find it on the body. Therefore, sometimes acupuncturists look as if they are counting something on the patient’s body – it’s nothing more than finding (identifying) points on the meridians.

Can you be an acupuncturist without knowing human anatomy?

No. You need to have knowledge of human anatomy in an extended form. The locations of bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, organs, etc., which are later helpful in locating acupuncture points, are particularly important here.

Could you name the fields where acupuncture has a documented effect?

Please visit the “acupuncture-research” section. There are so many of these translations that we would not have enough lives to quote them. The WHO (World Health Organization) will probably be the appropriate institution for you. In 2003, WHO, wanting to prove the ineffectiveness of acupuncture, accidentally collected evidence of its indisputable effect in such fields as: high and low blood pressure, nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy (palliative medicine), some stomach conditions, including ulcers of this organ, ulcers of various types and also other organs, painful periods in women, dysentery, allergic rhinitis, facial pain (including postoperative), morning sickness in women and men, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains, the so-called tennis elbow (sports medicine), toothache and gum pain, in therapy to reduce the risk of stroke or stroke, fibromyalgia, neuralgia, postoperative recovery, alcohol, tobacco and drug addiction, various types of back pain, symptoms of the so-called stiff neck, vascular dementia, multi-infarct, whooping cough or whooping cough, Tourette’s syndrome. After this very expensive study, WHO decided to carry out one more, but the last sponsored study. The WHO also suggests that acupuncture can help treat many infections, including certain urinary tract infections and epidemics of hemorrhagic fever – a study conducted in Africa with a large population of people living there. The World Health Organization in its statement recognized acupuncture as an effective method, but they will no longer investigate these methods due to the high cost of these procedures and low profits for pharmaceutical companies (my personal conclusion). Please remember that the conditions and ailments listed above are only a small percentage where acupuncture is effective and helps people.

Can acupuncture help to desensitize a child?

Yes. It is not an immediate method, but it is completely safe and permanent. The body produces natural immunity and is less susceptible to any allergens and allergies, including periodic plant dusting. Before proceeding with the treatments it is good to do allergy tests, i.e. allergy tests for the determination of antibodies to the main pollen, mold, mite and animal allergens. It is not an expensive procedure and can be performed both from the patient’s blood, but also by puncturing the skin and exposing a small area to specific substances. If we know exactly what we are allergic to, we can focus our course of treatment on specific diseases. Undergoing antiallergic or desensitizing acupuncture prophylactically requires a series of treatments in advance of the periods in which these inconveniences occur.

Can I count on any discounts for regular patients of the clinic?

Yes of course. From January 1, special health insurance is available, which covers both classical and traditional medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, moxa, massage and herbal medicine. Our patients can always count on favorable treatment and they are always treated first.

How many cosmetic acupuncture treatments are recommended as standard?

Cosmetic acupuncture is treatments aimed at the aesthetics of the body, i.e. mainly focused on the face. The minimum number of treatments that should be performed is 3. The minimum number of needles is between 20-30. Often, in cosmetic acupuncture, larger amounts of needles are used, e.g. when we have visible skin irregularities, scars, etc. In order to give proper elasticity and vitality (rejuvenation), it would be good to perform about 5-10 treatments. Due to the fact that the “feeling in the skin of the face” is greater with each treatment – the same is the feeling of greater pain due to the fact that the skin is taut, elastic and vital – so not every patient can withstand a full series of cosmetic acupuncture treatments.

Can cosmetic acupuncture treatments be stopped at any time?

Yes, you can stop cosmetic acupuncture treatments at any time and there will be no negative health effects.

Are the hands themselves punctured in acupuncture in the case of severe pains in the hand of unknown origin?

It all depends on the disease. If it is phantom pains, accident pains are not. If it is a sudden pain, such methods can be used, but more information is needed about the causes of this pain. In China, some doctors adhere to the principle that puncturing the pain focus itself is advisable and brings relief, and some prefer to use other points located, for example, not on the hands. This method is called antagonistic acupuncture and is often used in post-accident recovery, where one limb is in plaster and the limbs are healthy.

The translations on your website are not complete. Can someone fix it?

New texts, translations and improvements to our website will be added successively. Please remember that you can always use the google automatic translator, which also can help in such cases. The website translations have been set to match the language of the search engine from which the client connects to our website.

I regularly donate blood to people in need. Can I undergo acupuncture treatment before donating blood?

There are no contraindications to undergo the acupuncture treatment before blood sampling, although we would recommend postponing one of the services because the body may react differently to both methods. We have never met people who would have any problems or affect their health or well-being. During blood collection, no more than 0.5 liters are donated per 85 kg of body weight. For smaller patients, proportionally less. The body regulates blood deficiencies by itself and replenishes them in practically up to 12 hours. So we recommend this time to wait after donating blood to undergo acupuncture treatment.

Apparently, during the visit, an individual set of points is selected for each patient?

Yes, I have not come across the same set of acupuncture points during the entire treatment. That is why the diagnosis and interview with the patient are so important. For a doctor of traditional medicine, things such as feeling the temperature, the smell of sweat or the time of going to bed are important. All these aspects affect the changes in acupuncture points that are used during the series. Observation of the patient during the procedures is so important that any information given to the doctor, e.g. on improving sleep, directly affects the possibility of changing points to other ones. Often, when a patient feels pain at one point, it is a signal with a specific indication, which may or may not have the consequences of changing the point to another or adding new ones, etc.

