Treatment acupuncture is based on hammering special, thin needles into selected points on the patient’s skin. These points are arranged along lines called meridians , that is, along the channels through which life energy flows. The stimulation of these points is achieved by manipulating needles inserted into the skin.

The principles of acupuncture are based on the dualistic concept of the universe inherent in Taoism (Jin and Jang) and its belief in the fundamental role of life energy, called Qi in Chinese.

Currently in China, millions of patients undergo this ancient treatment. It is a component of the so-called religious system Taoism , which emphasizes living in harmony with the cosmic power called Tao.

For a Chinese, the explanation of the phenomenon of recovery after acupuncture therapy is to harmonize the circulation of Qi energy and ensure the patency of its flow channels.

Acupuncture is a method whose effects are enhanced when it is combined with other therapeutic methods, such as e.g.

moxing (heat therapy by bringing a hot cigar close to the body filled with a mixture of herbs),

herbal therapy (including herbs in the therapy, helps to cleanse the body of toxins, accelerates and strengthens the effects of acupuncture),

massage (this is an additional stimulation of acupuncture points, which cement the final effect of general therapy),

electric stimulation – such a procedure is called correctly electroacupuncture and we’ll take a closer look at it in the article below.

research on the safety of acupuncture

Electroacupuncture – what is it?

Electroacupuncture is about agitation in the body shells of bioactive points through stimulation with acupuncture needles and electric current .

At the beginning, the doctor makes an interview and makes a diagnosis . On its basis, points on the body (vital points) are selected that should be stimulated for the patient to regain vitality and health. The acupuncturist sticks thin needles into them, and then prepares a device that allows the introduction of electrical stimuli.

A current flows in the wires of the electrolytic generator, which is connected to the needles placed in the patient’s body (figure below). Most often, an alternating current of an intensity in the range is used for this purpose 10-500 µA and a voltage not exceeding 5V . This current is completely safe for humans, and the procedure itself does not have any side effects, provided that it is performed by a qualified specialist .


Out of 4,441,103 acupuncture procedures, only 11 serious adverse events were reported

Depending on the disease state, different voltage and current frequencies are used, as well as different operating times, i.e. the frequency of electrical stimuli.

Usually, such a procedure takes place from 10 to 20 minutes . The longest stimulation time with current is used in chronic diseases . Then the frequency usually does not exceed 10Hz.

When the patient’s disease state is serious and advanced (e.g. neurotic attacks, nervous agitation), then a higher frequency of current is used, but the procedure is much shorter .

In order to use the electropuncture method in practice, you need to know the answers to three questions :

1. What points to stimulate?

Before starting electroacupuncture, the therapist must determine the legitimacy of such a procedure, and thus qualify for acupuncture treatments. In our office, before each series of treatments, it is required to carry out the so-called “First Medical Visit ”, where a specialist doctor will examine the patient, assess the health condition and perform certain check-ups to make a diagnosis and plan a treatment regimen. TCM diagnostics is about finding the best combination of points to improve your health. The acupuncturist must locate points on the body with an accuracy of 2 mm. It is a very difficult job that requires above-average knowledge of anatomy.

2. Where are these points?

Every traditional medicine doctor or acupuncture specialist knows what points are used to treat specific ailments. However, there are patterns that are used in specific diseases, knowledge of which put some therapists higher than others. There are no two identical patients and two identical diseases, e.g. a patient with hypertension with depression will be treated differently than a similar patient without hypertension – there are many similar relationships.

3. How to find selected points on the surface of the body?

A traditional medicine doctor spends the most time determining where the needles are to be placed. He often uses a ruler for this, which instead of centimeters has a so-called a “cum” unit for the distance. In electroacupuncture treatments it is important to designate a group of points that will be connected in pairs by wires through which the acupuncturist will pass a safe current of low intensity.

Traditional medicine doctor

It is a very difficult task, therefore: ATTENTION! Only an experienced acupuncturist can perform such a procedure!

Electroacupuncture – when to use?

