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  • Frequently asked questions – Acupuncture

    • Does sticking needles hurt?

      No. The needles are extremely thin - they are about 0.25 mm in diameter. So they are much thinner than the needles used, e.g. for injections. They are also introduced by special methods that make prick not feel. Sometimes you may feel a slight prick in painful places, but they should not be too uncomfortable.

    • Is acupuncture safe?

      Yes. The needles are very thin and flexible, the probability of fracture is virtually zero. There is also no possibility of damage to internal organs. However, for the procedure to be effective, it must be performed by a qualified acupuncturist, preferably with experience.

    • How long does the procedure take?

      About 30 minutes, however the first treatment takes longer. The doctor must accurately diagnose the patient and determine the individual course of therapy.

    • Can I get any disease during the procedure?

      No. The needles are sterile and used only once after the ordinance of the Minister of Health. So there is no danger of contracting anything from other patients.

    • How many needles are used up in one treatment?

      It all depends on the patient and his problems that the acupuncturist has to deal with, but most often consumes from a few to several needles. Most needles are used for cosmetic and aesthetic acupuncture treatments.

    • Can acupuncture leave marks on the skin?

      Yes. Sometimes it happens that the needle breaks the blood vessel and a small hematoma is formed in this place, which, however, disappears after a few days.

    • How many treatments do I have to undergo?

      10 treatments are standard, 2-3 times a week. During the therapy, the number of treatments taking place weekly may decrease. It all depends on how the patient responds to therapy.

    • Can complications occur after the procedure?

      Usually, there are no complications, but sometimes it happens that bruises appear in puncture places, but they disappear after a few days. Slight dizziness and discomfort at puncture sites may also occur. Sometimes, if the patient is very sensitive or stressed, collapse may occur. However, these are very rare accidents. Some people feel drowsy after the procedure.

    • How to prepare for the procedure?

      Before acupuncture, do not eat too much, and do not eat for an hour or two after the procedure. Also, do not get upset, rush or stress. Effort immediately after acupuncture is also not recommended. If we come to the first visit, it is worth taking with you all the medical documentation and medical history, if any.

    • Can I undergo other therapies and take medications during acupuncture treatments?

      Yes. There are no contraindications to this. Acupuncture is very often used in parallel with other therapies, e.g. acupressure or the use of herbs. It is always better, however, to notify your doctor about your medication.

    • Does acupuncture work on everyone?

      Unfortunately not. Ok. 10% of the population is not very susceptible to this method. Therapy may also be of little effect if we do not inform the doctor about medications, pregnancy or addictions.

    • Can Acupuncture Cure Addictions?

      Yes. It not only supports people giving up smoking or in rehab, but also people struggling with overweight, depression or neurosis.

    • Can you come to the acupuncture treatment upset?

      High levels of agitation or stress prior to acupuncture are not recommended. It is better to choose a different time or wait until the symptoms stop.

    • When should the effects be expected after acupuncture treatments?

      Acupuncture is a holistic method - healing the whole body. The first effects can be felt immediately after the procedure, and the therapeutic effects last up to 3-5 months after the last series.

    • Can acupuncture treatments be performed without end?

      No. Acupuncture, like any treatment, is tiring for the body. As a rule, a series of 5-25 treatments in one is performed. After this time, it is recommended to take a break from 1 to 6 months to regenerate the body.

    • Can acupuncture be used during pregnancy?

      Yes. Pregnancy is not a contraindication to acupuncture treatment. However, the pregnancy doctor should always decide on such treatments. In China, acupuncture treatments are used to support pregnancy for women up to 3 months and in 8-9 months as analgesic therapy and even anesthesia for childbirth.

    • Do needle types matter for the therapeutic effect of the procedure?

      Currently, the level of needle production and the materials from which they are made are very professional. Your doctor always decides about the use of specific needles for treatment. For example: better conductive needles for electro-acupuncture.

    • What are the age limits for using acupuncture?

      The textbooks give data from 3 to 75 years. In fact, such limits do not exist, and the use of acupuncture is always decided by a doctor or therapist. In our office, the youngest patients are 7 years old, and there is no upper age limit.

    • How do you choose a good acupuncturist?

      The factors that testify to the professionalism of a doctor are: the type of university completed, courses and symposia, scientific titles, age and experience of the doctor, as well as the desire to improve their professional qualifications. The deciding factor is often age and clinical practice.

    • Is acupuncture in sport effective?

      Yes. Currently, the best international class players regularly use the help of acupuncturist therapists in their sports career.