Can cosmetic acupuncture be done daily?

No. It is a specialized body or face acupuncture treatment which uses specific needles in large amounts. This therapy can be performed at an interval of 2-5 days, but the number of treatments in a series should not exceed 10. As a rule, about 5 treatments are enough to achieve a satisfactory effect. The advantage of cosmetic acupuncture over botox is its lasting results. The skin is clearly better supplied with blood, oxygenated, its elasticity, vitality and feeling are improved.

What can you say about Dr. Yamamoto's acupuncture?

This is how we know Dr. DR. TOSHIKATSU YAMAMOTO in person. Dr Yamamoto is a specialist in acupuncture of the head (skull), the so-called acupuncture scalp. In Japan, the country where the doctor comes from, acupuncture is considered to be the most effective in treating mainly neurological problems (post-stroke, post-infarction conditions, motor problems, lack of motor mobility) and various orthopedic cases. This system is immediately effective, and the patient should feel the relief during the first treatment. If this is not the case, it is a signal to other ailments, often less serious. The big advantage of this method is symptomatic treatment, which is very similar to academic medicine. Often, any diagnosis or visit to the doctor is not required. The patient can come directly to the procedure.

I was with an acupuncture specialist for the so-called happiness acupuncture. Do you know such a variety?

Unfortunately not. You must provide me with more details about this procedure, and preferably the specialist should mention the points she used. The normal nomenclature and nomenclature is generally known so there will be no problems. If the specialist is a Chinese medicine doctor, you can write these points in Chinese – this is not a problem for us.

Personally, I would recommend that you perform acupuncture on your head, which is the equivalent of acupuncture to affect happiness. This is known as energy acupuncture. It is characterized by the fact that 6 to 8 needles are left in the head for a certain period of time. As a rule, the longer the better. You can wear needles up to an hour. The Chinese say that this is a way back to the roots of the “roots meridians”, whose task is to draw the Qi energy of happiness.

At what depth are the needles inserted?

In most standard treatments this is about 0.5 – 0.7 cm. However, there are points where the needle is placed 5-6 cm under the skin (sciatica). In specialist procedures, the needle goes about 3-4 cm under the skin. Each point has its own specification and recommended needle insertion depths. This may be different in certain disease states.

Why does the acupuncture treatment take about 30-40 minutes instead of 5 minutes?

Depending on the type of acupuncture, patient age, physical condition and the condition, the number of minutes varies. Children are shoved shallowly and for a short time, because in Chinese medicine young patients are believed to have strong energy, therefore the time circulation of this energy in the body of a young patient is also faster. Nuclear medicine has shown that in the case of elderly patients, the needles should be left on for about 30 minutes. That’s why anything over 30 minutes is good! Certain conditions should not be overdone, but a specialist doctor knows it best. Circulation 5 times of energy in the patient’s body in exactly 28 minutes and 40 seconds. This is also how long an acupuncture treatment should take.

What is transfer acupuncture?

Transfer acupuncture is part of the acupuncture that supports insemination or in vitro procedures. Current research conducted in China, however, does not show that this method is very effective and you can definitely not rely on it. Transfer acupuncture interferes with specific meridians, which are to influence better implantation of the embryo and thus maintain pregnancy, eliminating the risk of miscarriage. Doctors clearly state that transfer acupuncture should be performed as part of the entire procedure, not only as a unit treatment. It is possible that you have encountered treatments that should be performed 30 or 60 minutes before embryo administration or even before and after. Both of these treatments are of negligible effectiveness, and in my opinion, it is better to register well before starting the normal pregnancy-assisted acupuncture procedure, rather than relying on a miracle of one or two treatments. Even if they prove to be effective, they will work during the delivery of the embryo and for a short time after, but eventually the body will get rid of the pregnancy. Therefore, I recommend using these services very carefully, and certainly the services qualified specialist .

Can acupuncture be used during pregnancy and during what periods?

Across the East, acupuncture is used during pregnancy throughout its entire period, starting from 1 month and ending with childbirth (acupuncture for pain relieving birth – the labor itself when the meningeal anesthesia is gone and the actual labor begins) to postpartum acupuncture to support faster healing wounds. Acupuncture in pregnancy helps to maintain pregnancy by eliminating the risk of miscarriage and rejection of pregnancy by the body, helps with gastric problems, helps with pain in the spine, legs, headaches, constipation, i.e. wherever chemicals in pregnancy should not be used, helps to reduce bleeding and, finally, accelerate convalescence and wound healing so that the body returns to full strength faster. In Poland, it is recommended to use acupuncture until 4-5 months of pregnancy for patients not at risk of pregnancy. In Poland, we have not met patients who use anesthesia for childbirth only with acupuncture needles.

Can acupuncture improve semen quality in men?

Yes. Acupuncture for men’s problems improves sexual function, improving semen, sperm count and, most importantly, its mobility. The morphology is also improving.

Why is the nomenclature of acupuncture points different?

It is not different! Standard acupuncture points have their names and international markings, e.g. A, B2, C12 or their Chinese names or equivalents in other languages. At each valuable course, you should learn Chinese names and standard numerical markings of points and, most importantly, their correct location on the body. If your therapist cannot do it, then you have clearly got it wrong and I would recommend changing the “specialist”.

