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Professor of Clinical Medicine Enkhjargal Dovchin

The head of our facility is a high-class specialist internist, clinical professor of eastern medicine with many scientific and state awards in the country and abroad – doctor Enkhjargal Dovchin.

Our office is not only a place where you can relax your body and soul. It is also thousands of years of experience, the wisdom of Tibetan medicine and knowledge about treatment with traditional methods. Acupuncture and massage are just the beginning of your journey through the wonderful world of history and experiences of our ancestors!

Important information

Traditional Medicine Recognized as Science

We are very pleased to inform you that thanks to our hard efforts and people around the world who use the achievements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) every day – WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) recognized it on a par with academic medicine as SCIENCE!

What does our clinic and acupuncture offer?

quit smoking smoking habituation anti-smoking acupuncture acupuncture room acupuncture at prof Enji therapy


Quit smoking thanks to effective anti-smoking acupuncture methods


Treatment of allergies includes a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition

cosmetic acupuncture eastern medicine treatments for the body

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Beautiful, resilient, nourished and oxygenated skin of the face and body

slimming acupuncture

Lose the kilograms

Acceleration of metabolism with diet and herbal medicine

acupuncture diagnosis first visit acupuncture office diagnosis

Acupuncture Diagnostics

Scientifically documented medical treatment and diagnostics system

treatment of depression and stress of the nervous and neurological states of a psychological nature acupuncture and eastern medicine acupuncture office Warsaw

Treatment of depression

Stress, fatigue and depression are just some of the diseases of civilization

sports, professional and olympic acupuncture

Olympic sport

We support most sports and athletes

analgesic acupuncture analgesic methods

Analgesic Methods

Treatment of various types of pain, injuries, fractures, paresis and numbness

treatment of male and female infertility

Infertility Treatment

We support couples in their efforts to obtain their dream offspring

Acupuncture and additional services

Chinese acupressure point massage of the body

Chinese acupressure

Working with the body involving the oppression of certain “meridians”

therapeutic massage and acupuncture

Medical massage

Body work therapy in order to achieve a specific health effect

Herbalism TCM Herbal Medicine

Traditional Medicine

Specialist advice in the field of Herbal Medicine, TMM, TCM and others

moxa moxing Chinese wormwood


Called a healing cigar that heats the sick places after acupuncture

auriculotherapy ear acupuncture

Ear acupuncture

Often used interchangeably with acupuncture or as a treatment support



A method of analyzing the iris of the eye to identify future conditions

fire bubbles Chinese TCM bubbles

Traditional TCM bulb

Often used preventive therapy with autovaccine to increase immunity

ear candling. ear conching

Ear Candling

An ancient Hopi treatment for hearing problems

gua sha therapy

Gua Sha therapy

Treatments supporting convalescence, treatment and prevention of diseases

See the list of diseases and ailments we treat.
If your condition is not on this list, contact us and we’ll think about it together
how can we help you.

Opinions and recommendations

What our patients say?

A study like no other. First of all, the atmosphere is created by the people here. Without a doubt, the best clinic in the city, where you will get quick and specific help in accordance with TCM. I recommend 5-element acupuncture, it is a bit more painful but more effective for me.

Alicja Lewandowska

IT company owner
A very big advantage of this office is the proper treatment of patients. Scheduled visits for specific hours. Despite the heavy traffic, everything works smoothly. The professor both diagnoses and performs treatments. I consider this an advantage.

Sylwia Wanowicz

Graphic artist
In the office, I treated myself and supported myself with acupuncture treatments. The pains with which I came were significantly eliminated by traditional methods without the use of chemicals that my body does not tolerate. Thank you for your help.

Marek Lewandowski

Professional soldier

In Prof. Enji’s office, I felt like a patient and friend. Immediately my faith leapt that I could really get help. The professor spent an hour carefully analyzing and presenting possible treatments. I recommend

Paulina E.

Polish emigrant

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Cabinet of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Professor Enji Enkhjargal Dovchin

Call us and make an appointment or use the map to get to the office.

str. Czerniakowska 28A
00-714 WARSAW

Prof. Enji's Acupuncture Cabinet

Patient registration:

Telephone: 607 489 251

Online: BOOK NOW

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Open 6 days a week, 356 days a year

Work hours

We care about the good organization of the work of our office, therefore, respecting our time and the time of our patients, all visits are arranged for specific days and hours.



Monday Friday

9:00 – 19:00


appointments only



About our team of specialists

Our Advantages

We are a family company with tradition and passion for treating people with the methods of conventional and traditional medicine.

Why us?


Experience and professionalism


Qualified specialists and doctors


Visits without waiting


High effectiveness of therapy


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