    • Can acupuncture treatments be stopped at any time?

      Yes. Exceptions are anti-nicotine and anti-alcohol acupuncture treatments as well as drug addiction. However, the previously completed cycle will not have the intended effect or the effect will be limited.

    • Can acupuncture be combined with conventional medicines?

      Yes. He has no contraindications for this, but you should inform your doctor before taking the medicine.

    • Is it possible to undergo surgery after extensive physical exertion?

      This is not recommended unless you are a competitive athlete. It is recommended for normal people to undergo the procedure after proper rest.

    • If I have large skin wounds, can I undergo acupuncture?

      Lack of skin continuity, cuts or skin defects are a contraindication to acupuncture. However, the attending physician should decide if the procedure can be used. If the patient is stable, points with replacement action not being in the area of ​​skin damage are selected.

    • I learned that I was pregnant in the 4th month. I am undergoing acupuncture treatments. What should I do?

      Pregnancy is not a contraindication to surgery. In China, women have been receiving treatments up to the last months. They often decide to have anesthesia for labor using acupuncture needles - without meningitis. If you are pregnant, please inform the doctor performing the procedure about this fact.

    • Can I eat and drink before acupuncture?

      It is recommended that you arrive for a relatively uneaten treatment, i.e. do not eat heavy meals. Two hours of fasting before surgery are enough. You can drink without restrictions.

    • Can I get acupuncture with AIDS?

      Yes of course. However, you must inform your doctor immediately before the procedure.

    • I am after a broken leg and want to use acupuncture to accelerate wound healing. When can I start the treatment?

      The acupuncturist must have access to the leg, i.e. the cast should be removed. In China, an antagonistic method is used, which consists of puncturing a healthy leg while the other leg is in a cast. However, it is necessary to consult a physician about whether such methods can be used. Generally, convalescence acupuncture is used immediately after plaster removal.

    • Is period / menstruation a contraindication to acupuncture?

      It depends on the patient's well-being. If you feel strong, you can do this. However, it is worth informing your doctor before the procedure. You can also move the visit a few days ahead when the problem no longer occurs and the treatment can be continued.

    • I am after several acupuncture treatments performed in England. I want to continue with your office?

      Unfortunately, this is not possible. Treatments already started in another office should be finished there. Each doctor has his own methods and points he uses. It is not advisable to interfere with other doctors in the already started treatment! You may come to us after the transitional period, which usually lasts 3-6 months, with recommendations (listed in the points you were recommended), but we cannot guarantee that our doctors will use them.

    • Can acupuncture be used to increase the chance of becoming pregnant?

      Definitely yes. Treatments should be started a few months before the intercourse (applies to natural methods of procreation). For women in vitro, the matter looks more complicated.

    • Is sports acupuncture used in weightlifting?

      We have already had a variety of patients training different disciplines. Heavy sports are one of the most injured ones, and acupuncture is used mainly as faster regeneration of the body. There are also topics of pain of various types: back, legs, spine and hands. Joint joints carrying above average loads also often suffer.

    • What is the five elements acupuncture?

      It is one of the types of Chinese acupuncture mainly taught to European therapists because of its well-established form and learning pattern. It is based on similar aspects as other types of acupuncture, which currently is about a hundred but is more time-consuming. In the five elements acupuncture is limited to the minimum number of needles used. Common treatment points are often used. This type of acupuncture is not combined with other types, and the therapist, as a rule, does not change the points selected once for others. Acupuncture treatment of 5 elements is short and usually does not exceed 10 minutes. Often used in children.

    • Can acupuncture harm the body?

      Yes of course. The therapist, however, deliberately guides the well-being of the patient and if he has the right knowledge and education, there are practically no side effects. This is a very secure method. To harm someone you need to know exactly where such points are, so even a person who probably would like to harm could not because they would not know where these points are located. Blinding needles blindly will not do anything and will not have any therapeutic effect.

    • Do you need to take acupuncture in series?

      There are many acupuncture schools but generally acupuncture should be used in series if you have time and finances. In this way we will achieve the best healing effects. However, there are acupuncture schools that use the method you mention. In my opinion, it is better to do this one treatment a month as you do nothing and leave the condition alone. Chinese doctors often use so-called booster treatments, which are also performed in an amount of 1-2 per month after the main series (allergies, alopecia, neurosis, problems falling asleep).

    • I have just finished acupuncture treatments. When can I expect results?