What are needle manipulations and when are they performed?

Needle manipulations, the so-called “Needle Manipulation”, are physical displacements of the needles after they have been placed in the patient’s body. They are performed during phase 1, i.e. Needle Insertion to lower or increase the energy at a point. Sometimes, in young children who are very hyperactive, this technique can be used when removing the needles, but not during the procedure. Each treatment ends with the removal of the needles, i.e. Needle Removal. Very young children use manipulations combined with short-term insertion of needles into a given point and quick removal of the needle combined with appropriate rotation, i.e. needle manipulation.

Is not the use of protective gloves a mistake when performing acupuncture treatments?

There are no regulations in this matter. Normally, the same rules should apply as for emergency room procedures, so appropriate gloves are a must! Unfortunately, please take a look at many hospitals in Poland and answer this question yourself. In our office, it is an obligation because we never know which patient will come for acupuncture treatments, and safety should be guaranteed for both the doctor and the patient. After October 1, 2019, there was a very important change in the law of the European Union, where the WHO recognized acupuncture as a science on a par with conventional medicine, thus there was enough evidence to support this claim. After October 1, 2019, acupuncture treatments are medical procedures and must be performed in accordance with the health and safety rules provided for such procedures.

Can you lose weight by undergoing acupuncture treatments alone?

If you lead your lifestyle and your weight is standing still or slightly hesitating, yes. However, if, despite your normal lifestyle, you gain weight, a change will be required on many levels, such as: nutrition and diet, active lifestyle, supportive treatments, no stress at work, supplementation and medications, etc. You will not get the effect if you live the same and expect extraordinary successes. Something needs to be changed now, and your health will thank you for it.

I have been trying for a child for 5 years. How can I help myself with acupuncture?

Problems with infertility are when a couple cannot have children despite regular sexual intercourse for 12 months. You have definitely exceeded this time, so it is absolutely advisable to do something in this regard. First of all, we invite you to make an appointment with professor Enji and take with you a complete set of diagnostic tests, including all the procedures that were done to increase your chances of getting pregnant. The sooner you come for a visit, the better. Acupuncture for infertility takes time and the treatment process will be monitored on an ongoing basis. In your case, if no contraindications are found, the treatment process may take from 3 to even 12 months. In very severe cases, 3-4 acupuncture sessions of 10-15 treatments are required. We take 3-6 months of break between series. These are indicative forecasts and may change during the visit. The doctor always considers each case individually.

What acupuncture points do you recommend for diarrhea?

Your question relates directly to medical procedures. I can only indicate which main points are taken into account. Please remember that it is not medical advice and should not be treated as such. All negative consequences resulting from this will be the fault of the people who use them. We have many types of diarrhea and the reasons behind it, e.g. rotavirus infection, bacterial infection, e.g. Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter; stress, poisoning with bacterial endotoxins, allergy, poisoning e.g. chemical substances, poisoning e.g. chemical agents, drug poisoning, mercury poisoning, Crohn’s syndrome, pancreatitis, hormonal problems, enteritis. You must first determine the cause of diarrhea at the first visit, and then start treatment. The acupuncture (standard) points to be considered are: gonsung, tianshu, daheng, shimen, guanyuan, zusanli, shangjuxu, xiajuxu, zhonwan, taixi (Chinese nomenclature). Personally, I would start searching with the stomach, then the spleen and the kidneys. I would use a few bonus points and specials, but only after diagnosing the cause of the diarrhea.

Can you increase your appetite for food with acupuncture?

Of course. Especially when we have bulimic patients and patients with mental problems, it is possible to increase the appetite and improve the general condition of the body. For this purpose, the points are mainly punctured on the stomach meridians, i.e. burong, zusanli, liangqi, tianshu, lingmen, chengman (Chinese nomenclature). Depending on the degree of lack of appetite, you can use herbal medicine and massages.

How can I diagnose the cause of my diarrhea myself?

If you are not able to visit the office, it is best to give your stool sample for laboratory tests. Appropriate diagnostics is not expensive, and you will certainly tell what caused these problems. You can confirm the results of the research report to us at the office how symptoms persist or recur.

Can jing energy be renewed with acupuncture?

Unfortunately not. It is an energy belonging to the so-called the three most important energies in the human body. With the help of acupuncture, it is possible to influence its purification and regulation by acting on specific points of the kidneys, adrenal glands and stomach. However, we will do nothing if the patient’s health is generally poor. First you need to increase the body’s resistance, and then start the proper treatments. Jing is said to be inherited from parents at conception a little like DNA, but it’s not the same. Jing in Western medicine is misunderstood as male and female sperm. Jing can be understood as innate, vital or prenatal energy. Acupuncture is the only known and proven method that affects these aspects. This is best illustrated by nuclear medicine in its research.

My child is silent and speaks very little. Can acupuncture help?

Yes. You have to rule out any other reasons why your child is not speaking. If the doctor in charge of the pediatrician agrees to acupuncture treatments, we kindly invite you. There are at least 15 points that work in similar cases. In children, this may be due to character, neurophysiological or energetic problems. We will have to perform several tests on the spot, but this is the case for acupuncture treatment.

I live far away, can you give me some points that may be helpful in treating the lack of speech?

