Acupuncture in the 20th century

acupuncture in the 20th century

Acupuncture for many centuries was a forbidden method, doctors named her a “quack” system that had no scientific basis to “exist.” Such views, spreading around the world led to stop development acupuncture.

This period lasted almost from the 17th century to the 20th century . It was then that the breakthrough took place – China has become People’s Republic and folk medicine was placed on a par with conventional-European medicine .

Acupuncture in the 20th century as an opportunity for all patients

In the times we live in, the age of civilization and the Internet, acupuncture has gained itself great popularityand her techniques are recommended by millions of healed patients. Nay, acupuncture diagnostics is used in an increasing range of diseases, especially in neurosurgical cases, abdominal surgery, etc.

Acupuncture is now a chance for many patients to recover, and at the same time it is minimally invasive, extremely safe and effective in the hands of the good specialist doctor .

acupuncture in the 20th century

Acupuncture of the 20th century – the situation in the world and in Poland

It is very pleasing that the World Health Organization now officially defines acupuncture as a full-fledged and effective healing method! Among other things, thanks to this, it can be legally used in all European countries, in America or Australia.

Currently, the highest level of development in Europe has been achieved by acupuncture in Ukraine and Russia. There are many Institutes in these countries that deal exclusively with research related to treatment with needles .

And since when are we able to use acupuncture treatments in Poland? It began to be used on a large scale in the 1970s. A great role in the history of acupuncture in Poland was played by:

Thanks to them, in 1971 in Warsaw, the first Acupuncture Clinic in Poland saw the light of day. And a few years later, in 1979, the country’s first course on of acupuncture conducted by famous Chinese and Korean doctors invited to our country.

Perhaps we will cite a few more important dates that revolutionized the treatment of the Far East in Poland:

  • 1972 – on the initiative of Dr. med. Bolesław Rutkowski, a Pain Relief Clinic is established in Gliwice, which is based entirely on acupuncture and electroacupuncture.
  • 1981 – the Reflexotherapy Section of the Polish Medical Society is established
  • 1983 – the first issue of the journal “Akupunktura Polska” comes out
  • 1987, February – the Polish Society of Acupuncture is established
  • 2006 – establishment of the Traditional Acupuncture School in Bydgoszcz
  • 2010 year – recognition of the great merits of Dr. Enji and giving her the title of clinical professor. The highest possible title awarded by the president for impeccable attitude and disseminating the knowledge of Traditional Medicine in Poland and in the world.
  • 2019 year The World Health Organization (WHO) officially recognizes acupuncture and traditional medicine methods as scientific . This document enables medical students of acupuncture and these methods at Medical Universities, as well as the awarding and recognition of medical diplomas to doctors from the East. This is important because so far the diplomas of doctors and professors of Traditional Medicine could only be recognized to the level of an internist, which violated the constitutional rights of many countries and people, equating well-educated experts (often 12-16 years of study) to ordinary general practitioners, internists or at most family doctors.

Acupuncture is an interdisciplinary method. The attitude and predispositions of people who perform such procedures will decide about its future and how it will be adopted by the next generations.

acupuncture in the 20th century

The appearance of the packaging of acupuncture needles

The acupuncturist relies on acupuncture treatment

The acupuncturist treats the cosmetic acupuncture treatment

Doctor at surgery

china students



school presentation


pulse examination

herbalist at work


exclusive acupuncture clinic – china

exclusive acupuncture clinic – china


Acupuncture of the 20th century – Directions of Development

It would seem that before acupuncture nothing else but a bright future, successes and development. Nothing could be more wrong. Traditional Medicine methods are unofficially stigmatized by pharmaceutical and chemical concerns and manufacturers of synthetic drugs. It would seem that the supporters of conventional medicine methods are concerned with the health of patients, but this is only an apparent action, where the net profit has already exceeded the limits of rudeness and instead of uniting with their colleagues for the benefit of patients, they prefer to fight them as with the greatest evil. collecting their money -… their money !.

It is strange that in the main sewage media we always hear about the harmfulness of the so-called medical doctors. alternative, and we are not talking about their great successes, which, of course, are not mentioned. The well-known promoter of the Third Reich has long stated that a lie repeated many times becomes the truth. Nothing has changed in this area for years, and since all state institutions pay people for sitting on stools in the Ministries and only random campaigns, mainly campaigning against practitioners of alternative medicine, the future of Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture in Poland is under a big question mark.

Do you think that doctors educated by specialists in conventional medicine will support their colleagues in traditional medicine? Of course not, because they are a competition for them and it is so great that due to their effectiveness and patient satisfaction, they deprive them of their livelihood. However, they do not want to explore the knowledge of traditional medicine for the reasons that there are no schools of Traditional Medicine in Poland that would have a sufficiently high level to gain thorough knowledge in the subject.

We as the MT Team have been supporters of creating such a school for years. Currently, it seems that in the field of acupuncture in Poland, the only institution worth recommending for new adepts of the medical art is: The Traditional Acupuncture School in Bydgoszcz. It is a proven, reliable and run by enthusiasts, doctors, doctors and specialists in traditional medicine with many years of professional practice. We recommend this school with great pleasure and a clear conscience.

acupuncture in the 20th century

20th Century Acupuncture – Legal Aspects

We do not need to write about the legal norms that exist in China, Mongolia, Russia, Korea, Japan because acupuncture has a well-established position there, often inscribed in the Constitution of these countries. There is no need to convince anyone in the East of the effectiveness of traditional medicine methods, because healthy and smiling patients are the best advertisement.

Unfortunately, a lot has not changed in Poland for years, and all of course due to the negative lobbyists of pharmaceutical companies, for whom all practitioners of natural medicine are in one bag and angry. They do not think that an acupuncturist very often supports academic medicine checkups, recommends consultations with doctors of other specialties or even recommends conventional medicine drugs, and even surgical interventions … he is not bad in principle and is supposed to be uphill in principle.

Therefore, in Poland, acupuncture has no established position and is treated legally as an alternative treatment method, not classified anywhere. I wonder when the rulers go to their minds and since this method was recognized by the WHO as a science, it also has to be treated as such and legally respected by giving it a reputation, classification and description. There are shortcomings in this respect in Poland and nothing seems to be getting any better.

acupuncture in the 20th century

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The author of the materials is a high-class specialist, clinical professor, medical doctor - Mrs. Enkhjargal Dovchin (Prof. Enji). Editing and stylistic corrections: Team MT

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