      Everything depends on the body's individual predispositions to equalize energy (natural homeostasis). It is assumed that the therapeutic effect of acupuncture works actively up to 3 months after the end of the series, and passively up to 6 months. In one case, the effects can be fast and happen overnight, and in the other time is required. So it's good to observe changes in the body and inform your doctor about them during follow-up visits.

    • Is it possible to undergo acupuncture treatment as a preventive measure?

      Yes. In China, people enjoy long and good health thanks to prevention in this preventive acupuncture treatment. In Poland, these methods are only gaining their supporters, but the first successes are mainly observed in the field of immunity, allergies and periodic allergies.

    • Can acupuncture be used in children with ADHD?

      However, such treatments are carried out in stages so as not to change the child's natural behavior. Before acupuncture, it is necessary to properly diagnose whether the patient really has hyperactivity. It is mandatory to provide all the child's medical records where such a complaint is confirmed.

    • Can I improve my memory with acupuncture?

      Not only memory but the possibility of acquiring knowledge by increasing brain activity, blood supply to it and affecting better oxygen absorption. For this purpose, several classic acupuncture points and special points are used. It is important that the patient is relatively healthy, rested and unstressed before the procedures.

    • Can I cure disease states I may not know about acupuncture?

      Yes - one of the main advantages of acupuncture is the equalization of energy levels inside the body. The result of this effect may be the cure of ailments and diseases about which the patient may not know or has not yet been diagnosed.

    • Does Professor Enji speak Polish :-)?

      Yes of course :-). Professor Enji has lived and worked in Poland for a long time, and communication in Polish is not a problem for her. Analysis of medical records, specialized vocabulary of classical medicine and eastern medicine is a normal working day of the doctor. When you come to the office, you will not talk to the translator but to the doctor directly.

    • I was during a series of acupuncture but I stopped because of the trip - what should I do?

      Generally, if the treatment break is more than 7 days and you are at the beginning of the treatment, you can continue the treatment. In a situation where the interval is greater than 7 days, it is recommended to take about a month break after which you can repeat the treatments from the very beginning. The given scheme is standard for typical treatments. Acupuncture, anti-alcohol or weaning from stimulants should not be interrupted - open energy channels can then harm the body.

    • Can two doctors take turns on the same patient?

      We strongly advise against this. Our main principle is "A doctor who examines doing the procedures". Avoid surgeries where one doctor diagnoses and yet another sticks needles. Such situations should not take place. The second therapist may not know the patient's complaints that were mentioned during the first visit and thus may not have full knowledge about his condition.

    • What are the hygiene procedures for acupuncture?

      The most important thing should be to perform treatments with disposable needles, which are thrown away after the treatment or left to the patient as a souvenir. The second issue is the proper preparation of the patient's body for the procedure - the person should be clean and the puncture sites additionally cleaned with a special fluid. Thirdly, the doctor should use disposable gloves, which will also be disposed of after the procedure.

    • Can the needles be removed by a person other than a doctor?

      Needles after surgery should be removed by a properly trained person. It does not have to be a doctor but the person must see how it is done so as not to accidentally inflict pain on the patient. An acupuncturist is skilled at it and does it automatically and completely painlessly.

    • Can two doctors perform acupuncture together?

      Yes, it often happens when a large amount of needles is required, e.g. when combining cosmetic acupuncture and body acupuncture.

    • Can acupuncture be done on animals?

      Yes. It is a method successfully used on various animals, even large racehorses and exhibition animals. In dogs and cats, anti-epileptic or sedative treatments are most commonly used. Imagine, however, the number of needles that you sometimes stick in larger specimens, and usually one treatment does not solve the problem. There is also a problem here with calming the animal for surgery, which sometimes prevents its safe execution.

    • What if during the procedure I move and accidentally stick the needle harder into my body?

      First of all, light movement while lying with needles is possible and allowed. Secondly, sticking the needles harder is very unlikely, because they are very thin and flexible and rather bend as they enter deeper into the patient's body. A good example is acupuncture in a sitting position, where the patient moves with the needles while sitting, e.g. in a chair.

    • Are the same needles still being used for the treatment?

      No. For acupuncture only use disposable needles, double sterilized at the factory. Each needle in the package is packed separately. After each treatment, the needles are disposed of as medical waste and cannot be reused. New needles are used for the procedure.

    • Is it worth combining acupuncture with diet or exercise in the treatment process?

      Definitely yes. Traditional Chinese or Traditional Medicine involves changing the whole way of thinking, functioning every day, diet or exercise. The best healing effects are obtained when all methods are combined together. We then achieve synergy of all these elements.