Unfortunately not. We cordially invite you to visit us in the office together with your child as the doctor agrees to such methods. If the child is underage, the lady signs the consent to the treatment. You must be present with your child during the procedures. The entire unit procedure may take approximately 1.5-2 hours. However, if you are not able to come to us, your therapist should take into account the following basic points: GTR15 (yamen), GRT4, and a few points on additional meridians. Basically, however, these two points should already give directions for using the others. Experienced acupuncturist – the doctor will surely know how to guide you. In the case of a very severe disease, it will be advisable to perform about 3 series of treatments with an interval of 2-3 months. The entire procedure can therefore take approximately 12 months. The first effects should be visible after about 30-60 days. A permanent therapeutic effect should occur after the first series of treatments within 90 days from the end of the first treatment.

Why is prophylactic acupuncture so good?

Acupuncture is the only known and scientific method of regulating the energy flow in the patient’s body. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized acupuncture and Chinese medicine as science. It was clear to us long before the official announcement of this decision. Acupuncture and the acupuncture diagnostic system, including pulse examination and medical history, allow to determine the deficiencies or excesses of energy in the body. On this basis, acupuncture needles can be used to regulate, increase or decrease it. The acupuncture treatment regulates the energy states in the body, which has been clearly demonstrated by nuclear medicine. If the patient has a large excess of energy, which will come out during the first visit, you can perform, for example, cosmetic acupuncture treatments, where the energy (its excess) will be used for aesthetic purposes, which will not adversely affect the general condition of the patient.

Why are conventional medicine doctors unable to diagnose by pulse?

The point is not that they can’t, just that no one has taught them. Pulse diagnostics requires years of study, trial and error. This is a type of palpation diagnosis where the doctor feels the pulse on the acupuncture points on the hands (mainly). A good doctor can read about 40 types of pulse and on this basis assess the patient’s health. The types of pulse are very similar and will be recognized as one pulse for most people with no experience. A Chinese medicine doctor will read in the pulse, for example, types of diseases that the patient has undergone, threats of future diseases, energy deficiencies or excesses, blood infections and other aspects. Pulse testing is not the same as testing with a measuring device, e.g. a pressure gauge. This is a completely different type of examination and has nothing to do with the traditional “TCM Diagnosis by Pulse” examination. It can take up to 3-5 years to learn pulse diagnostics. As a Chinese medicine doctor acquires medical knowledge, he is also taught diagnostics by the pulse in the clinical dimension. This is not just knowledge gained in books, but knowledge supported by experience in working with patients and specific diseases. There are no schools in Poland that are able to teach these methods at the appropriate level.

Why are the acupuncture points located on the meridians?

Not all acupuncture points are located on the meridians. There are a lot of additional, special, characteristic, typical, special points that do not lie on the course of the meridians. Science has proven that there are many more biologically active acupuncture points on the Maridian route, i.e. with more than 10 times greater bioelectric properties and relatively lower resistance when it comes to surrounding points. Therefore, certain body merdians have the most acupuncture points. Even points within 2 mm of the meridans, and not on them, have completely different physical properties.

Is acupuncture effective in treating Altzheimer's disease?

Yes. Acupuncture achieves very good therapeutic effects in the treatment of similar ailments. Points to consider: Dadu, Taiching, Taixi, Touwei, Baihui. You can also use ear acupuncture (auriculotherapy). If the patient has the form of an aggressive disease, it is important to ensure the safety of the procedure by the presence of a relative or a caregiver.

Can acupuncture be used during pregnancy?

Of course. We often see erroneous descriptions that pregnancy is a contraindication to acupuncture treatments. If we are dealing with a pregnancy that is not at risk, acupuncture is recommended. You must then avoid certain points that will actually be inappropriate in this state. This only applies to advanced pregnancy, i.e. from 5-6 months. For women with frequent miscarriages, acupuncture should be used to maintain the pregnancy. In Austria, women’s acupuncture treatments are reimbursed by the state and highly recommended for women. It is so natural that over 90% of women use these methods.

Can cosmetic acupuncture help with mouth wrinkles?

Yes. In similar cases, if there are no contraindications that need to be excluded, cosmetic acupuncture is used on the St and TH meridians (European nomenclature). Points are often used: St 5, St 6, St 7, St 9. Distal points: St 36, LI 4, St 44, GB 34, GB 41, Du 26, Ren 23. In subsequent cosmetic acupuncture treatments, the points are selected different. The first effects should be visible about 2 weeks after the treatments.

What is your opinion on chiropractic?

I am not a supporter of similar methods. Chiropractic practice may be appropriate in very specific circumstances and is not part of TCM. These practices allow you to deal with various dysfunctions mainly of the motor organs, but in my opinion only when it comes to back pain from the spine. I advise you to analyze the experience of your therapist in great detail, because mobilization often used in chiropractic without sufficient knowledge about the patient’s health condition may harm him, and not bring relief. Such methods should be used by therapists with extensive clinical experience and under the supervision of specialist physicians. After each session related to, for example, setting the vertebrae, an appropriate diagnostic examination would be advisable. The alleged relief that often accompanies people undergoing similar treatments is often increasing the problems with which the patient came for help.

I was visiting another clinic, not yours. The therapist has opened energy channels on all meridians for me. It's been 2 months now and I don't know what to do? The channels have not been closed and I feel faint. What should I do?

