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Enkkhjargal Dovchin (Prof. Enji)

Enkkhjargal Dovchin (Prof. Enji)

clinical professor, medical doctor

History of Prof. Enji

Professor Enkhjargal Dovchin has been involved in natural medicine for many years and is a specialist in the field of acupuncture. The doctor was born in Mongolia, a country where the traditions of natural medicine – Mongolian, Chinese and Tibetan – have been carefully maintained and developed for centuries. After completing his medical studies, Enji continues his studies in natural medicine in the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator. After returning to his homeland, he continues his education, studying with Chinese and Mongolian herbalists.

Talent, commitment and devotion make doctor Enji fall under the wings of a Buddhist master dealing with Tibetan herbalism, thanks to which he practically improves in this art passed down from generation to generation. Soon after, she is employed at the Mongolia Acupuncture Center as a head physician.

Doctor Enji becomes known and appreciated. He is known to be an excellent specialist in traditional diagnosis and recovery of sick people. Thanks to the intercession of her former master, the doctor goes to the School of Acupuncture and Natural Healing Methods in China, where he trains new generations of doctors.

In 2000, Enkhjargal Dovchin comes to Poland at the invitation of a Polish patient. Thanks to winning a contract with a company that promotes herbal medicine, he stays in our country for good. He also opens a natural medicine office in Warsaw, which over time becomes extremely popular and widely recommended. On the Internet you can find many positive opinions of people whom doctor Enji helped to recover.

Some time ago, Ms Dovchin got an offer to cooperate with the prestigious Harvard University, but decided to stay and continue treatment in Poland. In 2010, in recognition of her dedication to her work and promotion of natural medicine, she was awarded the title of clinical professor.

Dr. Enji is a promoter of natural medicine in our country. Western medicine does not treat people as a whole, often focuses on treating symptoms rather than the causes of diseases, and is based on pharmacological drugs. However, natural medicine shows a completely different, alternative way of dealing with pain and disease.

The goal of natural medicine is to restore the body’s inner harmony and natural ability to regenerate. This is achieved by addressing the sick person and his problems individually. It begins with an accurate diagnosis and interview, which allows you to choose a therapy perfectly suited to the patient. These methods can be acupuncture, acupressure, massage, herbal medicine, Chinese cupping and many others. They are all safe and natural, and their goal is not only to improve physical health, but also mental health – after all, man is a small microcosm where everything is connected and depends on each other.

Professor Enkhjargal Dovchin gives Polish patients the opportunity to independently and consciously choose the method of treatment. Conventional medicine is not the only right and effective way at present, although doctors and pharmacological companies stand firmly against natural treatments. It is hardly surprising, however, since the drug market is currently one of the most profitable in the world. However, it is worth remembering that there are other ways to health. More human-friendly, more natural and safe.

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Sylwia – receptionist

Mathias – IT Expert

Julia – therapist

Uga – Acupuncturist

Julia – therapist

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Prof.klin.lek.med Enkhjargal Dovchin is the author of two books, the free versions of which are available on the web as e-books. They can be downloaded completely free of charge from the links provided below.

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Prof Enji’s books

(Ebook) “Akupunktura i Życie” lek. Enkhjargal Dovchin

(Ebook) “In Four Eyes with Far East Natural Medicine” lek. Enkhjargal Dovchin

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