    • Can acupuncture be treated with such things as lack of energy in the body, weakness or a lack of desire to do anything?

      Yes. Acupuncture can be treated or assisted in the treatment of most diseases, including those you mentioned. The big advantage is the advantage of acupuncture over other systems in the "treatment" of diseases of unknown origin.

    • Is moxa used in every procedure and is it effective?

      Moksa is not used in every treatment. Just like acupuncture, moxa is a powerful tool for Chinese medicine practitioners in the fight against disease. There are points on the body where you can use moxa and those where it is inadvisable. A good Eastern medicine doctor will know when and how to apply moksowanie.

    • How much time does acupuncture study if someone would like to learn and what schools would you recommend in Poland?

      Learning acupuncture is like learning a new medical system, it's like studying normal medicine - you need to know the same issues as classical medicine doctors plus Chinese medicine. There are no shortcuts, i.e. learning 2-3 week courses is just a joke! In Poland, we recommend two schools - one is located in Bydgoszcz and the other in Krakow. However, you will get the best education if you study traditional Chinese medicine in China, or ordinary medical studies, which last 6-9 years. Of course, we are not talking about clinical practice, which lasts about 2-5 years after graduation, i.e. the equivalent of the so-called medical internships in classical medicine. In my humble opinion, after more than 35 years of medical practice, the most important is the teacher from whom we gain knowledge, his experience and techniques and habits developed over the years in certain types of diseases.

    • Why don't you teach acupuncture at a medical university?

      I used to do didactics but I preferred to treat patients rather than teach students. In addition, clinical practice is the best test of knowledge that man has acquired over the years of study. I wanted to develop myself and not play back the already learned things. There are people who are better for didactics, and there are also those who are better at contacting patients. I chose the second way and probably good. In my life I received serious lectures at medical schools abroad but I gave up because of the big changes I would have to make to leave Poland. I did not decide on this step. Being in Poland I also received several job offers as a lecturer in so-called schools eastern medicine. They were post-secondary schools and weekend courses, so you understand. However, I know that several excellent lecturers from China have taken up this topic and are satisfied. I hope that the topic will develop, and maybe one day we will see these methods at normal medical studies in Poland. For this, however, you need big changes and a desire that I don't see at present.

    • Is acupuncture the only method used to treat patients in China?

      No. Acupuncture is one of the methods, e.g. classical medicine. In Chinese medicine, we still have acupressure, Chinese massage, glass cans, moxa, dietetics, exercises and, of course, herbal medicine. The best results are always achieved when these methods are combined together. For obvious reasons, it's sometimes impossible to consider the speed of life, the constant race for everything at work, and the widespread lack of time.

    • Can a medical visit be based only on bioresonance?

      Definitely not. Devices that are often sold for serious money in Poland will never replace a normal medical visit. These are mostly machines showing false data or information of a very similar nature. We did not meet a person who during the diagnosis of these inventions would have everything ok in the body. This "diagnostics" can be used additionally as a kind of curiosity, not as an oracle. Please do not confuse bioresonance with bioresonance.

    • Why did a friend receive a date earlier than me when signing up by phone?

      The quickest way to register a visit is to call Professor Enji directly at 607 489 251. If you have registered via email or visit booking form, it always takes longer (about 1-3 business days). In addition, people who are already patients of Prof. Enji are always served first.

    • How can I recommend a visit to Professor Enji's office?

      You can send an SMS from the number that is assigned to your patient card with this information. You can call 607489251 directly to the professor or send an email to: akupunktura@tutanota.com

    • Can acupuncture help in an emergency like a headache?

      Yes. Acupuncture can be used ad hoc in such and similar cases, e.g. sudden pain of various types and severity, headaches and dizziness, weakness and even pre-infarction.

    • How accurately are acupuncture points located?

      The measurement error is from 1-2 mm. An experienced medical doctor and acupuncturist identifies these points with perfect precision. Each standard acupuncture point has its own description and how to find it on the body. That is why sometimes acupuncturists look as if they were counting on the patient's body - it is nothing more than finding (identifying) points on meridians.

    • Can you be an acupuncturist without knowledge of human anatomy?

      No. You need to have knowledge of human anatomy in an expanded approach. Locations of bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, organs etc. are particularly important here, which later help locate acupuncture points.

    • Could you name the fields where acupuncture has documented effects?