Clinical trials covering many diseases have shown that electroacupuncture is most effective in combating acute and chronic pain.

in chronic diseases e.g. after a stroke, in case of muscle paresis, to stimulate the sick muscle, in case of neck and back pain, inflammation of the sciatic nerve, in arthritis, in migraine headaches, sometimes in nausea related to the use of chemotherapy, addictions (mainly alcohol and stimulants).

in acute pains – eg labor, worsening after surgical operations, pain after fractures, muscle strain, sports injuries of joints, “tinnitus”.

Unlike chemical painkillers, electroacupuncture therapy does not cause serious side effects , such as fainting, nausea, lethargy, personality changes or addiction.

The only inconvenience we can feel is slight burning and redness of the skin at first , caused by a needle sticking into a nerve. However, it disappears very quickly and is indifferent to our body.

Electroacupuncture – photos of treatments

Depending on your ailments, electroacupuncture may look different. Below are pictures for typical injuries: muscle atrophy and nerve damage, electroacupuncture on the knee, electroacupuncture with a heating lamp (female problems).

There is no need to undress during the electroacupuncture treatment. Only part of the body can be exposed to allow the electrodes to be guided. It is quite a long procedure and requires the constant presence of a specialist because the electrode connections between the needles change frequently. This method can support female infertility by stimulating the ovaries.

% 22 We currently have over 100,000 scientific materials on the effectiveness of electricity in the treatment of various ailments. A good electroacupuncture specialist will know when to use it for the benefit of his patient.% 22


Professor of Clinical Medicine Enkhjargal Dovchin

Electroacupuncture | Contraindications

The only contraindication to the procedure is when the patient has a pacemaker or some other metal element in the body as the electrolytic generator can stop the pacemaker.

Patients should also inform their physicians about: being pregnant (applies to visible pregnancy), heart disease (during treatment), the aforementioned pacemaker (each patient must know about it), paroxysmal epilepsy (if it occurs and in what severity), fear attacks (mental illness and depression).

The appearance of the packaging of acupuncture needles

The acupuncturist relies on acupuncture treatment

The acupuncturist treats the cosmetic acupuncture treatment

Electroacupuncture – how do you feel during the procedure?

Many patients, before the procedures, ask the question when they see complicated devices connected with cables, all in different colors and with knobs. Then one thought comes to their mind: does electroacupuncture hurt ? The answer is simple: NO .

The electric current used in electroacupuncture does not act directly on you, but only on the selected area of the treatment. Although you may feel a tingling or vibration sensation , you should not feel any pain during the procedure, other than a quick prick after inserting the needle (feeling comparable to a mosquito bite). Many people say that they feel no pain, and that it is pleasant.

If you feel any discomfort during the electroacupuncture treatment, inform your therapist immediately about the situation.

Electroacupuncture – how effective?

Acupuncture is a medical system that was recognized by the WHO in 2019 as equal to conventional medicine. The effectiveness of acupuncture is beyond doubt and it can no longer be called para-science. The World Health Organization has confirmed this method as an effective and safe system with solid scientific foundations.

Electroacupuncture is a method that grew out of traditional acupuncture and was created to intensify the effects of ordinary treatments. Therefore, its effectiveness is the subject of constant research. We already know that electroacupuncture has good results in the treatment of:

  • rheumatoid arthritis (RA) (2005 research review)
  • Knee Pain – In this study, people who received electroacupuncture treatment reported a significant reduction in knee pain as early as 24 hours after treatment. This effect lasts up to four months after the treatment,
  • in osteoarthritis of the knee . The results suggest that electroacupuncture helped both reduce pain and improve movement. The authors noted that the studies appeared to suggest that four weeks of treatment were needed.
  • to reduce vomiting associated with chemotherapy . The authors noted that electroacupuncture was found to be more helpful in reducing vomiting immediately after chemotherapy than standard acupuncture.

Electroacupuncture – what light side effects?

As with standard acupuncture, electroacupuncture can cause several side effects in some people.

