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  • Cosmetic Acupuncture

  • Acupuncture is not only a therapy that helps maintain the body in natural harmony and health, but also helps to maintain a youthful appearance. Is an increasingly popular alternative to botox, scalpel and other invasive rejuvenating techniques. The advantages of cosmetic acupuncture were discovered at the beginning of Hollywood celebrities. Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow praise her rejuvenating results.

    As you know, Chinese medicine treats the body as a whole, in which all organs are connected together, and the disease of one of them affects the functioning and condition of the whole body. The appearance of the face and the condition of the skin largely depend on many factors. Dark bags under the eyes and dry and less tense skin may be the result of kidney problems. Sleeping problems, any type of neurosis or nervousness affect your complexion. A defective liver leads to rosacea, hyperpigmentation and dermatitis. Acupuncture, which improves your overall health, can be the answer to all these problems.

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  • How exactly does acupuncture affect the face? The puncture of acupuncture points expands the blood vessels. This means that the blood provides more nutrients and oxygen to the tissues, improving their condition. The skin becomes more tense, smooth and brightened, it is no longer dry and thin. It also improves the natural ability to regenerate cells and create collagen fibers responsible for the young appearance of the skin, which also cleans faster. The therapy is also effective in the fight against recurrent acne.

    Acupuncture is extremely helpful in eliminating the first signs of aging, it is especially recommended for women over 35 years of age. Copes with wrinkles around the eyes, around the mouth, on the temples and forehead. The therapy can also sharpen the contours of the face, it also prevents the skin from falling, also around the eyes. Is an excellent alternative to chemical rejuvenating agents.

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  • The acupuncturist performs about 20 punctures with thin needles specially designed for cosmetic acupuncture with each procedure. Each time the needle remains inserted for about 20 minutes, and the procedure itself lasts about 40. Puncture sites are selected individually. It all depends on the location of wrinkles and their number, birthmarks, skin defects or face shape. Most often, a series of 10 to 20 treatments is performed, but it all depends on the condition of the skin. Treatments should be repeated after a few months. Rejuvenating effects can be observed after a few treatments, but a real big change can be seen a month after the last treatments. Acupuncture supports tissue regeneration, but you have to wait a bit for its visible effects. Daily facial massage just before bedtime can help accelerate the process.

    Acupuncture is a very safe method, but the procedure must be performed by a reputable and experienced doctor. Punctures may leave small bruises that should disappear quickly. It is inadvisable to undergo the procedure during menstruation, pregnancy and during strong agitation. Acupuncture is also inadvisable for heart disease and after the age of 70 - but in these cases the doctor makes the decision. People who are afraid of needles may look for alternative solutions, such as luminotherapy or cryoplasty.

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