A method for winter weakness – acupuncture therapy that strengthens and stimulates the body

Acupuncture and health.

Each of us must operate at a more intense level in winter. Winter temperatures and depressing weather i you have to deal with them for many months of the year.

acupuncture to strengthen the body
winter stimulating acupuncture

Unfortunately Polish reality does not spoil us, winter lasts from November to April, and during this time we have to earn and work for our living as in summer, remaining fully healthy despite the vagaries of the weather.

If you feel that you are not doing well in winter, feel weak and exhausted by work and weather – let me help you. You don’t have to torture your body with continuous pills.

The solution to such a state is body work therapies offered by Far East medicine , i.e. massages, acupuncture therapies, acupressure. While it is worth using herbs that warm you up, give you vitality, vitamins and essential minerals.

Properly selected plant therapies they will support the work of each cell as a result of which the whole body will be strengthened and will be healthier.

Strengthening acupuncture, ideal for winter weakening of the body.

strengthening therapy - acupuncture

To improve the condition of the body, and what is related to it, increase its resistance to diseaseone thing to keep in mind. Our lifestyle is directly related to diet and psycho-physical activity. We must not neglect any link in this health chain.

For the body to function properly and on he retained the ability to heal himself for a long time, it is necessary to provide it with valuable fuel, i.e. vitamins and minerals.

if we will reasonably combine the selection of foods with body work and activity therapies, we will effectively stimulate the mechanisms operating in the body to work.

akupunktura wzmacniająca
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They, like a well-written computer program, must be effective remove harmful products from cells, and at the same time nourish them and treat them if necessary. When it comes to dysfunction of this system, bacteria and viruses will come to the fore, bringing disease.

Using body work therapies, plants with healing properties, vitamins and minerals we will help the body to fight them.

Thanks to natural medicine, which knows how to treat the causes, not just symptoms, we can speed up recovery and strengthen the body’s immunity, eliminating the source of the disease permanently.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

It is one of the most effective methods of Traditional Medicine in the fight against disease. In the hands of a good specialist – an effective, safe and painless method.


We deal only with therapeutic massages and intended to help in specific ailments related to mobility, problems with movement and convalescence after injuries and traffic accidents. We also actively support championship class players in their sports career.

First visit

Many people do not know how to prepare well for an appointment with a doctor. A visit to a doctor of Traditional Medicine requires even better preparation. Here are the questions and answers that may be helpful before visiting our office. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with ours blog , where we publish current materials in the field of natural health.

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine consists in the appropriate selection of medicinal herbs for specific diseases so that they do not interfere with the previously recommended therapy. That is why herbal medicine is a great complement to conventional medicine, which often reduces the side effects of drugs. TCM herbal medicine has been known for over 5,000 years, and the Chinese pharmacopoeia contains over 100,000 descriptions of various substances with their medicinal properties.

Gua Sha

We deal only with therapeutic massages and intended to help in specific ailments related to mobility, problems with movement and convalescence after injuries and traffic accidents. We also actively support championship class players in their sports career.


Moksa is a combination of several dry herbs and its vapors are scientifically documented for healing properties. It is often called a miracle herb for the Japanese and Chinese. Moxa treatment involves burning a specially prepared cigar over the patient’s body and at specific points in order to achieve a specific treatment effect.

FAQ - Candling

It is a treatment of the ancient Hopi Indians. It is mainly aimed at relaxation and healing properties. It uses low pressure caused by the chimney effect of a burning candle to remove excess earwax from the ear. The essential oils contained in the candle cover have healing and anti-inflammatory properties. A frequent effect of candling, apart from safety, is the improvement of hearing and the reduction of the so-called tinnitus.


The ability to combine conventional medicine with traditional medicine for the benefit of the patient. Especially recommended in the so-called “hopeless cases” or in the preventive treatment of palliative medicine.

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