Unfortunately, we are unable to help you. Please report to your attending physician as soon as possible. He should take appropriate action immediately. The energy channels, if properly opened, should also be properly closed after the end of therapy. There is no point in opening all the channels in one go. The exception is anti-smoking acupuncture or addiction to alcohol or stimulants. The human body after the so-called After opening the meridians, it cleans up much faster, but it also succumbs to viruses, fungi or, worst of all, to the means with which we want to fight, i.e. nicotine. One of the worst things we can do is reach for cigarettes during the anti-smoking treatment. This can cause vomiting, dizziness, fainting, sweating and palpitations. We recommend choosing therapists very carefully. Acupuncture is safe when used by professionals.

I went to a Chinese doctor who told me I had an excess of YIN. What does it mean?

If you have been to a Chinese medicine doctor, he should explain what it means, and if you had any doubts, ask. Typical symptoms of an excess of YIN in the body are: face color – dull, pale, gray with a predominance of dark colors. The face is not alive, springy. Bends / gives hard when force is applied. The face is “poor”, it does not shine. Frequent accompanying symptoms are: general body fatigue, lack of willingness to act, weakness, dullness. The patient is often quiet, withdrawn, even depressed. The patient’s abdomen is very tense and painful – the symptoms often disappear during a warm bath or warm touch. A patient’s urine with excess YIN is light in color. The patient gives power frequently, copiously without problems. The patient’s tongue during the test is also light in color, and the pulse examination shows the so-called “weak” or “small” pulse in the main characteristic. It can also be mentioned that a patient with a significant excess of YIN often defecates with a loose stool, often with visible food debris in the stool. Prevention: performing standard acupuncture taking into account specific acupuncture points. Recommended number of treatments: about 10. First effects: up to one month after the end of the therapeutic series. In this regard, you can use natural herbs that are properly selected in specific cases.

Shouldn't Qi Gong be recommended for every acupuncture treatment?

Qi Gong is an exercise system devised by Professor Yu, the aim of which is to improve the flow of Qi energy in the body, breathing exercises and defense exercises. All this combines martial arts techniques with meditation and is a homogeneous repetitive set of exercises. Many older people do such exercises every day and therefore enjoy good health for years. The purpose of Qi Gong in Chinese beliefs is also to lower the Qi energy to the Dantian point below the navel. Recommendations of such exercises for acupuncture procedures are not justified in most cases.

Can a point massage be performed alternately with acupuncture?

By point massage we mean acupressure. Acupressure can be performed interchangeably with acupuncture when, for example, people are afraid of needles or in the case of very young children. However, the impact of point massage on the body is much less noticeable and the healing effects are smaller. To achieve a similar result with acupressure, you need to perform 5 times more treatments.

During my travels in China, I encountered periodic acupuncture - a series of treatments for summer and a series of treatments for winter. Can you please say something about it?

Yes, that’s a very popular approach in China. People who can afford acupuncture treatments undergo them periodically. Generally spring / fall or summer / winter. These are preventive treatments aimed at increasing the body’s immunity. A very common recent trend is single acupuncture booster treatments once a week or once every two weeks. Studies have shown that this approach produces the best therapeutic effects of prophylactic importance.

Can acupuncture help in the fight against coronavirus in Poland?

Yes. It is a very good method of increasing the body’s resistance, and therefore resistance to viruses, bacteria and fungi. However, this does not exempt people from basic safety rules, such as frequent hand washing or wearing special disposable protective masks. Such masks should be worn for no longer than 30 minutes, after which they should be properly removed and disposed of. Protective masks should contain a HEPA filter and, most importantly, should be worn by sick (not healthy) people. In POZ, they should be standard equipment in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices.

Are there always a lot of needles in cosmetic acupuncture?

Yes. About 30 needles are placed in the initial treatments. As the patient gets used to the treatments, their number increases up to 100. It all depends on the effect we want to achieve. It is not said that the more needles on the face, the better. The most important thing is the appropriate treatment schedule and its changes during treatment. If we notice that certain parts of the face respond better to the needles, we leave those parts alone and move on to the parts that are more resistant. Cosmetic acupuncture takes so long because placing all the needles in the body in the right places and a small amount of space for manipulation makes this procedure very specialized. It can be mentioned here that in cosmetic acupuncture, micro-needles and special needles for the face are also used, which are over two times thinner and are made of precious metals such as gold, silver, surgical steel and sometimes platinum and other metals. There are also treatments cosmetic acupuncture for people allergic to certain metals. This information must be provided to the doctor during first visit .

Why is it necessary to come for the first visit before the procedures?

There are no admissions in our office for any patients for treatments without the need to undergo the so-called “qualification for acupuncture treatments” contained in first visit. How can people be treated without establishing a detailed medical history, all indications and contraindications for treatment. Offices that admit patients without a detailed analysis of their health condition should be avoided. During treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine methods, the therapist pays attention to: medical history, past and present ailments, medications taken, the meridian theory (TCM), the theory of organs and the theory of Five Elements together with Yin-Yan. In many traditional medicine, these terms have different names, but they generally refer to the same diagnostic system based on a holistic approach to the disease and the body’s automatic return to its natural homeostasis (equilibrium). The first visit before starting acupuncture treatment is mandatory. First visit cost is added to the cost of treatments.

Can acupuncture and Chinese medicine be effective in treating and preventing COVID-19?