They can be:

  • mild nausea
  • dizziness, feeling faint or faint
  • pain or slight bleeding after inserting the needle (a symptom often expected in Chinese medicine therapists, proving the correct performance of the procedure and the effect on energy)
  • redness or bruising at the place of the needle (indicates a needle hit a vessel. It is not considered a malpractice and symptoms disappear up to 24 hours after surgery)
  • infection at the needle site, although it rarely happens when sterile disposable needles are used (this applies only to users of the so-called “reusable needles. In our clinic, we only use disposable needles, which are disposed of as medical waste after the procedure)

If the tingling sensation or vibration of the electric current causes discomfort, inform your acupuncturist immediately . If the tension is too strong, the sensation may become unpleasant. Electric shock is possible, but it’s rare if your acupuncturist is trained and the device is working properly nothing can happen.

The devices that we use in our clinic are the world’s best equipment. Even in the event of flooding with water or intentional sabotage attempt, the device will turn off without harming the patient.

Are there any factors that influence the effectiveness of the therapy?

There are several factors that may or may not affect the effectiveness of electroacupuncture therapy.

Factors that negatively affect the reception of therapy are:

  • taking strong antidepressants and painkillers
  • eating the so-called afterburners and nutrients for athletes
  • high body fatigue caused by electro-acupuncture caused, for example, by heavy training, exercise or stress
  • depression and mental state (not recommended for anxiety neuroses and obsessive-compulsive disorders)
  • general negative attitude of the patient to therapy (applies to any acupuncture treatment)
  • the state of menstruation in women
  • taking hormonal drugs
  • high agitation of the body (the patient should be calm, do not rush and not be stressed)
  • large skin lesions, including limb deficiencies

The healing properties of stimulating acupuncture points have been fully confirmed by modern science . Different physical properties of these points in relation to the surrounding surfaces were confirmed.

How do I find a good electroacupuncture specialist?

If you want to try electroacupuncture, you must first find a licensed acupuncturist . Be sure to ask if they offer such treatments when you call because only the best acupuncture clinics can assist with these treatments .

Before making your appointment, consider asking your doctor a few questions, such as:

  • whether they have training or a certificate in electroacupuncture (graduation from most Acupuncture Schools in Poland does not provide training in the field of acupuncture with the use of currents),
  • how long does a typical electroacupuncture treatment last and what are the costs of a single treatment,
  • give your medical conditions and ask for initial advice what can be done in your situation and whether electroacupuncture would be helpful here,
  • ask for a general description of the procedure what it looks like and what to expect.
  • the most important question: “Is any initial consultation required and how long does it last?” If you hear that such a preliminary examination lasts less than 10 minutes, beware of such offices. The first visit to a specialist in traditional medicine is never short. For an experienced doctor, such a preliminary examination, including qualification for acupuncture, takes about 20 minutes, but in most cases it takes much more than half an hour, and in complicated cases, longer. In electroacupuncture, there are many other factors to be determined for the attending physician, which the patient does not see, and they take a long time. So a visit to an electroacupuncture specialist should last at least 30 minutes plus an additional 30 minutes. for the treatment itself.

Only when you get the answers you are satisfied with and the doctor convinces you to the rightness of such therapies , call and make an appointment .

You can find the costs of electro-acupuncture in our office here .

Ebook: “Acupuncture and Life”

The professor introduces the secrets of acupuncture in his books, which you can download for free in the form of e-books on this page:
The book is an attempt to engage in a polemic with people who considered the methods of traditional medicine to be insufficiently scientific and medieval. As it turned out later, the World Health Organization approved the achievements of “Traditional Medicine” and recognized these methods as scientific.

Ebook: “In Four Eyes with Far East Natural Medicine”

Richly illustrated, written on the basis of many years of experience, it will bring you the secrets of knowledge known in Tibet for centuries.
The first book by Professor Enji, which in the most famous way possible was to translate difficult concepts related to Traditional Medicine and constitute a bridge between classical and eastern medicine.




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A very individual aging process for women, which, however, can be eliminated with the help of acupuncture.

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Acupuncture helps in treating children and various childhood diseases, including ADHD. Supports concentration and oxygenation of the brain.

the safety of acupuncture or acupuncture is safe


The largest group of cumulative clinical trials on the safety of acupuncture and traditional medicine.

The author of the materials is a high-class specialist, clinical professor, medical doctor - Mrs. Enkhjargal Dovchin (Prof. Enji). Editing and stylistic corrections: Team MT

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