      Welcome to the "acupuncture-research" section. There are so many translations that we would not have the life to cite them. For you, the WHO (World Health Organization) will probably be an adequate institution. In 2003, in order to prove the lack of effectiveness of acupuncture, WHO accidentally gathered evidence of its indisputable action in such fields as: high and low blood pressure, nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy (palliative medicine), some stomach conditions including ulcers of this organ, various types of ulcers and other organs, painful periods in women, dysentery, allergic rhinitis, facial pain (including postoperative), morning nausea for men and women, rheumatoid arthritis, dislocations, so-called therapy tennis elbow (sports medicine), tooth and gum pain, in therapy reducing the risk of stroke or stroke, fibromyalgia, neuralgia, postoperative convalescence, any addiction to alcohol, tobacco and drugs, various types of backache, symptoms of so-called stiff neck, vascular, multi-infarct dementia, whooping cough or whooping cough, Tourette syndrome. After this very expensive study, WHO decided on one more but the last sponsored study. The WHO also suggests that acupuncture can help in the treatment of many infections, including some urinary tract infections and hemorrhagic fever epidemics - the study was conducted in Africa on a large population of people living there. The World Health Organization in its statement recognized acupuncture as an effective method but they will no longer examine these methods due to the high costs of these procedures and the small profits for pharmaceutical companies (my personal application). Please remember that the above mentioned conditions are only a small percentage where acupuncture is effective and helps people.

    • Can acupuncture help desensitize a child?

      Yes. It is not an immediate method but it is completely safe and durable. The body creates natural immunity and is less susceptible to all allergens and allergies including periodic dusting of plants. Before starting the treatments, it is good to perform allergy tests, i.e. allergy tests for the determination of antibodies to major pollen, mold, mite and animal allergens. This is not an expensive procedure and can be performed both from the patient's blood but also by puncturing the skin and exposing its small area to specific substances. If we know exactly what we are allergic to, we can focus our treatment course on specific diseases. To undergo anti-allergic or desensitization acupuncture prophylactically requires a series of treatments in advance of the periods in which these inconveniences occur.

    • Can any regular patient in the surgery count on any discounts?

      Yes of course. From January 1, special health insurance is available, which includes both classical and traditional medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, moxa, massages and herbal medicine. Our patients can always count on favorable treatment and are always served first.

    • How many cosmetic acupuncture treatments are recommended as standard?

      Cosmetic acupuncture is a procedure focused on body aesthetics, i.e. mainly focused on the face. The number of treatments that should be performed minimally is 3. The minimum number of needles is between 20-30. Often, larger amounts of needles are used for cosmetic acupuncture, e.g. when we have visible skin unevenness, scars, etc. To give proper elasticity and vitality (rejuvenation) it would be good to do about 5-10 treatments. Due to the fact that the "feeling in the skin of the face" is greater with each procedure - the same is felt more pain because the skin is more tight, elastic and vital - so not every patient will withstand a full series of cosmetic acupuncture treatments.

    • Can cosmetic acupuncture treatments be stopped at any time?

      Yes, you can stop cosmetic acupuncture treatments at any time and there will be no negative health effects.

    • Do you need to prick your hands in case of severe pain in the hand of unknown origin in acupuncture?

      Everything depends on the disease. If these are phantom pains, accidents are not. If these are sudden pains you can use such methods but you need more information about the causes of this pain. In China, some doctors adhere to the principle that the puncture of the focus of pain itself is advisable and brings relief, and some prefer to use other points located, e.g. not on the hands. This method is called antagonistic acupuncture and is often used in post-accident recovery, where one limb is in a cast and the limb is punctured healthy.

    • The translations on your site are not complete. Can anyone fix it?

      New texts, translations and improvements to our website will be added successively. Please note that you can always use the automatic Google translator, which also gives advice in such cases. Website translations have been set to match the language of the search engine from which the customer connects to our website.

  • I went to a lot of trouble to systematize historical, holistic and scientific knowledge in relation to the achievements of Western medicine in an integrated approach in order to show you the basic principles of the effects of acupuncture treatments on our body. I focused on showing the spectrum of problems and examples of the use of needles for the treatment of various ailments and diseases. I have tried to present all this in a rather interesting way.

    Article by prof.klin.lek.med Enkhjargal Dovchin


    How does acupuncture affect our body?

    How does acupuncture affect our body?

    I went to a lot of trouble to systematize historical, holistic and scientific knowledge in relation to the achievements of Western medicine in an integrated approach in order to show you the basic principles of the effects of acupuncture treatments on our body. I focused on showing the spectrum of problems and examples of the use of needles for the treatment of various ailments and diseases. I have tried to present all this in a rather interesting way.

    Article by prof.klin.lek.med Enkhjargal Dovchin


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