Yes. The China Health Agency has published a report on the coronavirus on its website. In this dossier, 300 scientists have mandated the mandatory use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and special herbal mixtures as a coronavirus prevention. Scientists at the University of Traditional Medicine in China have released a list of the immune points recommended for acupuncture treatments at different stages of viral development. These points are well known to us, but due to the coronavirus epidemic and the regulation of the Prime Minister regarding quarantine, we decided to submit to this requirement. We cordially invite you when everything calms down. Until then, we recommend the natural increase of immunity with the means at our disposal. We encourage you to read our presentation on coronavirus .

Why during pregnancy in Poland, acupuncture procedures are not performed as in other civilized countries such as: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England?

In fact, in Austria, pregnant women can undergo acupuncture treatments until the 6th month of pregnancy and in the 9th month (analgesic acupuncture). All of this is paid for by health insurance premiums. I think that in Poland there is still a long way to go to this state of affairs. In Poland, most acupuncturists do not accept pregnant women as they consider them “disabled”. Many doctors provide false information that pregnancy is a contraindication to acupuncture. Nothing could be more wrong. In Poland, acupuncture treatments should be ordered by the attending physician. The indications are usually the so-called “Pregnancy pathologies” or “endangered pregnancies”. The most similar procedures are performed in women trying to have children, in vitro procedures and frequent miscarriages.

Is it possible for the needles to fall out on their own after auriculotherapy treatment?

They shouldn’t have fallen out by themselves. If it is an in-office procedure, sometimes the needle falls out by itself. The reason for this condition is the shallow location of the needle due to the characteristics of the acupuncture point or accidental hooking with the hand or outer clothing. Such situations are not a problem. It is enough to inform the doctor about this fact, and he will insert the needle in its place or change the point to another.

The needles in the ears (auriculotherapy) came out by themselves. What should I do?

The situation is very unlikely. The needles could be mechanically moved either by hand or when removing clothes, for example. We recommend that you contact your doctor to put the needles back in place. In auriculotherapy treatments for various ailments, a lot of needles are used with which they are used for several days. During this time, it is not recommended to wash the ears, swim or make cosmetics in the areas undergoing the procedure because this may cause the removal of special surgical patches holding the needles in the ears.

I am very afraid of all types of needles. How can I best combat my fear? In the movie "Cheat Destiny 5" there is a scene where an actor is killed during an acupuncture treatment. Is injuries as shown in this video possible?

Unfortunately, we will not comment on the film scenes because it is an artistic fiction and has nothing to do with reality. When it comes to the fear of treatments, it should completely disappear after the first treatment. Acupuncture made by a specialist does not hurt, it is pleasant, and the well-being after it is simply great.

What happens if you forget to remove the needles after auriculotherapy treatment?

The patient can be trained to remove the needles on his own or come to the office to remove them from the ears. If the needles were theoretically transferred for a long time, it could result in dysregulation of the body’s functions, intensification of pain outbreaks at certain points, inappropriate therapeutic changes in the treatment of specific diseases, development of inflammation or even fungal conditions. Auriculotherapy needles are made of the so-called surgical steel that does not cause skin allergies, so they can stay in the body for much longer, like injection needles or cannulas. They should not be left for longer than 14-20 days without replacing them with new ones.

Can degenerative diseases be treated with acupuncture?

Yes. Both traditional acupuncture and Chinese acupuncture have a lot to offer in this area. The following points are especially recommended: Juliao, Huantiao, Zhibian, Kunlung, Chengshan, Ququan, Zuwuli, Jimen. You can also use points located on the auricle. According to experts from the Oxford School of Acupuncture, the latter method, due to its simplicity, is gaining a large group of supporters.

Can painful menstruation be treated in a young person with acupuncture?

Yes. It is a moderately effective method, but provided that it is used regularly, it gives good results in relieving menstrual pain. The points the therapist should take into account are: Shenmen (Heart 7), Taichong (Liver 3), Guanyuan (Renmai 4), Shenmen (Heart 7). In addition, you can also successfully use combinations of points: Ciliao, Shangliao, Zhongliao, Xialiao. In difficult cases, you can use the so-called meridians. “Magical”.

How many points are there on the meridians?

Depending on the acupuncture system, they are in the range from 361-380. Sometimes this number is increased by additional points that are not in line with the meridians. Chinese medicine specialists know about 500 of all points well scientifically documented. However, points are used that have no negative side effects and their curative value is measurable. The use of points from outside the basic list requires a lot of knowledge and experience, which you will not get to know in standard courses or training in the field of acupuncture.

In what percentage do the Chinese use acupuncture treatment in China?

The Chinese are very eager to reach for acupuncture and Eastern medicine. In virtually every ailment that prevents normal functioning, a Chinese will first see a traditional medicine doctor, and only then a conventional doctor. As a percentage, this looks like 80% to 20% in favor of academic medicine.

I am sick with cancer. Can acupuncture help me?

A very hard question. Everything depends on the stage of the disease, its type, metastasis, etc. When it comes to palliative treatment, yes. You must contact your doctor regarding treatment to see if such measures are advisable or not. Taking rash decisions about this can have bad consequences. The doctor must always be guided by the best interests of the patient, and in such cases a careful case analysis and selection of the best treatment route is required.

I met doctors in another office who treat cancer diseases with acupuncture for PLN 600-1000. Is this normal?

