Acupuncture in the treatment of neuroses and depression

Can acupuncture cure depression? The answer is yes. It is worth resorting to acupuncture when other methods of fighting this disease have failed, when you are exposed to constant stress, or if you show symptoms of neurotic disorders.

If you suspect a depressive behavior in yourself or someone close to you, there are no contraindications not to consult an oriental medicine doctor and ask about possible benefits of treatment, especially since these have already been confirmed by a number of scientists, including allopathic medicine doctors .

According to them, acupuncture has a very positive effect on well-being, calms and relaxes, and therefore can undoubtedly be considered one of the main, yet alternative methods of treating neuroses and depression.

Depression is a disease of the mind and, if left untreated, it can develop into a much more serious, possibly even life-threatening, clinical depression. This disease can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender or social status; as of today, due to its universality, it has already earned the title of civilization.

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Acupuncture and depression

Depressed people struggle with:

  • insistent thoughts,
  • lack of sleep
  • constant apathy,
  • show anxiety and antisocial symptoms,
  • become more irritable and nervous,
  • and the problems are increased by increasing physical symptoms, also characteristic of neuroses, such as: headaches, muscle and other internal organs, partial numbness of the limbs, or sexual dysfunction.

Symptoms similar to depression may also occur in the case of neurosis. Although the latter has different faces – it stands out, among others such varieties as: phobia (anxiety disorders), obsessions (constantly recurring thoughts that torment the mind), neurasthenic neurosis (characterized by permanent fatigue and apathy), or vegetative neurosis (strong psychophysical disorders), the sources of the so-called disease often have the same subsoil.

Similarly, although it is customary to distinguish between neurosis and depression, diagnostic procedures can sometimes turn out to be fallible, especially when the occurrence of one of these diseases does not exclude the other.

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Jedna z najskuteczniejszych metod naukowych walki ze stresem, lękami i depresją.

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The similarity and sometimes the parallelism of the symptoms of these disorders constitute the need for a thorough diagnosis, which in the case of Eastern medicine is defined by the holistic position. Complete examination of the patient it provides an insight not only into the symptoms occurring, but also points to their sources, not even underestimating those that seem to have no effect on the disease.

Therefore, acupuncture therapy targets specific symptoms of any disease, not treating it as a specific condition, which is enough to get rid of, which the modern current of medicine seems to ignore and attributes salutary effects to drugs “for everything”.

While Western medicine closer to us emphasizes the necessity of pharmacological treatment in the case of depression, as well as the adequacy of psychiatric treatment in terms of neurosis, it is still looking for its place on the level of commonly accepted methods of treatment acupuncture comes out with a kind of alternative , contrary to appearances, combining both these methods – heals both the body and the spirit.

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Acupuncture in the fight against depression scientifically proven

It is also worth emphasizing that even in the face of previously initiated psychological or pharmaceutical treatment, it does not exclude them in any way, but rather constitutes an extremely effective supplement in this case. Nevertheless, and on the basis of symptom reduction, it has been proven that self-administered acupuncture therapy is as effective as the above-mentioned methods.

The results of research works on the effectiveness of acupuncture as a therapeutic method in the treatment of depression which were announced by the National Institutes of Health of the United States in 1998 confirmed a significant reduction in the symptoms of the disease in patients who have undergone this form of therapy.

Another study, started in 1999 and completed in 2001 at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangzhou, China, showed that in the treatment of both depression and various types of neurosis, patients respond much better to this form of therapy than to earlier antidepressants given to them. What’s more, acupuncture , although it is one of the methods of integration, turns out to be much safer than antidepressants and significantly reduces the risk of side effects .

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Our body is “marked” by over 2000 acupuncture points connected by 8 channels (meridians), which ensure the flow of energy (Qi) throughout the body. According to the above-mentioned National Institute of Health, this energy is responsible for the balance of spiritual, physical and mental forces.

Going back to the origins of this theory, namely traditional Chinese medicine, when yin and yang, two opposing forces act on an equivalent level, they ensure the same flow of Qi through the meridians, which in turn enables the body to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Stimulation of points with needles aims to stimulate energy conduction channels in our body and regulate its flow. Research has shown that acupuncture is able to transform chemical processes in the brain positively stimulate nerve impulses , thus triggering the natural self-regulation processes of neurohormones and neurotransmitters.

“The group of thirty-eight people who participated in the study were diagnosed women mild to moderate depression. They were treated with acupuncture, according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in each of them due to its characteristic set of symptoms. They attended sessions twice a week in the first month and once a week in the second month of treatment for a total of twelve sessions.

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Stres, Depresja i Stany Lękowe

Depresja to choroba, która może dotknąć osoby w każdym wieku. Smutek czy dołek psychiczny, w jaki zdarza nam się wpadać od czasu do czasu to normalne elementy codziennego życia emocjonalnego. To naturalna reakcja organizmu na niepowodzenia czy rozczarowania. Kiedy jednak uczucie pustki i rozpaczy zawładnie Tobą, nie mija i nie pozwala Ci cieszyć życiem jak dotychczas, może się okazać, że cierpisz na depresję. W Polsce nawet 1,5 mln osób zmaga się z tym schorzeniem. Według szacunków Światowej Organizacji Zdrowia, do 2030 roku depresja będzie najczęściej występującą chorobą na świecie.

After completing acupuncture therapy, 70% of women noticed the disappearance of half of the symptoms ; results comparable to the level of effectiveness of psychotherapy and drug use ( Eisenberg et al., New England Journal of Medicine, 328, 1993)

The results of the conducted research regarding the effectiveness of acupuncture, it turned out to be so promising that the World Health Organization officially granted it the status of a therapy intended for the treatment of depression and neuroses, which can complement both pharmacological treatment and psychotherapy. One of the main arguments in favor of acupuncture is safety of its use even in relation to parallel clinical therapies.

Moreover, acupuncture therapy additionally can be supported by herbal treatment, which, similarly, due to their effectiveness and minimal risk of side effects, are decided by more and more people – let’s not forget that pharmacological agents against depression raise more and more doubts.

So when choosing a method of treatment, before we fill the prescription, let’s try to stay sober of mind, consider all the pros and cons, and thus prevent a situation when the disease “strangled” with pharmaceuticals will “break out” with double strength, or provide us with even more on the way of evolution unpleasant experiences.

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