Unfortunately, you have not written what country this price applies to. When it comes to Dubai, Switzerland and even England, the prices given by you are right and correct. In Poland, the price range for specialist doctors is approximately 1/3 of this amount. Why is the price so high? In TCM, the doctor, before placing the needles, each time performs a pulse test and on this basis selects points and performs the procedure. The condition of the patient may be different with each procedure, so the points must be selected anew. The anti-cancer acupuncture treatment may take about 1.5 hours with the visit. In our clinic, such treatments cost PLN 110 for one session, approx. 45 min. The price does not include the cost of the first visit, which is charged once before a series of treatments – price list of acupuncture treatments .

Do you practice traditional caress? Is bloodletting practiced by you?

Unfortunately not. Our office is suitable only for acupuncture treatments. Blood sampling or cauterization are not used here. The procedure you mention requires breaking the continuity of the skin and specialized medical equipment in case something goes wrong, therefore we do not do similar procedures.

After what time can I start to be treated at your clinic if I have been to acupuncture elsewhere?

We understand that you have just completed a series of treatments in another acupuncture room. If you want to use acupuncture again, but this time in our clinic, you will be able to do it after a break of 3 months. This is the standard time after which standard acupuncture can be used again. In other cases and for consultation purposes, you may contact us without undue delay.

How can I tell if acupuncture is working for me? I have the intention to avail of these services.

Acupuncture acts on the body through specific point patterns used to treat medical conditions. During acupuncture treatments you should feel relieved when it comes to pain. Most patients feel better during the first 3 treatments. Treatment of associated or chronic conditions may require more acupuncture series. In the most difficult cases, treatment may take several years and requires regularity, adherence to medical recommendations and individual susceptibility to treatments. There are 5% of people for whom these methods do not work or work poorly. Most of these people, however, have serious internal health conditions or serious mental illness.

Is auriculotherapy as effective as body acupuncture?

Auriculotherapy is special ear needles, and acupuncture is a therapeutic and therapeutic procedure aimed at treating specific diseases. Auriculotherapy is used in smoking cessation treatments, attempts to break with alcohol or any type of addiction. In the treatment of typical ailments, it is not often used because it coincides with the points in classic acupuncture. In difficult cases of paresis, lack of surface sensation or numbness of the limbs, it can be used together with body acupuncture. Every specialist in traditional medicine will know how to properly use these methods and when to use them for the benefit of the patient. The advantage of auriculotherapy and acupuncture is their high safety and virtually zero side effects. These methods can be used by people who are taking regular blood pressure medications or psychiatric medications.

Could you name ailments in which only acupuncture can help?

Acupuncture heals many ailments. As with conventional treatment, the best results are achieved when using it prophylactically as the prevention of future diseases. Acupuncture itself can only help, for example, in the atrophy of the optic nerve, in the case of neuralgia: the trigeminal nerve, in the case of post-hepatitis, in the case of post-hepatitis, where drugs only have an auxiliary effect.

Do you offer coupons or vouchers for treatments in your surgery?

No. Providing coupons or vouchers is pointless. Our office is a professional place to treat many ailments using traditional medicine and acupuncture methods. So it is very difficult to say whether the patient would need a voucher for the first visit and, for example, 3 or 5 acupuncture treatments. The doctor determines all these things during the first visit. There is no point in purchasing treatment coupons in advance.

What is the best time to report before IVF treatments to increase your chance of getting pregnant and keeping it?

The best time is: 3 months before trying artificial insemination. Please bear in mind the long waiting time for the first appointment. Acupuncture treatments without medical consultation are not possible.

During the treatments, the doctor held my hand by the wrist. What does it mean?

Very often, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine examines the pulse before, during and after acupuncture. This is to monitor changes taking place in the body and possible signals to other actions, e.g. during smoking cessation, patients very often have pressure fluctuations caused by a drop in sugar. After placing the needles in the body, the doctor monitors the patient’s condition, preventing the body’s strong reactions to nicotine.

Do you have any recommendations on how to prepare for acupuncture treatment?

During the first visit you will be thoroughly explained and how best to prepare for acupuncture treatments. Our main recommendations are: 1. Coming to the procedure at a certain time without rushing. 2. Turn off or silence mobile devices and phones 3. If it is possible to remove the watch that is pressing the wrist and the rings or the things tightly pressing the body. 4. Use of the toilet if necessary. 5. Not eating large meals or drinking plenty of fluids 6. Not consuming energy drinks and strong pharmaceutical drugs affecting the central nervous system.

Is professor Enji with the person during the entire acupuncture treatment?

Yes. Professor Enji both performs and monitors every acupuncture treatment.

I have been struggling with the "dry mouth" effect since I was a child. Can acupuncture help me?

Yes. On the PUBMED.GOV website you will find about 150 scientific papers and translations on the impact of acupuncture on this ailment. Dry mouth, functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, e.g. reflux, nausea, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases, obesity, diabetes, gout or gallstone disease are common comorbidities or occurring when people do not pay attention to their own warnings the body. Traditional medicine doctors pay special attention to such things. There are many ways to deal with such ailments in TCM medicine, starting with acupuncture, diet, specific exercises or herbal medicine.

Professor, I am not your patient, but I am asking for your advice. I am treated in another acupuncture room outside Warsaw and for some time I have felt a lot of local itching, especially after acupuncture treatments. What should I do?

From what you write, these are your first experiences with acupuncture. It is best if you ask your acupuncturist about the type of needles that are used, i.e. “The name of the needles”, “their length and width”, “the type of metal or material the needle is made of” and the date of manufacture / production. It may be that you are allergic to the ingredient the needles are made of: metal, platinum, silver, gold, surgical steel, etc., and this causes local itching. It would be advisable to go to the primary care physician (dermatologist) and ask if it could be an effect related to acupuncture. In general, changing to a different needle type should do the trick. In our practice, we have encountered several cases of allergic reactions to the ingredients of needles, although we have never experienced anything like this since we use CLOUD & DRAGON needles. If the skin in the area where the needles are located is red and the effect lasts longer than 2 hours, the treatments should be discontinued, as there is a high probability that you are allergic to metals. If you felt itchy on your body and your skin was not reddened, changing needles to other ones, e.g. surgical steel and double sterilized needles should do the trick. In very few cases of particular hypersensitivity to treatments or mental phobias (psychiatric diseases), similar effects may also occur. In such cases, it is recommended to use other types of acupuncture: needle-free, point massage, moxa, ball acupuncture.

What is the most important quality of a good acupuncturist?

The most important trait of a good doctor and a good acupuncturist is experience and practical clinic.

How long does it take to heal a "tennis elbow" with acupuncture?

Ailments such as: heel spur, degenerative changes in joints, strains, tears and ruptures of tendons, strains, tears and ruptures of ligaments, synovial bursitis, jumper’s knee and runner’s knee, golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow are treated very well with traditional medicine methods. Depending on the case, treatment of the diseases may take from 3 to 12 months. Real improvement in health should occur about a month after the end of the first series of treatments. In difficult cases and prophylactic neglect, treatment may be significantly extended and require the use of other supportive methods and pharmacotherapy.

I was at a therapist in another city who used 5-element acupuncture, but inserted a maximum of 5 needles. Is this the correct approach?

5 Element Acupuncture involves the location of a small number of needles in the body to maximize therapeutic effects. You will achieve the best results by combining acupuncture of the five elements with traditional (Chinese) acupuncture. The number of needles in the body will increase, but the healing process will also be faster. In our opinion, you need to use more needles to cover the entire meridian. Therapists often save on these things, explaining that it is not advisable. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Have you used acupuncture on animals, and if so, on what?

As a professor of traditional medicine, I have used veterinary acupuncture on animals many times, both during my medical studies and later in clinical practice. We had special workshops where we were transported sick animals and we tried to help them. The effects were different, but in a large number of cases it was possible to help. For those who failed – it was caused by the animal being delivered too late for the treatment or the treatment being discontinued. Animals on which I practiced: cats, dogs, racehorses, exhibition animals. We do not offer treatments on animals in my office, but I had such experience and we are still looking after the racing horses of one of the Warsaw breeders. For the sake of curiosity, I will say that for large animals such as horses, sometimes there are 100 needles in the border :-). It may look funny, but it really helps. It is a proof that we are not so different from animals, and that acupuncture can help them too.

Can acupuncture be combined with magnetic waves?

We understand that it is about treating minor injuries to the musculoskeletal system? If so, you can combine acupuncture with these methods. However, it is important not to perform these procedures at the same time .

Can acupuncture preventively support lung treatment?

Yes. Especially during the so-called The “coronavirus epidemic” is important about strengthening this body. Eastern Medicine has a lot to offer in this field, from herbs to acupuncture treatments. The Chinese Ministry of Health published a report recommending the use of certain acupuncture points on the body in patients suspected of carrying the SARS-CoV2 virus, in patients who have already contracted the infection, and in patients with severe complications and patients with so-called “LONG TERM COVID19”, that is with long-term post-vaginal complications.

How long does it take to heal acupuncture in "pokowidowych% ?

This is a very difficult question. SARS-CoV2, which causes COVID19, attacks patients in very different ways. Due to the fact that in our opinion it is a virus artificially grown in a laboratory, its effect varies depending on the people it comes into contact with: in the elderly it is severe and external ventilation is often required, in middle-aged people, if not have additional diseases (hypertension, overweight, etc.), it is generally tolerable (temperature, chills, pain in muscles and joints, fatigue), usually asymptomatic in young people. Answering your question, it seems that COVID19 mutates and supports the body by strengthening immunity, the recommendation is for the entire period of the epidemic. The most important thing is to follow the WHO recommendations on this matter. WHO officially recommends the use of prophylactic acupuncture and traditional medicine in the treatment of lung diseases and in the treatment of COVID19 at all stages of its advancement.

I went to acupuncture "kosmetycznej% 22 in a beauty salon but you were not an acupuncturist. It was an office in another city close to my home address. Can such methods help me or can they harm me?

We advise against using offices where the staff cannot boast of graduating from certain profile schools confirming the acquired skills. Mrs. “Acupuncturist” is actually a beautician from your description, not a qualified person for specific treatments. The fact that micro currents act on the skin of the face can be confirmed in terms of beneficial aspects for the health of your skin, but only if these are treatments performed by a person who knows what he is doing. Placing the needles accidentally on the skin can move acupuncture points, which will have a negative effect and the effect will be opposite. If you also have skin ailments about which you wrote, the more you need to approach the subject reasonably. Treatment with acupuncture for specific diseases only makes sense after a proper diagnosis, a well-established treatment method and the patient’s compliance with medical recommendations.

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